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Re: Really hot servo motors.
taimoortariq   10/13/2013 8:46:24 PM
Those were some really good options but poor managment at the side of the engineer incharge of the plant. Risking the working of servo motor is pretty reckless, because it might lead to huge repairing costs.

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Re: tangent; IQ testing bias
oldtimer8080   10/11/2013 8:57:51 PM
I ran into the same thing in third grade about theater and theatre.

Does that mean you think ALL the different IQ tests given are invalid? Or is this an example of a REMF giving an opinion?

BTW, my parent gave us IQ tests as part of the psychology training for the doctorate. The results were consistent with the  original test administered by the School District which was host to a Renshaw experiment performed by several Stanford  students.

The good news: I can now speed read to the limits of their testing systems;  700WPM with a 70-80% comprehension factor. The bad news: a thick novel ( think a Tom Clancy novel ) is only good for a couple of hours of entertainment.

Back OT

What happens when the average public IQ of a society falls due to the " Idiocracy Effect " you see at the beginning of the movie IDIOCRACY?

When the smarter people become the MINORITY, you get questions like the one I just answered above.

Robert A Heinlein offered us the " pink monkey effect ". That baldly states that if you dye a monkey pink ( an innate, obvious change ) and shove it into a cage with other brown monkeys, they quickly separate and the other normal colored monkeys WILL kill the stranger.

The same thing happens at a homo sapiens level. How many stories about " mad " scientists do people know?...how many unconscious ( there is no such thing as SUB conscious; those thoughts govern the waking thoughts ) prejudices do you exhibit?

This type of thinking affects all the items you purchase today that no longer have the " pride of workmanship " our U.S. society had for many decades. We now have the effect of " planned obsolecence " that replaced " pride of workmanship " that gave us most of industries ( but not the consumer ) ability to force people to buy more of their product. You cannot sell another product until the previous one fails to function. Take a look around; how many products still function after 10 years NOW? Many products rely on the fact that the OLDER, NAME BRAND PRODUCT WAS STILL WORKING AFTER DECADES OF USE to sell their NEW crap!

 That is why I look at the repairability before I buy a new " heavy industry " product; many times, I just by a USED product that people give up for personal reasons. Even the " lemons " I buy can be maded perfectly operational by finding the needed parts. Compare that with the NEW lemon ( or MADE/DESIGNED BY MONKEYS ) Heavy Industries ( cars, washers,dryers, dishwashers and the like ) product you just spent your hard earned cash on...

Another OT thought: Why do we have the same type of government portrayed in " Idiocracy "? Why  has 200 years as a CONTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC changed into the failure we see in Washington D.C.? What would our Founding Fathers think of the careful planing that went into the founding of our United ( not DIVIDED ) States of America.








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tangent; IQ testing bias
GlennA   10/10/2013 8:41:29 PM
oldtimer8080;  I remember a question on an IQ test about something that is both a monetary instrument and an affirmation.  To an American, the answer is 'check'.  But to a person of British background, a 'cheque' is different from a 'check'.

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Management by REMFS
oldtimer8080   10/10/2013 5:03:02 PM
I decided to keep a career path that always kept me in a lab and dealing with natural laws and not people related laws, like the ones in this article.

  This behavior fits the classic CEO, CFO and CTO who  like the REMFS they have become (anybody with " boots on the ground " or " front line people with responsibility " know this ) when it comes to management decisions.

They can " expense out " burned out parts ON THE CORPORATE INCOME TAX! which is what these bottom line REMFS only see.

There also is a psychological issue here too. What is the IQ rating  for most REMFS?

 What is the IQ rating of the Engineers who work under these people?

It is a military fact that there will be a leadership problem when there is more than a +/- 10% difference in IQ levels between the average front line soldier and their leaders.

That study was done to explain why many leaders got " fragged " during the Viet Nam war.

Unfortunately, many " leaders " bring REMF behaviors to key management positions and act as if they are still in the military.

Since there is a 90 day probationary clause in most new hires, I suggest that probation cuts both ways. I NEVER STOPPED LOOKING even though I supposedly have a job.

At Cray Research, I worked with several others in my IQ range. It was a wonderful 8 years.

Then a REMF type called John Rollwagen changed the rules...

Seymour Cray left. Dr Steve Chen ( my boss ) left. That left Cray Research headed by a REMF with no future. Two manager types put together a system based on notes Dr. Chen left behind.

Ever since then, I have been careful to keep a Lab position... and manage it too if the corner office types let me do that job.

As an aside, I test out as 153 on the Wechsler and Standford-Benet IQ tests.  What are your test results? Your Manager's? Geniuses see things differently when dealing with the same data. That is what IQ is all about...

William K.
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Really hot servo motors.
William K.   10/10/2013 3:58:28 PM
One unstated option would be to add a compressed air line to feed the servo motor housings with cool air and have forced ventilation. that might be enough to extend the motor and bearing lubricant life. Another option could be to add a reduction of current to the position holding steps of the program so that the motor would not be driveen so hard while holding position. Those would be add-ons and not require any change. I have dealt with some of those techmonkeys and they always get their way, no matter if they are right or wrong.

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RE: Management by Monkeys
AnandY   10/8/2013 8:12:46 AM
The management will always lament at how expensive repairing the robot will be but frankly speaking, they only have two options, either it bears the cost and gets the robots hot spot problem solved or continues having robots with hot motors. Of course there is a third option which is you getting fired which I would rather not talk about now. But seriously, if you are the man for the job then they have to consider your options and recommendations.

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Re: Management by monkeys
tmcghan   10/6/2013 4:52:17 PM
1 saves

Most large technical organizations accept the concept of cost/benefit analysis as part of an engineering feasibility study that normally precedes significant expenditures of resources, whether the human resources of  engineering man-hours or the financial resources of capital outlays for physical systems.

For "routine" factory maintenance and repairs, where the costs are assumed to be minimal, these essential steps are often skipped, to the potential detriment of the resulting end-to-end lifecycle costs of the production system in question.  Total bottom-line production costs, especially for product that emerges from highly automated facilities, carries disproportionate weight, and is especially troublesome when the calculated/predicted costs and  MTBF/MTTR are badly disjoint from the actual numbers experienced in practice.  An experienced engineer who grasps the "big picture" is worth his weight in gold, but the evaluation scales available to managers are often improperly calibrated. 


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Re: Management by monkeys
skyefire   10/4/2013 7:02:43 PM
Hah!  The old "As per our conversation of $DATE and $TIME, I will proceed to do X, Y, and Z, please inform me if I misunerstood anything" email, eh?  Yeah, I had a PM that needed that treatment, too.  I CC'd everything to my actual boss, as well, so that he was fully in the loop about what was going on.  That PM eventually got canned when he ended up in charge of a project where evveryone under him kept records too good for him to throw them under the bus.  His reputation had finally gotten around to everyone, you see....

Rob Spiegel
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Re: Management by monkeys
Rob Spiegel   10/4/2013 5:40:19 PM
Interesting how this string of comments falls on both sides of the problem. There are a lot of non-management folks defending management here.

Rob Spiegel
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Re: Management by monkeys
Rob Spiegel   10/4/2013 5:33:35 PM
Good points, 3D Rob. Management may have been perfectly correct here. But good communication to that point would have done a world of good in maintaining decent team relations.

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