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Not a Bosch
FinnickyFinn   11/5/2011 7:43:39 AM
Bosch does not build these washers. They only slap their name on someone else's product and are done with it. The washer and drier most likely never saw a Bosch faciltiy. Find out who the real manufacturer is and browse through online forums to find out how to remedy the issues.

If you get a new washer, definitely buy a front loader. They use less water, less energy, and they really wash the clothes. The top loaders with the agitator only rip clothes to shreds, but leave them as dirty as before. They just don't work due to monkeyed up design. If you want a top loader anyway, get one that has a horizontally spinning drum. They have a door on the side of the drum that is spring loaded and snaps close. They work basically the same as the front loaders.

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a cry for attention
myfriendhenry   11/5/2011 12:17:08 AM
your new machines are smarter than you might expect.  your washer is trying to tell you that it has an unbalaned load.  is it on a flimsy upstairs floor, if so...add some subfloor?  level front to back as well as side by side, get er perfecty level  this is exactly what your symtoms would suggest.

your dryer has sensed that your clothes have successfully met the "less dry" criteria that you set.  the moisture sensor, when satisfied puts full voltage across the terminals of the timer motor, that is why you see it move.  rtfm  (the last word is manual) ;)


Colorado Native
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Copied comment
Colorado Native   10/31/2011 12:22:35 PM
This column was not written by Mr. Stofega, I originally posted this to another Monkeys column on appliance foulups back on July 27th.  He has copied my comment word for word, not bothering to even change a word but did edit out some of the original comment.  I recall someone else complaining that this person copied their comment as well.  I have sent an email to Mr. Speigel as well, requesting his name be removed as the author.

Edwin Pettis

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So Far So Good
chuck333   10/31/2011 10:18:05 AM
We bought a new home three years ago and thought we should spring for a new washer and dryer. Our daugher had bought a Whirlpool front load washer/dryer pair and just loved it. We looked at the same model and bought it too. It has been three years and no issues to date. Has performed as designed and has not given us a bit of trouble. On the other hand the dishwasher the builder installed has been nothing but problems. It is a GE product. The GE oven, mircowave and cook top are all fine products. With the dishwasher you are  always wondering if it will start.

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Simple is Better!
KevinP   10/31/2011 9:34:43 AM
It does not matter what appliance brand you buy anymore. The average quoted life of any appliance is 5 to 6 years, mostly due to electronics, but also cheaper and lightweight components. Appliances are engineered for higher turnover and profitability. The more appliances breaking down the more that are sold. This to insure the disposable generation can always have really new things. In fact by design, the more complex the appliance the lower the reliability and life it will have. For appliances the best value for your money and greatest longevity for product life is actually to buy the simplest model with the least amount of frills. Going cheap on appliances is almost always guaranteed to provide the highest reliability with the fewest and cheapest repairs.

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Re: Here we go again
ghost1963   10/31/2011 9:24:42 AM
I bought a Bosch dishwasher.  The controller was confused.  It would get stuck in a cycle and could only be stopped by turning it off at the circuit breaker.  The cancel button simply wouldn't work.  Customer service was a nightmare.  When I finally got a serviceman he came 3 times to fix it.  The first time he diagnosed.  The second time he brought one controller then determined that the first controller caused the second to fail.  The third visit he had all the parts.  Start tofinish it took 6 weeks for the dishwasher to go through a cycle without getting stuck.  I had Thanksgiving at my house without a dishwasher.  I have to admit that if the washer is loaded correctly,  the dishes are immaculate.

I would argue for simplier appliances.  They work consistantly.

Beth Stackpole
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Here we go again
Beth Stackpole   10/28/2011 7:35:26 AM
It's amazing how many of the same stories we hear about the new, more fully featured front loader washers dying an early death well before their much simplier counterparts. Almost doesn't matter what brand--everyone has the same story.

I looked at the Bosch washer/dryer several years ago when I ponied up for the front loader style. Glad I didn't go with it and made the choice I did. But in all honesty, I'm sure I'll have my own Monkey tale in no time.

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