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Re: Many of these apps are free
MikeVV   6/28/2012 10:45:06 AM
Several apps that are ideal in a mobile setting are shown in the slide show (slides #4, #8, #9, #10 and #11).  These apps are very useful when available at your fingertips during a meeting or field activity.  Websites that are formatted for mobile devices also meet these needs and should be discussed too.  http://AnalysisChamp.com is a great example of a site with advanced calculation and unit converter capabilities that is formatted for a mobile device and free to use any time.

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just found it: one for pyschrometric kinds of problems
RogueMoon   6/7/2012 10:21:10 AM
I just discovered this one, but not sure about its utility...at least it was free?

Mechanical engineers sometimes need to deal with HVAC types of issues and that means dealing with the pyschrometric charts to figure out how much water is in the air and how much cooling you can get...etc

Reets Drying Academy has made a specialized app for this kind of general purpose although it is specific to his terminology and application for water damage professionals.  It's worthy to note.  There's always room for other apps in the same flavor.

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stress/strain relations for iPad
RogueMoon   6/7/2012 10:09:47 AM
this is more of a recommendation for a future app for iPad: A potentially awesome app would be if someone would take the time to build an iPad app for stress and strain types of problems. Using Roark's Stress and Strain as a guide would be a good start. It's a huge catalog of closed-form solutions to common and weirdly recurring stress and strain problems. For those who do nuts and bolts kind of mechanism evaluations, this would be priceless. The iPad is very graphic so the pictures of the different setups with the variables clearly illustrated would be easily doable. The user could just punch in the input variables and get an answer dumped out quickly, then adjust the values as needed to get the right answer for the specific job. Many stress/strain kinds of problems can be simplified so that you don't need a full-blown FEA model. Most of the time, your boss won't want you to spend that kind of time getting that kind of accuracy if it's a fairly inconsequential issue.

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a few of my favorite engineering apps
RogueMoon   6/7/2012 10:06:38 AM
For those of us who are mechanical engineers, I have a few recommendations to offer for good iPad apps.  I echo the earlier sentiment about how most apps for iPad are more for novelty than utility.  I'm happy to include a few exceptions to the rule.

One is called "IntSteamTable" for International Steam Tables.  Although you have to pay a fee for it, I have used it a lot!  I highly recommend it for those trying to do powerplant calculations or other types of analysis requiring quick and accurate answers from steam tables.  It's based on the IAPWS-IF97 tables which are fairly common.  I was VERY impressed and have found it VERY useful.  iPad apps for engineering are not always this robust.

They also have a website: www.thermodynamic-property-libraries.com

Another is called "Compressible" which is a calculator for isentropic compressible flow relations, normal and oblique shock, Fanno and Rayleigh types of flow.  For the aerospace engineer, it's an awesome tool to have as I recently had cause to dig up my aerospace chops to get a valve problem solved.  This is an iPhone app that is stretched to fit the iPad.  (Anyone else find that annoying? having to stretch an iPhone app into iPad... )

thanks for the sliderule app recommendation (speaking of geek novelties).  I have one made by TestTubeGames.  I'll check out the other one.


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Schematic Drawing and Circuit Analysis apps
rhl   5/2/2012 9:13:40 AM
I would really like to know if someone knows or can recommend any schematic drawing and or circuit analysis apps for the iPAD.

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Re: Android phone apps
Leigh   3/28/2012 7:27:45 PM
I use console calc on the PC because you do things like

30m / 3.3u

ANS 9.09k

Thus I can work and think in us, nF, kOhms etc.

Do you know of any ios app that has that ability?

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Re: How do Tablets fit into an Engineers world?
Leigh   3/28/2012 7:24:53 PM
iPADs and the like are media consumption devices. They are not good at creating (where KB/Mouse is the most productive input dev)

We use iPADs on our factory floor for work instructions where they view PDFs on our network. My wife and I each have one. She reads books and posts on facebook. I browse the net and watch TV (usually in Bed).

The new iPAD3 display is stunning.

One of my pet peeves is the computer industry has gone backwards in monitor resolution. ie Try getting a 1920x1200 screen now in a laptop. The highest you can now get is 1920x1050, and most laptops are 1366x768 or some similar miserable resolution. I would dearly love 300DPI monitors. (I know one of the issues is windows doen't do vector scaling)

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Re: Agilent's GREAT FREE APPS!
Vipin   3/28/2012 4:13:28 PM

Could you please kindly send me a link about Agilent's link!    

Thank you for your assistance.

Vipin S.

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jadbp   3/28/2012 11:13:31 AM
You missed some of the best engineering apps there are!  Go check out the free engineering apps from Agilent!

uWave Calc


LC Calc


They are currently pretty small, but very handy and VERY WELL DONE!



Alexander Wolfe
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Re: 12 Top iPad Engineering Apps
Alexander Wolfe   2/24/2012 11:00:55 AM
1 saves
Thanks for that, Steve. In fact, I'd be very interested in people send me engineering ipad apps they use, for a follow-on slideshow.

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