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wfo2398gh2   5/30/2014 2:06:11 AM
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Re: Only way
ksaldutti   1/26/2014 3:22:35 AM
The only viable way for an electrical vehicle to become mainstay is micro nuclear power system. I will out live the vehicle and the owner. It will power a vehicle for a lifetime and be passed on. It will be safer then gasoline and other petro fuels. It will run a high horsepower high torque motor that is less then 1/3 the weight if an internal combustion engine. It will work and the engineers know it. It is just as usual a political and corporate world hot potato. If I had the financial means and an off shore self-governing landmass I would build such systems and when all else fails and it will this will be the ONLY viable solution.

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Re: I have not love for oil companies
wbswenberg   10/26/2013 10:37:05 PM
How to off set your gasoline bill.  Invest in oil companies.  Just like the CEO said they are there to maximize stock profits.  

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Re: Poorly defined markets...
EVprofessor   10/21/2013 9:05:46 PM
WOW, Electric Cars are not for everyone...they only meet the needs of a few more than 85% of the driving public. If you want to commute more than 65 miles daily then I hope your employer is paying you well because you mah pay over $5,000 more each year just for the auto's fuel. I don't...

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age of this article
EVprofessor   10/21/2013 9:01:50 PM
Is the news so slow that you have some reason for showing us a presentation from August of 2011? We choose not to live two years into the past. We need current information not NOT 28 months old. Lets see current information this has pictures from auto companies who are closed and disolved in bankrupsy. The quote about range of the leaf was wrong also, it is 100 KM not 100 Miles as that is only 68 Miles. "BAD OR OUTDATED DATA IS WORSE THAN NO DATA AT ALL" 

I would not be so iritated if you posted this as what we were thinking was fantastic two years ago...

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Sorry small error in comentary for third slide
EVprofessor   10/21/2013 8:48:24 PM
The two motors are NOT connected "Back to Back" they are in line front of one to back of the other, Notice the picture, the two ends being shown do NOT look identical, one is showing the brush holder and the other is showing the internal fan.

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Poorly defined markets...
kf2qd   5/1/2013 10:10:36 AM
The problem with electric vehicles is that the Automotive industry has never really come up with a good market definition. They keep making cars that cost too much, and perform too little. What I mean is - a car that has a 40 mile range is useless for normal uses like commuting. In an ideal world we would all live within walking distance of our job, but most of us have left the family farm so that is no longer a viable option. We choose a house and a job, and often we wind up through circumstances out of our control, looking for a new job. And that new job may not be next door. Do we uproot our family and move to a new house with new schools and churches and friends or do we allow our family to stay in familiar surroundings and commute. And in some areas of the country, there is little choice, the housing close to the jobs is just so expensive that the commute is the only option.

In my opinion, an electric car that can't go 100-150 miles on a charge is, at best, a luxury item and status symbol. It makes no sense to have an expensive electric car that can't get to the store and back without a charge.

Some electic vehicles are very practical - Electric golf carts in retirement communities are an excellent application. They have sufficient range and speed for the typical user. Unfortunaltely the typical user of an automobile has quite different requirements and none of the electric vehicles meet those needs.

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AREV   5/1/2013 9:37:25 AM
Engineers and poltics WOW. Play together. How can you talk about electric's evolution and not go back past 1969, that is yesterday in hstory. Henery Ford's wife drove electrics. That is probably where this article should have started. 

My opinion still is there should not be automotive designers working on electrics. Too much baggage. There is way too much weight, coupled with too much size, the charging system is wrong(batteries should be replaced with charged ones instead of charging ones buried in the automobile). An electric car should fit the operator more like a slipper than a boot. Right size the vehicle and the body and suspension could all be carbon fiber as one unit with the use of weight only to provide operator space integraty for safety. Then the drive unit, motor or motor w/engine could be miniscule compared to what drives the Prius, Leaf, or Volt.

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Re: Conspiracy theory
RickNY   11/29/2012 5:29:13 PM
1 saves
To MMorgan,

One simply has to look at the facts that the funds were raided, to see who is responsible. 


There is no use in trying to convince/educate those who have totally bought the KoolAid.  Logic does not get through when they shut off the thinking part of their consciousness.  Remember:"Teaching the pig to dance is a fruitless endeavor.  It is a waste of your time and it irritates the pig."


On a more technical note, the "true" hybrid vehicles do result in an overall reduction of fuel usage, however the "power hybrids" are a joke.  They are designed to just boost performance, and have no overall effect on fuel.  These are all just an interim measure.  We will not see any viable improvement until fuel cell and other more exotic technologies come on line.



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