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Rob Spiegel
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Give Me the Joy Stick
Rob Spiegel   6/24/2011 11:55:33 AM
This is the kind of technology that is attracting a new generation of kids to engineering.

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Re: Give Me the Joy Stick
gsmith120   4/30/2012 1:21:21 PM
Rob, I agree the new generation is interested in UAV technology.  When I teach for a local university a lot of students show an interest in working with UAVs.

Rob Spiegel
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Re: Give Me the Joy Stick
Rob Spiegel   4/30/2012 1:35:50 PM
I would imagine there are quite a few technologies that would attract college-age kids these days. Kids are becoming much more tech oriented in their toys and communications devices. Seems that would naturally convert into an interest in a wide range of technology. 

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Give and Take
3D_Eng   7/1/2011 8:50:16 PM
The current push of UAVs are allowing engineers to push the performance envelope because the safety envelope is somewhat relaxed.  Manned flight requires a level of safety and reliability that can be sacrificed for performance in the UAV market.  It will be interesting to see the development of peformance products in the UAV and how that will affect the other aircraft segments down the road.

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