Charles Murray

Automotive News
Freescale's Pressure Monitors Can Save Lives … and Tires
Charles Murray, Senior Technical Editor, Electronics & Test
4/28/2015  0
If you've ever seen a retread fly off a speeding 18-wheeler, then you'll understand the value in Freescale Semiconductor's latest tire pressure monitoring (TPM) effort.

Andy Pfahnl, Devicix LLC

Guest Blogs
4 Reasons Why It’s a Dynamic Time in Medical Device Design
Andy Pfahnl, Devicix LLC
4/28/2015  0
It's a very exciting and interesting time in the medical device industry. Cost, product development rigor, the patient-as-a-user movement, and consumer electronics that include ...

Chris Wiltz

Tesla's New Battery Will Supply Energy for Your Home
Chris Wiltz, Managing Editor
4/28/2015  3
People have been waiting with baited breath all month since Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a major new product announcement ("not a car") was coming from the company on April ...

Most recent post: Critic... Maybe they were eating fish.
Rob Spiegel

Supply Chains Will Change Radically over the Coming Decade
Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Motion Control
4/28/2015  0
Industry 4.0 is coming to the extended supply chain. Over the coming decade, innovations like predictive analytics, 3D printing, and wearable technologies will change the supply ...

Jason W. Evans

Sherlock Ohms
The Register That Wouldn't Register
Jason W. Evans
4/28/2015  0
In the mid-'90s, I was working for what could be best described as a "skunk works" where we were developing secure communications gear for a government customer. It was the ...

Chris Wiltz

Meet The MRV, NASA's Stab at the Electric Vehicle
Chris Wiltz, Managing Editor
4/27/2015  2
NASA is dipping its toe into the automotive world with the development of the Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV), a two-seat electric vehicle built off of the same technology NASA uses ...

Most recent post: burntpuppy... Seems like an expensive golf cart to me.  
Chris Wiltz

Watch John Oliver's Funny, Excellent Takedown of Patent Trolls
Chris Wiltz, Managing Editor
4/27/2015  1
They're technically known as "patent assertion entities" or "nonpracticing entities (NPEs)," but you probably know them by a much more appropriate name -- patent trolls.

Ann R. Thryft

Engineering Materials
Vulcan & Atlas V Rockets Will Fly on 3D-Printed Parts
Ann R. Thryft, Senior Technical Editor, Materials & Assembly
4/27/2015  0
We've been following the progress in 3D printing (3DP) of parts that must perform consistently at high temperatures in mission-critical or high-value applications like aerospace. ...

Don Wilcher

Product News
Cypress Debuts EZ-BLE PRoC Module for Bluetooth Low Energy Development
Don Wilcher, Contributing Writer
4/27/2015  0
Cypress Semiconductor last week introduced at the Bluetooth World trade show its new Bluetooth Smart module that provides Bluetooth Low Energy solutions for remote controls, ...


Check Out What Went On During National Robotics Week 2015!
In case you missed it, here are the highlights from National Robotics Week 2015.

Writing for Design News
Design News serves the biggest community of design engineers working in all manufacturing industries and end-markets. Design News, therefore, offers contributing authors the biggest exposure anywhere for your thought leadership. We welcome contributed articles from engineering professionals, consultants, as well as industry vendors.

Highlights From DiscoverE's 2015 Engineers Week
In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from DiscoverE's 2015 Engineers Week.

Today's AC Servo Systems Are Smarter and Faster
Technology advances boost positioning accuracy and stability at high speeds, while simplifying set up.

Managing Product Costs in the Face of Complexity and Globalization
Manufacturing organizations have faced a growing challenge of delivering products on time and to cost over the past decade, as product lifecycles and value chains have become increasingly complex. Even in the face of constant pressure to drive down costs, globalization and competition have led the design and manufacture of any given product or assembly to become distributed geographically as well as across organizational boundaries in the extended supply chain.

A CNC Machine OEM Pushes the Limits of Repeatability
The current generation of CNC machining systems has features that significantly improve metalworking operations from what they were only a few years ago. These machines are generally faster and quieter than ever, more resistant to mechanical noise, have powerful controls and extensive automation capabilities, and fabricate a wider range of metals.

Solving Aircraft Interior Design Challenges with Standardized Mechanisms
As the lightweighting trend continues to be a driving factor in aircraft design, aerospace OEMs must explore innovative ways of meeting production demands while ensuring reliable operation of interior touch points.

