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The innovative design of Non- glare LED lights-GOSOLED Lighting
LEDLIGHTING2012   11/19/2012 4:43:50 AM
Better with Non glare Downlight


The purpose of the lighting is allowing light to adapt to the people, with light as a medium,which provide a good light environment, in order  to improve human  living way and conditions,Lighting design and control system should be based on the behalf of the human health, environmental protection and maintenance costs and other considerations. However, in lighting application technology, no matter the lighting of the room at the top, or floor-standing lighting, It is the non glare lighting that makes people feel comfortable with appropriate brightness and color temperature

As a symbol of modern civilization, many people spend more than eight hours in the lights during their daily work, mainly busy with reading, writing documents, making phone calls, operating computers, discussing work issues ... which has its own visual requirements, so it is necessary for reasonable lighting plan and design. Especially in the choice of lighting, the measurement of the luminous flux, color temperature, reasonable light distribution, etc. they will affect the comfort of entire space lighting. And comfortable lighting space plays a vital factor to improve the work efficiency, such as health, interest and enthusiasm of the staff, which was large influenced by lighting environment.

Obviously, lighting designers should be carefully designing lighting solutions for each space to create a comfortable light environment for office staff! At present, the traditional Grid Light has been the first choice for designers and the users in office lighting. With further improving requirements on lighting, especially after the new standard of architectural lighting carried out from December 1st 2004,the problem cased by traditional lighting methods become increasingly serious, mainly in the glare limitation. According to new architectural lighting design standard (GB50034-2004), the following methods can be used to prevent or reduce the curtain light glare and reflected glare,avoiding lighting installation in the region of the interference,using low gloss surface decoration materials, restrictions on lamp brightness,using reflected light to illuminate the ceiling or wall surface, but avoid the light spot.

The traditional lighting focus more on harmonious relationship between lamps and power grid, lamps and building, while modern lighting has been added harmonious relationship between lamps and user, even the latter is more important. Traditional grid lamp is exposed outside, and specular reflection of the lamp itself, making the lamps surface brightness is higher, causing interference glare, direct glare, reflected glare on the display, the keyboard, or on paper,and installation in space is subject to certain restrictions, for example,it should not be installed over the platform in the office. hidden lamps produced by part of manufacturers or add milky low transmittance film method, Due to the unreasonable structural design, the light source luminous flux can not be taken full advantage of, reducing the efficiency of the entire lighting.






Figure 1: lamp exploded diagram

 GOSOLED Lighting  latest lighting products: Polycrystalline, pure paraboloid ,micro prism, Non-glare LED lamp,its design follow national norms and new standards of architectural lighting design, adopt toughened glass, high transparent material and polycrystalline pure parabolic micro-prism pattern reflection materials, making use of the LED light physical parallel light even reflection in structural design , through the built-in professional design angle reflector, the light reflect to the lighting mirror, and then micro-prism structure mask on the lighting surface the light fully refraction to the lighting space. As for the lighting design, non glare, no ghosting, avoid dazzling from light source brightness, comprehensive restrictions on the brightness of the lamps surface, the surface brightness distribution is even, soft, and spatial layout is very flexible, and can be freely positioning lamps. Completely eliminate glare, create a comfortable lighting environment, reduce stress, reduce errors, improving eye visual comfort. That is non-glare lighting in the true sense, bring people new and comfortable feeling. This lighting fixture is ideal for higher requirement lighting comfort places, such as offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, hospitals, banks, supermarkets, squash, home and so on. New developed Local lighting, non-glare LED spotlights, keep with the excellent features above, pay more attention to the competitive price advantage, suitable for extensive use.

GOSOLED Lighting is committed to apply innovative technology  on non-glare LED lighting, which provide high luminous efficiency at lower cost, high quality, comfortable light output. The company devote itself to research and develop anti-glare and non glare lighting applications technology since its established, develop and expand lighting products suitable for different light environment requirements in commercial and domestic lighting field , and launch a series of polycrystalline, pure paraboloid ,micro prism, non-glare LED lamps. Based on the patented technology of independent intellectual property rights, let health lighting and optical beauty together, providing a full range of solutions for high standards lighting customers.


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