Jacob Beningo

Guest Blogs
5 Tips for Remotely Updating an Embedded System
Jacob Beningo, Freelance Consultant
7/6/2015  0
The Internet, for many years now, has provided a unique medium from which embedded systems developers can update their embedded firmware. Prior to the Internet, a technician had to ...

Tom Emrich

Google Making a Big Play for Medical-Grade Wearable Tech
Tom Emrich, Contributing Editor
7/6/2015  0
With persistent access to our bodies and sensors that can gather vital signs, wearables are the perfect technology to keep tabs on our health and wellness.

Don Wilcher

Parallax Propeller Packs Eight 32-Bit Cores In a 40-Pin MCU
Don Wilcher, Contributing Writer
7/6/2015  0
Parallax Inc., the Rocklin, Calif. electronics manufacturing company, is known for developing the Basic Stamp microcontroller development board and educational accessory kits. In ...

Kevin Panik, Guest Writer

Made by Monkeys
Sometimes All You Need Is a Little More Solder
Kevin Panik, Guest Writer
7/6/2015  1
I installed a solar array on my standing seam metal roof almost three years ago. It uses a "gateway" communications device to check and report on the health of the micro-inverters, ...

Al Bredenberg, Contributing Writer

Is Multimaterial Additive Manufacturing Foreshadowing Another Paradigm Shift?
Al Bredenberg, Contributing Writer
7/3/2015  0
Additive manufacturing (AM) machines have moved far beyond thermoplastics and photopolymers as the only media, with many now able to handle metals, ceramics, and other materials. ...

Jacob Beningo

Guest Blogs
A History of Firmware and Its Silent Revolution Today
Jacob Beningo, Freelance Consultant
7/3/2015  2
Moore's law is well known in the electronics industry. It states that the number of transistors roughly doubles every two years. Since 1965 Moore's law has proven to be true, with ...

Most recent post: nenodaponte... And this explain why we have so buggy firmware...
Tracey Schelmetic

Simulation Software Helps Design Engineers Deal with Multiphysics
Tracey Schelmetic, Contributing Writer, Design News
7/3/2015  1
The term "multiphysics" is used to describe the simulation of multiple types of physics and their influence on one another -- for example, the investigation of the behavior of a ...

Don Wilcher

How to Build Raspberry Pi Controllers With Python
Don Wilcher, Contributing Writer
7/3/2015  1
Are you not quite sure what embedded development platform to use? Are you interested in learning Linux without the hassle of installing a distro on a target computing machine? If ...

Elizabeth Montalbano

Plastics, Not Better Silicon, Could Be Key to More Efficient Solar Cells
Elizabeth Montalbano, Contributing Writer
7/3/2015  1
Researchers in Australia think new types of plastic materials instead of silicon may be the key to building more efficient solar cells.


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Design News serves the biggest community of design engineers working in all manufacturing industries and end-markets. Design News, therefore, offers contributing authors the biggest exposure anywhere for your thought leadership. We welcome contributed articles from engineering professionals, consultants, as well as industry vendors.

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Today's AC Servo Systems Are Smarter and Faster
Technology advances boost positioning accuracy and stability at high speeds, while simplifying set up.

Managing Product Costs in the Face of Complexity and Globalization
Manufacturing organizations have faced a growing challenge of delivering products on time and to cost over the past decade, as product lifecycles and value chains have become increasingly complex. Even in the face of constant pressure to drive down costs, globalization and competition have led the design and manufacture of any given product or assembly to become distributed geographically as well as across organizational boundaries in the extended supply chain.

A CNC Machine OEM Pushes the Limits of Repeatability
The current generation of CNC machining systems has features that significantly improve metalworking operations from what they were only a few years ago. These machines are generally faster and quieter than ever, more resistant to mechanical noise, have powerful controls and extensive automation capabilities, and fabricate a wider range of metals.

Solving Aircraft Interior Design Challenges with Standardized Mechanisms
As the lightweighting trend continues to be a driving factor in aircraft design, aerospace OEMs must explore innovative ways of meeting production demands while ensuring reliable operation of interior touch points.

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During a teardown of the iPad Air and Microsoft Surface Pro ...
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The Window Watcher stops the burglar before he does damage ...
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The DDV-IP is an inverted pendulum driving machine. The ...
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Watch as Digi-Key’s Reid Landsrud pushes CUI’s AMT encoder ...
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The Easy Way to Control a Robot
Daymon Thompson of Beckhoff Automation uses Google Glass to ...
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Dick Bipes couldn't find a boat lift remote with the specs ...
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This solar charge controller, which is placed between a ...
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This Hollywood movie-style gag bomb doubles as an alarm ...
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Marin Davide created a prototype of a moving biped using a ...
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You can put this thermometer anywhere with WiFi and collect ...
Low-Profile Retaining Rings
Smalley Hoopster® Rings fit into shallower grooves than ...
Gadget Freak Case #256: Yoga Breathalyzer
The yoga breathalyzer is a breath visualization tool that ...
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The Leaky Tree is a high-quality device designed to dispense ice and one of four mixed drinks ...
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Two women studying at Cornell University have won $10,000 for designing and developing a Web ...
3D Printing Student Design Contest Winners ...
Stratasys has announced the winners in its 11th annual Extreme Redesign contest for ...
Graphic Novel Draws Kids to STEM Careers
Comic books long have appealed to kids as a fun way to introduce reading and art without being ...
Sometimes All You Need Is a Little More Solder
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Not So Nice Tribute to a 2003 Mazda
One reader had to dismantle the Mazda Tribute for the sake of changing the alternator and some ...
Ford Spark Plugs Break During Removal
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Unsafe Stove Has Owner Seeing Red
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Cable Box Causes Bigger Headache Than Daytime TV
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
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Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
Used Buick Has a Short Fuse
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What Caused the Hummer’s Rough Ride?
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If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Lab
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The Register That Wouldn't Register
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
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