Choosing the Right Hardware for Electronics Prototyping
When prototyping an electronic product idea, it’s important to choose components that will help prove the concept, allow the design to be evaluated and give a basis from which the final product can be derived. There are many options for hardware to use in prototypes, from costly, proprietary and all-in-one packages to low-cost and open-source options.

Keithley's Digital Multimeter Goes ...
Jerry Janesch of Keithley Instruments shows how a sine wave ...
More Cool Tech from Optimal Design
Joe Wascow, principal at Optimal Design Co., talks about ...
Candy Bowl Counter
Joe Wascow, principal at Optimal Design Co., talks about ...
Team Sigma's Steady-Cam Quadcopter
This video was the culmination of a 10-week project ...
Gadget Freak Case # 265: Propane – ...
This project is an experiment in generating supersonic ...
Gadget Freak Case #267: What Happens ...
The Arduino is great for connecting with hardware but has a ...
A Lesson In Lithium-Ion Volatility
During a teardown of the iPad Air and Microsoft Surface Pro ...
Gadget Freak Case #266: The Window Watcher
The Window Watcher stops the burglar before he does damage ...
Gadget Freak Case # 264: Drink Delivery ...
The DDV-IP is an inverted pendulum driving machine. The ...
CUI AMT Encoder: Digi-Key Another Geek ...
Watch as Digi-Key’s Reid Landsrud pushes CUI’s AMT encoder ...
Gadget Freak Case #263: Midi Key-tar
Adam Berger hacked a computer keyboard into a mini key-tar ...
The Easy Way to Control a Robot
Daymon Thompson of Beckhoff Automation uses Google Glass to ...
Gadget Freak Case #262: Boat Lift ...
Dick Bipes couldn't find a boat lift remote with the specs ...
Gadget Freak Case #261: Dr. Seuss ...
Colorado State University students have created a Dr. Seuss ...
Gadget Freak Case #260: Arduino Solar ...
This solar charge controller, which is placed between a ...
Gadget Freak Case #259: Gag Bomb ...
This Hollywood movie-style gag bomb doubles as an alarm ...
Gadget Freak Case #258: Memory Wire ...
Marin Davide created a prototype of a moving biped using a ...
Gadget Freak Case #257: TempBug -- ...
You can put this thermometer anywhere with WiFi and collect ...
Low-Profile Retaining Rings
Smalley Hoopster® Rings fit into shallower grooves than ...
Gadget Freak Case #256: Yoga Breathalyzer
The yoga breathalyzer is a breath visualization tool that ...
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Critic on Tesla's New Battery Will Supply Energy for Your Home
CLOUSER on Sustainability Expert: Solar Energy Can Help Prevent Drought
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If you think the Apple Watch will turn heads, wait until you build the Apple II version.
Here are 10 Robots You Can Make Yourself
From simple mods to more complex builds, here's a list and instructions for some of our favorite ...
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Voting in the final round of our annual Gadget Freak of the Year contest is now open. Cast your ...
Discover-E’s ‘New Face’ of Engineering Helps ...
Discover-E has chosen its 13 New Faces of Engineering for 2015, and the list includes an ...
Engineer-Backed Competition Envisions Woman ...
A group of collaborators wants to recast MacGyver or a show similar to it with a female ...
A STEM Lesson from an IoT Electronic Thermometer
The business and educational opportunities of Internet of Things (IoT) are abundant. Cisco’s ...
DARPA Asks Teens to Determine Future Societal ...
A STEM contest called Robots4Us, sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, ...
igus Celebrates National Robotics Week at the ...
igus will celebrate National Robotics Week 2015 at the second-annual Rhode Island Robot Block ...
Not So Nice Tribute to a 2003 Mazda
One reader had to dismantle the Mazda Tribute for the sake of changing the alternator and some ...
Ford Spark Plugs Break During Removal
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Unsafe Stove Has Owner Seeing Red
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Cable Box Causes Bigger Headache Than Daytime TV
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Karaoke Machine Has Owner Singing the Blues
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
The Register That Wouldn't Register
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
Flagrant Fan Fuels Diagnostic Failure
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
A Revealing Quiet
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
Balancing Efficiency and Comfort in a Ford
Building a prototype of a car is a tough way to find the optimal balance between efficiency and ...
The Singing Telephone Switch
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
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