Rob Spiegel

10 Engineering Toys From Your Youth
Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Control
4/17/2014  1
Boomers and early Gen-Xers will recognize these toys that once appealed to young engineers. Like me, many of you probably owned all of them, and spent countless hours playing with them.

George Hsu

Guest Blogs
Want a Better Coffee Maker? Try the IoT
George Hsu, PNI Sensor Corp.
4/17/2014  0
I just searched Google News for "Internet of Things," and more than 9.5 million stories popped up. It's hard not to pay attention to something like that; but it's even more ...

Elizabeth Montalbano

GE, PowerStream Team Up on Microgrid to Showcase Renewables
Elizabeth Montalbano, Contributing Writer
4/17/2014  0
The Canadian energy company PowerStream has teamed up with GE on a microgrid demonstration project designed to raise public and consumer awareness about renewables and alternative ...

Cabe Atwell

Printrbot Unveils All-Metal 3D Printer
Cabe Atwell, Contributing Editor, Design Hardware & Software
4/17/2014  0
This year's 3D Print Show featured a host of interesting projects that were used in everything from new fashion designs to furniture printed using wood. Those, of course, were ...

Elizabeth Montalbano

10 Ways Robots Are Better Than Us
Elizabeth Montalbano, Contributing Writer
4/16/2014  7
There's been a lot of talk lately about robots replacing humans in a variety of jobs, along with worries that robots will soon take over the world and even become more powerful than ...

Ann R. Thryft

Engineering Materials
Video: 3D-Printed Drone Flies High
Ann R. Thryft, Senior Technical Editor, Materials & Assembly
4/16/2014  2
I guess it was inevitable: 3D printing has met up with drones in a 3D-printed UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). University of Sheffield engineers printed the prototype drone in 24 ...

Rob Spiegel

Product Design as a Team Sport
Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Control
4/16/2014  10
Product development is a team sport, but most companies practice it solo. Companies could draw on the creativity of engaged customers. Instead they go back to the same small group ...

Cabe Atwell

Product News
AMD Fires Up to Release New Graphics Card
Cabe Atwell, Contributing Editor, Design Hardware & Software
4/16/2014  0
AMD is as ambitious as any other computing company when it comes to its hardware. However, with its latest graphics card it is going to be raising the bar for the possible ...

Miroslav Djuric, ifixit.com

Teardown: Dismantling the Samsung Galaxy S5
Miroslav Djuric, ifixit.com
4/15/2014  13
Every so often, the Earth-bound teardown team at iFixit gazes skyward. Today, they look to take the Samsung Galaxy S5 to pieces. Will this device be immortalized among the stars of ...


Optimizing Electronic Design Performance Through Test Integration
The choice of tools significantly influences the development cost and number of prototype iterations necessary before a design goes to manufacturing.

Optimization of Total Operating Costs Using Electric Linear Drives
TCO analysis demonstrates high potential for savings, even for simple applications, by replacing pneumatic drives.

9 Fundamental Facts for Self-Clinching Fastener Success
By following nine basic principles, engineers can take advantage of self-clinching fasteners for their ability to join thin metal sheets, reduce hardware counts, and allow removal or replacement of components.

Tools for the Remote Workplace
As we move forward and keep integrating the Internet into our workflows, remote work may become less of an exception and more of the rule.

Evolving Solutions for Remote HMI Monitoring
Web-enabled monitoring of production data is expanding to focus on a broader set of users, device types, use cases, and resulting workflows.

Force-Controlled Finishing Adds Human Touch
Optimized, power-dense servomotor technology improves the automation of precise finishing and blending operations.

Hybrid Hexapods Resolve Inherent Weaknesses of Conventional Hexapods
The hybrid hexapod enables applications that can benefit from six-degrees-of-freedom motion.

How to End Wiring Disarray & Inconsistency in Electrical Enclosures
Achieving uniform placement and organization of wiring cables can be difficult in network cabinets serviced by different installers and maintenance staff. Consistent, organized wiring systems can be maintained with a set of cable management devices.

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For medical, aerospace, and other applications, ...
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Mill-Max’s dedicated customer service specialists turn ...
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Application-specific interconnect designs and fast ...
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Surinder demonstrates how simple the WEBENCH® Automotive ...
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