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Elizabeth Montalbano

Product News
Rockwell Helps Machine Builders Design Safer Machines
Elizabeth Montalbano, Contributing Writer
4/18/2014  0
Rockwell Automation has been an automation industry leader in ensuring machine builders develop safe machines, offering a number of products and resources to improve this endeavor. ...

Rob Spiegel

10 Engineering Toys From Your Youth
Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Control
4/17/2014  10
Boomers and early Gen-Xers will recognize these toys that once appealed to young engineers. Like me, many of you probably owned all of them, and spent countless hours playing with them.

Elizabeth Montalbano

GE, PowerStream Team Up on Microgrid to Showcase Renewables
Elizabeth Montalbano, Contributing Writer
4/17/2014  1
The Canadian energy company PowerStream has teamed up with GE on a microgrid demonstration project designed to raise public and consumer awareness about renewables and alternative ...

Elizabeth Montalbano

10 Ways Robots Are Better Than Us
Elizabeth Montalbano, Contributing Writer
4/16/2014  20
There's been a lot of talk lately about robots replacing humans in a variety of jobs, along with worries that robots will soon take over the world and even become more powerful than ...

Rob Spiegel

The Rise of Industrial Machines
Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Control
4/15/2014  14
Machines for industry are hitting a sharp growth spurt for 2014, and they're positioned for go-go growth over the coming five years.

Richard Nass

Industry 4.0 Is Really My IIoT
Richard Nass, Brand Director
4/15/2014  2
Last year at Hannover Fair, lots of people were talking about Industry 4.0. This is a concept that seems to have a different name in every region -- and arguably a different ...

Jeff Sharp

Made by Monkeys
Soldering Required to Replace Instrument Panel Bulb
Jeff Sharp
4/14/2014  3
I noticed the other night that one side of my speedometer was dimly lit. I supposed that I had a light bulb burned out and began a search on the Internet to determine how big of a ...

Rob Spiegel

Product News
IzoT Connects Industrial IoT
Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Control
4/11/2014  0
The Internet of Things (IoT) is hitting the factory floor big time. All types of devices are getting smart and they're getting connected, offering their trickle of data to the ...

Tom Kramer

Guest Blogs
Your Customers May Be Clueless, but You Needn't Be
Tom Kramer, Kablooe Design
4/11/2014  0
We all want to make our customers happy by giving them what they want and need, right? Well, it depends. Voice of the Customer (VoC) is aimed at clarifying customer wants and needs, ...


Optimization of Total Operating Costs Using Electric Linear Drives
TCO analysis demonstrates high potential for savings, even for simple applications, by replacing pneumatic drives.

Evolving Solutions for Remote HMI Monitoring
Web-enabled monitoring of production data is expanding to focus on a broader set of users, device types, use cases, and resulting workflows.

Force-Controlled Finishing Adds Human Touch
Optimized, power-dense servomotor technology improves the automation of precise finishing and blending operations.

Hybrid Hexapods Resolve Inherent Weaknesses of Conventional Hexapods
The hybrid hexapod enables applications that can benefit from six-degrees-of-freedom motion.

The Growing Importance of Wireless Standards for the Smart Home
ZigBee, a global standard, is a low-power compliment to WiFi.

The Heat Is On: Wireless Automation Technology Application for Smart Homes & Buildings
Advancements in embedded MCU and wireless design provide power efficiency and secure connectivity for smart homes.

Alternative Energy Fires Up Plants
Technology has made renewable energy a contender to power factories.

Military Mechatronics Stores a Lethal Punch
A new weapon storage management system converts helicopters and single-engine aircraft for surveillance and precision strike missions.

Automation & Control
FemtoFET™: Smallest MOSFET
TI's Rich Nowakowski discusses the industry’s smallest, ...
LDC1000: A Revolution in Sensing
David introduces the world's first inductance-to-digital ...
High-Brightness LEDs
Safely drive high-brightness LEDs with TI's LM3466 ...
WEBENCH Automotive Overview
Surinder demonstrates how simple the WEBENCH® Automotive ...
Micromo’s Piezo Legs Caliper Motor
Customers can get higher resolution from a scalable motor. ...
Micromo 8 & 10mm Brushless Motors
In a tiny package, they supply a high amount of torque and ...
Ford Showcases Its First Plug-in Hybrid
The technical choices that Ford made on its new C-Max ...
Tesla's Model S Nears Production
Khobi Brooklyn of Tesla Motors talks about the advantages ...
Voyager Belt Actuator Lengths up to 6 ...
50mm wide steel reinforced belt and 20mm profile rail and ...
TechnoMod XYZ Gantry System Is a ...
Complete 3-axis automation platform with controller, I/O, ...
ICP Gantry Robot Is a Complete Desktop ...
This compact, low-cost gantry robot is great for testing, ...
Rotary Movements With Energy Chain ...
Watch rotary movements with energy chain cable carriers.
Iglide Plastic Bushings in Palletizer
Watch igus's iglide plastic bushings in action in an ...
Iglide Plastic Bushings in Bicycles
Learn how igus's iglide plastic bushings are used in ...
Phil Hester Talks Advanced Software
National Instruments VP of R&D Phil Hester provides a ...
igus Energy Chain® cable carrier range
igus Products featured in the video and immediately ...
Automation and Control Video Blog April ...
Design News Editorial Director David Greenfield recounts a ...
Automation and Control Video Blog - ...
A review of Hannover Fair 2011 by Design News Editorial ...
Automation and Control Video Blog April ...
Hybrid electric-pneumatic robotic system developed using ...
Automation and Control Video Blog - ...
Festo debuts its SmartBird -- which uses hybrid drive ...
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Soldering Required to Replace Instrument ...
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Tricky Spark Plugs Take Hours to Replace
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
A Useable User Manual Is the Key to This Car
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Hot Plate Assembly Is Plain Screwy
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
Check Memo for Intermittent Electronic Problems
Made By Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
When All Else Fails, Read the Instructions
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
The Customer Is Not Always Right
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
Chasing Down an Errant Engine Light
The problem with the engine light was not the usual sort. Only Sherlock Ohms could chase down ...
Hum Bars Hampered the TV Screens
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
Simple Programming Fixes
Sherlock Ohms highlights stories told by engineers who have used their deductive reasoning and ...
Want a Better Coffee Maker? Try the IoT
Connected sensor-enabled applications will improve the consumer experience -- and generate new ...
Continued Collaboration Is Needed to Combat ...
As an industry, we now need to up our game and provide contractors with easier ways to properly ...
Your Customers May Be Clueless, but You ...
It’s your job to find the right people, ask the right questions, to dig deeper, and properly ...
Lightweighting: The Future of Aluminum
The shift to aluminum is gaining momentum and the demand from automakers for aluminum is ...
'Einstein' Sparks STEM Initiative
Einstein in a Box inspires critical thinking with the actual doing and experiencing. They take ...
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