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Re: Not a curiousity
DanielJoseph   9/4/2012 10:40:17 AM
I beg to differ about your comment regarding those with a passion for driving don't want to by a Volt.  Maybe you were lumping all EV/hybrids into that group.  But the Volt is fast, corners like is on rails (thanks to the very low COG), I have fun in my Volt particularly when I put it into SPORT mode and smoke everything that wants to take a shot at me.  The car is smooth as silk, makes nearly zero noise at any speed, has no rattles, responds instantly to what you want to do.   I've been racing my whole life, so I know what performance is.  I do miss the four-barrel roar of yesteryear, but I don't miss getting the policeman's attention when I am competing with someone. 

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Selling a car is not a technical matter
mrmikel   9/4/2012 10:30:11 AM
If all people thought about when they bought a car were its specs, we would be driving black cars because that is what they offered in the beginning.  GM is right to be out there trying to sell them, even if they don't make much on them.  They are getting production knowledge which you can't buy and the GM name is associated with vehicles that will likely become standard over a period of time.  They dropped the ball badly back in the 1970s and drove away a generation of buyers from American cars.  It is wise to avoid the same kind of mistake again.

Formula 383 SC
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Re: Not a curiousity
Formula 383 SC   9/4/2012 10:25:11 AM
Imagine that, a car company in the business to sell cars, doesn't want to sell cars. What?!

Dealers put cars in their show rooms that sell. They don't want to be stuck with something sitting there taking up space on the showroom floor. Also, GM dosent force its dealers on what cars to put in their showrooms. Dealers do. Again that brings us back to my first point.

The thing is, people who just don't go from point A to point B, that have a passion for driving, just don't want to buy them.

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Inventory Balance is Not New, but Volt IS a Dependable Car
DanielJoseph   9/4/2012 10:17:48 AM
I find it hard to fathom that a company's inventory balancing activity is news.  August 2012 will be the highest sales month for the Volt to date.  Yet, even when everyone knows by now the factory is shared by three platforms, when they pause for any reason, the headline is GM HALTS VOLT PRODUCTION or some flavor of that. 

What is news is that the car is saving the folks that have one a lot of money in fuel.  I have two volts.  Both get driven long miles (more than 100 a day in most cases).  We were spending nearly $1000/month in fuel between my wife and I.  Now we spend about $50.00. 

Saturday I had my red volt at the grocery store where I was approached by a couple that owned two pickups, a Chevy Tahoe and a Corvette.  They had never seen a Volt before but had heard about them.  The wife was spending $77.00 in gas every four days to keep the Tahoe on the road.  They love their Tahoe for trips, but hate the miles they have accumulated on it in less than a year and the fuel costs.  They like the idea of the Volt to use for everything but the long trips and keep the miles off the Tahoe and put the savings in their pocket.  The wife was amazed at how comfortable the seats were.  She was amazed at how roomy the back was and that she could fold down the seats for even more room.  She really liked that she could install two car seats for her young grandchildren.  She really liked the backup camera with the grid showing where the car would go with the current steering wheel position.  I told her our local dealer had 6 brand new ones on the lot and she should go down and drive one.

Last week our dog was bitten by a copperhead snake and we had two Volts neither even close to being fully charged in the garage.  Got in and drove one to the nearest pet hospital over 40 miles away.  Got there without any issues.  It is a car you can really depend on.  Our dog survived after two viles of anti-venom.

GM is now allowing the dealers to put a couple Volts in their loaner car programs where folks can have a chance to drive one on their terms.  This is just starting and I think it is a great idea. 

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Re: What we've been saying
NiteOwl_OvO   9/4/2012 10:03:01 AM
Big Blue didn't farm out the CPU, they chose to partner with another company (Intel) and use one of their existing processors, which makes good business sense. Big Blue messed up by farming out the OS and then again by failing to understand their market. They totally misjudged the importance of supporting third-party expansion cards. When they tried to "break the draft" and pull ahead of their competition by switching to micro channel (a move that would have cost their customers quite a bit), they wound up shooting themselves squarely in both feet.

Manufacturing today's high-tech batteries generates quite a bit of toxic waste. We would never tollerate the pollution in the US and the cost of making batteries with low pollution is very high.

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Re: No EV education
ChriSharek   9/4/2012 9:54:37 AM
Amen, KYLEAFDOTCOM!  Most folks, like "Constitution Man" below, aren't ready for the EVs. 

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No EV education
kyleafdotcom   9/4/2012 9:46:59 AM
I think the average Joe isn't aware of the current crop of EVs and how well they can fit into their lifestyle.  If your round trip commute is less than 40 miles, and you only want to own one car, a Volt is perfect.  If your rt commute is under 60 miles and you have a second car, a Leaf is perfect.  My spouse commutes in a Leaf, and I encourage her to drive swiftly in order to end the notion that the Leaf is sluggish.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Until people actually see these vehicles on the road, until they know someone that owns one, they are not likely to adopt a new technology.  I really haven't seen a Nissan commercial that tells the story.  I can Lease a Leaf for what it costs to own a Prius.  The Leaf costs about $1 a day for our 40 mile commute (not really, since we qualify for a "LEV" electric rate, our electric cost is free) and during the 39 month 48750 mile lease, we will not require any oil changes.  In 39 months we take the lease back and get a new one, no reason to worry about the battery.  I'm not a Leaf owner that will go around Volt bashing, the Leaf works for us, the Volt may work for someone else.  Oil is finite, when will everyone get that simple fact through their heads?

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Re: Not a curiousity
ChriSharek   9/4/2012 9:46:27 AM
You're exactly correct. I'm getting gas once every 3 months - and only about 8 gallons each time.  High initial cost, but saving $200/month in gas (at $4/gallon).  Imagine what I'd be saving if we were paying Europe prices for gas. 

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Re: Down time
ChriSharek   9/4/2012 9:44:24 AM
You're ONLY looking at the economics and you're ONLY looking at them now.  Considering oil independence, air pollution, performance (apparently you haven't driven an EV), AND the economics, the Volt is very cost competitive.  I'm still blown away with how many folks CHOOSE a 20 MPG BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, [insert your favorite high-end import here] car.  Regardless of the immediate economics, fossil fuels (natural gas included) are a limited world resource.  It is only inevitable, a question of when, not if, we make the transition to EV. 

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Re: Not a curiousity
ChasChas   9/4/2012 9:40:35 AM

akwaqman, is it possible that the dealership floorplan is too expensive? Or maybe they know they need to sell other models as well to remain a dealership.

I agree, if you look at your gas savings as real money, this makes sense. Many people can only see what they are spending, not what they are not spending.

It sure seems that, for most people, paying zero dollars for gas each month could easily make the battery payment and more.

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