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Home and Grid Energy Storage Gains Momentum

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Tesla home battery makes sense for car charging
przemek   5/20/2015 10:49:01 AM
The Tesla home battery at first sight is very limited: doesn't even have a power converter, and has a rather low output power; it didn't make sense until it occurred to me that it is a backup for the home charging station for their cars. Considering that 80 kWhr (Tesla full charge) costs about $10 at typical US electricity retail prices, a solar trickle charged storage suddenly makes a lot of sense.

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Home and grid energy storage gains momentum
Subnormal   5/20/2015 10:48:43 AM
The article itself is very interesting, at least it does bring up the point that without a means of storing the energy, Wind Turbines and solar farms have a limited impact.

The article does mislead however when it brought up Tesla's home storage units.  Other articles have talked about how neither is compatable with a home solar panel array.  The larger unit is designed for a back up only and can only be charged and discharged 30 times a year.  Hardly often enough to offer any relief in energy costs.  The smaller unit has a discharge rate of 5 amps, this is not oven amperage to run a toaster.  I hardly see either option being any type of threat to utility companies.

I also do not understand all the negative press that untility companies get in articles like this.  My state has imposed renewable energy targets that increase over time.  Obviously this is going to increase the costs for the power company.  I have also read articles that talk about how the prices are going down for renewables and they do not understand why the utility company would be charging more.  They still have to pay for their existing renewable sources, regardless if new systems are cheaper. 

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More uses for this technology
trag2015   5/20/2015 9:30:02 AM
Another Company EOS Energy Storage has developed a storage system for power plants to alleviate the Peak Power crunch that power companies experience on hot summer afternoons. They have a 4MWh product that fits in a 33 ft Nema container.

The Technology is a zinc based battery with expected 30 year life.


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