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Rob Spiegel

Each Cyber Attack Has Its Own Cure
Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Motion Control
5/23/2016  0
Cyber attacks continue to get more plentiful and more dangerous. And Verizon, in response, has released its 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, which reveals the dark side of ...

Charles Murray

Electronics News
Electric Cars Get Boost from New Test System
Charles Murray, Senior Technical Editor, Electronics & Test, Design News
5/23/2016  0
A new test system could have a profound effect on the thermal reliability of power electronics in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Chris Wiltz

Video Game-Inspired Bionic Arm Comes With a Drone
Chris Wiltz, Managing Editor, Design News
5/23/2016  0
"I was walking too close to the edge of a train platform, I mean, that's a stupid thing to do." That's James Young describing the accident in London in which he lost an arm and a ...

Kerry Erendson

Gadget Freak
InkBot: Building Your Own Robot That Writes
Kerry Erendson
5/20/2016  5
Seeing all of the YouTube videos of robotic arms that write on dry-erase boards I knew I'd have to a make one of these my next project. Since I’m really into cars I thought, ...

Rick Merritt

Google Moves on AI Processors
Rick Merritt
5/20/2016  0
Google has developed its own accelerator chips for artificial intelligence it calls tensor processing units (TPUs) after the open source TensorFlow algorithms it released last year. ...

Suzanne Deffree, Editor-in-Chief

From Prototype to Cutting-Edge Consumer Design
Suzanne Deffree, Editor-in-Chief
5/20/2016  0
Consumers expect their devices to do a lot more than simply work. They must be sleek, smart, react to touch, and communicate with each other, and, in some cases, the user's body.

Rob Spiegel

Top 10 States for Engineering Jobs
Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Motion Control
5/19/2016  8
EngineerJobs.com has come out with the list of the best states for engineering job prospects. Like most lists of best engineering jobs or best places for employment opportunities, ...

Ann R. Thryft

Engineering Materials
More Game-Changers in the World of 3D Printing
Ann R. Thryft, Senior Technical Editor, Materials & Assembly
5/19/2016  0
HP's industry-changing announcement of its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology for commercial-scale end-production got the lion's share of attention at this week's RAPID 2016 ...

Charles Murray

Electronics News
How ‘One Thing’ Made National Instruments Into a Billion-Dollar Company
Charles Murray, Senior Technical Editor, Electronics & Test, Design News
5/18/2016  4
Forty years after starting National Instruments Corp., co-founder James Truchard can trace the company's vast success back to a single idea.


Call for Proposals Open for ARM TechCon 2016
Designers, engineers, and developers are encouraged to submit their proposals for ARM TechCon 2016, happening October 25-27. Submission deadline is June 10.

CAD Expands Beyond Graphics
CAD programs are beginning to integrate product development tools such as simulation and analysis while also foregoing the 2D drawing.

Design Outsourcing Is on the Rise
Product design teams are turning to outside help for new ideas and to balance the ups and downs of design needs.

3D Printing in End-Production: What's It Gonna Take?
What has to happen before 3D printing end-production parts become a widespread reality?

Human-Machine Interfaces Are Undergoing a Renaissance
Mobile technology is putting its imprint on industrial operator interfaces, offering touch capabilities, new design approaches, and more sophisticated functionality.

Smart PLCs and PACs — More Complex but Easier to Use
Increased processing speeds and greater intelligence in smaller devices is changing traditional PLCs and PACs. The PAC is morphing into a PLC, and they both may be replaced by embedded PCs.

Writing for Design News
Design News serves the biggest community of design engineers working in all manufacturing industries and end-markets. Design News, therefore, offers contributing authors the biggest exposure anywhere for your thought leadership. We welcome contributed articles from engineering professionals, consultants, as well as industry vendors.

Check Out What Went On During National Robotics Week 2015!
In case you missed it, here are the highlights from National Robotics Week 2015.

Design Hardware & Software
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Testing the feasibility of moving icebergs to solve the ...
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Product Lifecycle Management with ...
Teamcenter makes it simple to enable knowledge workers to ...
Social Networking in Teamcenter
By combining social networking capabilities of Sharepoint ...
Teamcenter Solves Miscommunication with ...
With Teamcenter's instant collaboration, it's easy to kick ...
Product Data Management
Siemens Teamcenter's data management capabilities provide a ...
Dimension uPrint Personal 3D Printer
The uPrint Personal 3D Printer builds durable ABSplus™ ...
BigBelly Takes A Bite out of Trash
Operating solely off of solar energy, the Big Belly trash ...
Trek Lime in Action
The Trek development team recently created a ...
Partner Zone
First Stop
InkBot: Building Your Own Robot That Writes
Kerry Erendson wanted to create a DIY robot that could write. The result was InkBot. Kerry ...
How to Build an Arcade Machine For All Your ...
Do you long for the days of retro video gaming? Here's how you can turn an old PC into an ...
Melt Your Face, Test Your Knowledge, and Take ...
Ever wanted to build your own remote-controlled device? Or your own powerful loudspeaker? ...
Gadget Freak Case #279: Stack Your TVs With a ...
Whether you're a designer, gamer, or just like to have a busy desktop, two monitors (or TVs) is ...
Gadget Freak Case #278: How to Hack an ...
Are you sick of the same boring badges at every trade show? The ESC 2016 Conference in Boston is ...
Prince: Legendary Musician, Advocate of STEM
In the wake of the legendary musician's death, information is coming forward that Prince was an ...
Silicon Valley Comic Con and STEM: Rise of ...
Underneath all the costumes and fandom, conventions like the Silicon Valley Comic Con are ...
Labs Across the US Open to Students for ...
The White House recently hosted National Week at the Labs to open up laboratories all over the ...
SkyMath iPad App Provides Fun, Personalized ...
SkyMath integrates various types of learning to help kids develop math skills in a fun, ...
Girls Who Code Expands STEM Summer Immersion ...
A nonprofit organization that promotes interest in STEM among girls is calling for applications ...
Sometimes All You Need Is a Little More Solder
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Not So Nice Tribute to a 2003 Mazda
One reader had to dismantle the Mazda Tribute for the sake of changing the alternator and some ...
Ford Spark Plugs Break During Removal
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Unsafe Stove Has Owner Seeing Red
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Cable Box Causes Bigger Headache Than Daytime TV
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Strange Connections Killed the Mercedes-Benz
When your car keeps dying, sometimes you have to sit down to solve the problem.
The Case of the Incompatible Processor Upgrade
What should have been an easy microcontroller upgrade opens up a mysterious web of problems.
Turn on the UHF and the Plane Flips Over
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
Just Because It's Old Doesn't Mean It's the ...
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
Taking it Slow to Stop Burning Rubber
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
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