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Re: Too much overhead and passing the buck to save a buck
Stephen   9/26/2013 4:56:20 PM
As to location, it is quite possible it was a low pass filter located on the tap at the pole/distribution cable before the service drop (or riser) from the street (precisely because theft of service would require pole climbing ar a bucket truck, or a key to the Cable Company's cable riser/distribution point) -- 1980's state of the art and 1990's common control of access to premium channels/content, so you would not have been able to remove it.

On the other hand it is also possible it was cable modem return blocking filter(s) (cylindrical objects ~ 1 1/2" long x 3/4" dia) on each of the TV outputs (vs. the cable modem output) of the splitter(s) at the side of the house or in the cellar, in which casse you could have easily removed it.

Unfortunate is that the thier customer database didn't show it, as this would have made everyone's life easier.

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Too much overhead and passing the buck to save a buck
John   9/26/2013 4:35:20 PM
ATT was charging me $81 a month for land line with local and long distance phone service with features like call ID and waiting.  Oklahoma has an $18 tax on long distance service.  I called ATT and got a $5 discount.  But why isn't it $19 bucks for this service and caller ID, waiting free?  Call ID used to be free when it was first available.  The copper line in my yard has been there for over 20 years.  The branch hardware is a mile away and took atleast a year to get them to replace it and we, about everyone on the block, even requested DSL service.  It took an engineer to determine that the equipment was overheating and a canopy tent from Sam's Club was setup to offer some shade for the equipment until replaced.  Throughtout the year of service calls made to ATT, we where told that nothing is wrong since we could occassionaly call out.  And of course there automated line check worked flawlessly.  I guess everyone out here at the rural lake are just liars.  The phones aren't broken.  One of my neighbors sicked the communications commission on att to get our phone service repaired.  We didn't get DSL though.  I was told by att rep it cost atleast a million.

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In Canada too
GlennA   9/24/2013 5:19:47 PM
Many years ago we had a cel phone from Cantel.  Rogers cable acquired Cantel, creating Rogers-Cantel.  When the yearly renewal came up, the rep told me he could renew the contract, but less the licensing fee.  I suspected he was either lying or misinformed, but okayed the renewal.  Some time later the cel phone stopped working, without any warning.  When I called customer service, they explained that I had not paid the licensing fee.  When I explained that their representative had left the licensing fee out of the billing, she basically called me a liar.  When I asked why we had not been notified prior to disconnecting the cel phone, she stated that we had been notified.  When I asked which phone number had been notified, it was our land line.  The logic of calling a different phone than the phone in the service contract escaped me.  We had what was called the invisible answering machine option, and had not received a message.  When I said we had not received any message, she again insinuated that I was lying. 

Perhaps bad customer service is mandatory for cable services ?

William K.
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Some far worse than others
William K.   9/20/2013 10:25:23 PM
Fortunately in my area we have both comcast and wow cable, as well as ATT attempting to be a cable company. So they have to do much better than those markets where there is no competition.

Unfortunately wow cable is not able to keep the bad guys from sending all sorts of spam, and they don't do anything about it, or even try to do aything about it.

And when my dad decided t0o add their phone service it was terribly unreliable, in that it would seem to be ringing but at his house the phones were dead. That required a resetting of the modem box, which the installer had hidden on top of an air duct. I finally found it by tracing the incoming RG6 cableand the phone wires. When I called their customer service to complain, the lady explained to me that "if I wanted reliable phone service I should never have gone with the cable phone system." At least she was honest, but it took over a year before the modem stopped needing to be reset every few weeks.

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RE: Cable Box Caused Confusion
AnandY   9/19/2013 2:05:09 AM
One thing that I can say about this is that it is a manifestation of the poor reception that people receive at various companies. I might not be looking at the bigger picture in this case but it would be better if the cable company ensures that they place people who are more informed at the customer care phone line so that they are able to reduce the long cues that people make at the company premises. You should ensure that the converter that you buy is genuine since making the phone call will do nothing rather than just raise your frustration level.

