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Discharge Characteristics
tekochip   5/22/2013 8:41:27 AM
Yesterday there was also an article about Li-Air cells, so there is certainly a great deal of interest in battery technology. Both articles mentioned capacity but didn't touch on discharge characteristics. Capacity is certainly an important attribute, especially when you see a tear down for a cell phone or tablet, the battery takes up most of the device. As we look to the feasibility of EVs, though, discharge characteristics become very important.

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Re: Discharge Characteristics
shehan   5/22/2013 4:49:24 PM
@tekochip - Interesting to see we are looking at improving the batteries we have in the market, especially the ones on our smartphones, tablets, laptop. There are instances where I really run out of power when I really need my smartphone. 

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Re: Discharge Characteristics
a.saji   5/23/2013 10:29:22 AM
@Shehan: A common problem we all have. Anyway do you think the improvements of the batteries will not affect the devices ?          

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Re: Discharge Characteristics
NadineJ   5/23/2013 1:02:27 PM
With my first cell phone, years ago, I remember taking short trips without packing my charger.  Today, that's not possible.  I constantly see people hunting for power outlets in airports or desperately borrowing chargers from co-workers.

Better batteries are needed. 

Charles Murray
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Improving capacity
Charles Murray   5/22/2013 7:19:38 PM
Boosting the capacity of lithium-ion is going to be a challenge. Mature battery technologies typically reach about 40% of their theoretical energy and lithium-ion is already there. The addition of dead weight components -- electrolytes, terminals, housings -- boost the mass and reduce the specific energy. That's why so many battery developers have begun to look at lithium-sulfur, lithium-air and other chemistries that are farther out.

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A necessary evolution
far911   5/24/2013 4:58:57 AM
A higher capacity on lithium-ion batteries would only mean good things for the future of the mobile industry. Smartphones are getting more feature-rich and resource-hungry with each iteration. This is a necessary evolution to cater to such needs, while ensuring lengthier talk times.

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