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Exclusive: A Closer Look at NASA's Orion Glass Cockpit

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Hellmut Kohlsdorf
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Glass Cockpit
Hellmut Kohlsdorf   8/1/2015 10:52:52 AM
The concep of the glass cockpit was first started to be developed in aviation about 20 years ago and was presented in studies made for general aviation for small jet airplanes. So apparently NASA is planing to adopt a well known and understood technic, makes sense! What surprises me a bid is that the article to me gave the impression NASA was taking a technological new approach when it just applying what the FAA has been pursuing since decades! Has the author missed this?

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what makes this work
patb2009   8/1/2015 1:53:03 PM
traditional a/c and spacecraft wiring had control boxes all around the spacecraft and then wiring harnesses to the effectors, displays and  control switches.  That worked out to miles of wiring and also some pretty insane repair requirements if a harness went bad, from a wire abrasion or over-voltage.  

That also meant a lot of pass throughs into the pressure bulkhead and a fairly tedious leak rate.


Charles Murray should consider writing about what enables this to run differently,

how aircraft and spacecraft run 800 MBS Firewire on a serial data bus around the vehicle to

each box and the common bus architecture, and how each device is speaking either IP or ATM or UDP and trying to keep things synced and predictable.  



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