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It's comisseration time again!
OLD_CURMUDGEON   9/17/2013 12:45:03 PM
I agree with EVERY negative comment posted so far.  And, I can add my own experience to the list.

Several years ago, VERIZON advertised a "triple-play" deal, phone, TV & internet for a bundled price for 2-year contract.  It was attractive since those 3 services were being provided by 3 separate entities.  The schedule to install the "equipment" was set for a Saturday morning.  We assumed that it would be a simple modem connection & some minor rewiring.  When the doorbell rang, it was a chap to install the TV satellite dish.  We had NO previous awareness that one part of this new service was a dish.  And, when I questioned the fellow, he showed me the work order, etc.  I could not contact the original sales rep (in the mall store), and so we allowed him to install the equipment.  This area is west central Florida.  Tampa is known as the "lightning capital of the U.S.", and with good reason.  Our summer T-storms which start in May, and don't end until early November are legendary.  But, does anyone know what happens to satellite TV service during thuderous rainstorms?  The "box" proudly pronounces the alert message, "Seaching for Signal"  We tolerated this condition for 2 years, and as soon as the contract was about to expire, we made arrangements for BRIGHTHOUSE NETWORKS to take over.  It's an all-cable service, and have had NO problems these past 5 or 6 years.  When we went back to the VERIZON store, I flat out told the sales rep that he was a liar & a sneak because he never informed us that the TV part was satellite service.  Several other customers in the store heard my ranting, and walked out!  IF VERIZON was the ONLY provider of communications service in our area, I'd string cords all over & use tin cans for telephone conversation!!!  They ARE a despicable company!!!!!   Now, they're hawking their FIOS, and I see the "introductory" monthly fee is $89.99 + some hardware & tax fees.  I wouldn't switch IF to FIOS if they paid me $89.99 a month!!!!!!!!!!!!

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get DirecTv!
RICKZ28   9/17/2013 11:37:06 AM
I continue to hear problem stories from people that have cable TV, including sudden outage so no TV...such as during the big game.  It's a non-issue with me since I have DirecTv, so never a problem, always a perfect high-definition picture and awesome sound.  The price has remained constant for years.

Tom M.
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Re: Let me count the ways
Tom M.   9/17/2013 8:54:57 AM
History has proven monopolies = bad service.  I think the maddest I have ever seen my wife was when she had to deal with the cable company when they cashed our check and then applied it to the wrong account.  They sent us a disconnect notice, my wife called customer service and said hey I paid that and you cashed it, I have the cancelled check right here.  The cable rep told her to read the account number the check got applied to off the back of the check, she said it's illegible your stamping machine smeared it.  The rep said sorry without that number, even though the cable company cashed the check and had our funds, the rep could not credit our account.  I think my wife would have jumped through the phone line to strangle the guy if she could have!  She went to the office and just refused to move until someone with a pulse fixed the issue.

I guess it proves that people want cable so badly they're willing to put up with almost anything to get it.

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Let me count the ways
kjoiner   9/17/2013 8:39:25 AM
Along the lines of bad service, sometimes the reps will outright lie to you.  One time our cable reception went out and I called the customer (dis)service line.  The rep said she would send a test signal out to check for problems.  Within seconds she said the signal came back and showed no problems with our signal or equipment.  I asked to have a technician dispatched to take a look.  He came out the next day, checked the signal in our house and found it dead.  He then went out to the street, climbed up a ladder on the telephone pole and checked the cable.  Low and behold, it had been disconnected.  It seems that periodically, the cable provider will drive around and disconnect unlabled connections.  Ours had never been labeled properly so they unhooked it. After reconnecting it, our cable worked fine.

So not only did they unhook and not log it for future reference, the customer service agent outright lied to me about the test signal working.  Dishonesty and laziness are not good characteristics for a customer service rep.



Charles Murray
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Re: Let me count the ways
Charles Murray   9/16/2013 8:23:11 PM
I agree, Rob. I genuinely fear my cable service (and my telephone service, for that matter). Every change -- even the smallest of changes -- comes with a 50/50 chance that you'll have some kind of problem. Calling the service numbers just raises the frustration level.

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