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StemBox Offers Subscription Science Kits for Girls

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Great Idea!
Critic   8/19/2015 4:00:22 PM
Science boxes, even subscription ones, are not new idea, but I am glad to see that more of them are now on the market!  Good reporting, Elizabeth.

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Science Kits for girls?
bakler   8/20/2015 8:40:51 AM
I was not aware that Science has a gender preference.

Could it be that males and females tend to have different preferences and interests?

Will they make science "kits" suited for males?  Or, are they acknowledging, by making "female" science kits, that females are somehow disadvantaged and need to be taught or treated differently?

Science means always asking why even after you believe you found the answer.

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Re: Science Kits for girls?
Critic   8/20/2015 10:32:22 AM

@bakler:  Keep asking why.

Science has no gender preference, but there certainly are differences between males and females.  The creator of these boxes has wisely taken steps to make the boxes appealing to girls.  This is called market segmentation.

Putting together boxes that will appeal to girls is a good first step in getting the boxes into the girls' hands.  Once the girls are interested in doing the science, then there isn't any difference between female science and male science.  This is all about marketing, and getting girls interested in science, not the underlying science itself or how it is taught.

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Re: Science Kits for girls?
Trenth   8/20/2015 1:57:28 PM
Women prefer biology, men prefer physics.  Spatial rotations seem to be the only biological advantage males have.  



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Re: Science Kits for girls?
78RPM   9/1/2015 1:48:40 PM
I tend to agree with you Trenth. At the risk of being accused of sexist thinking -- and I don't believe in that -- it is my observation that men do have a better ability to think in 3D. Women seem challenged in coiling a garden hose, not realizing that it has three dimensions, not just length. An old friend from high school five decades ago got a Ph.D. in microbiology from Harvard and then got her M.D. in nerology and is one of the most brilliant people I know. But let's remember that Limor Fried has done much to interest all ages and genders in electrical engineering with her company Adafruit.

Perhaps 3D thinking is like music and second languages. You have to pick it up at an early age. So maybe it is not in the DNA but in early adult expectations.

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