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20 Ways to Boost Fuel Efficiency

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Aluminum wiring is bad
armorris   9/24/2014 12:25:44 PM
Aluminum wiring is a very bad idea. It oxidizes and corrodes very easily, causing unreliable operation and possibly a fire hazard. They tried that with house wiring many years ago with very bad results. If aluminum wiring is used, then the connectors must be welded, not crimped to the wire. The automotive environment is far worse than the household environment.

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Re: Change the carburetor
j-allen   9/24/2014 11:46:42 AM
There is a serious error  in jts's post.  Almost no modern automobiles use the carburetor,.  This is specifically because it is difficult for a carburetor to maintain optimum fuel-air stoichiometry under the widely varying load and speed conditions encountered by a car engine.  Modern autos therefore use computer-controlled fuel injection which constantly optimizes the mixture using feedback from exhaust gas composition and operating conditions. 

I am surprised that the myth of the "miracle carburetor" still persists.  Were it possible to achieve a significant efficiency gain merely by changing the carburetor, the auto industry would have done so many decades ago, rather than endure the cost of converting to the feedback-controlled injection system.   

Carburetors remain satisfactory in engines with a relatively narrow range of speed and load, such as boats, airplanes, and many stationary applications. 

I would strongly suggest that tjs, review a college textbook that covers the thermodynamics of the Otto cycle. 


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Change the carburetor
jts1430   7/14/2014 7:41:11 AM
Gas mileage will go up when they change how efficent the carburetor is.


Until that happens we will always have low mileage.

Poor efficiency carburetor= Poor mileage. And thats all there is period.

Why isn't anyone trying to improve the carburetor?????

Cabe Atwell
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Re: V8-6-4
Cabe Atwell   6/12/2014 1:14:50 AM
The 'cylinder deactivation' is a pretty ingenious solution at increasing a vehicle MPG rating. It's even more surprising that it comes from GM, perhaps it will be something that's 'recalled' in the future.

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mr88cet   6/11/2014 9:33:09 AM
Remember the old (and I do mean old!) V8-6-4?  I think that was ... late-70s Cadillacs, was it?

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Re: The best!
NadineJ   5/28/2014 12:56:02 AM
Or....you can just ride a vintage motorcycle!  I ride everyday and use about 3 gallons a week! 

Seems efficient to me.

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improving car efficiency
patb2009   5/27/2014 7:16:32 PM
i'd say there is lots of room to improve efficiency, but it means spending money.


1) Maximize aero.  put the least drag out there, play with noses, tails, covers,


2) hybrid electric, plug in hybrid EV,  that's a big deal.


3) Minimize weight, drop spare tires, go to aluminum, go to fibers, plastics


4) advanced engine cycles.


5) Minimize rolling resistance


6) Program routes, auto convoy, 

William K.
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Re: The best!
William K.   5/27/2014 6:58:44 PM
Path, I have already optimized one of my routes to minimize our stop signs, which the city management loves stop signs, 4-way stops even more. Adding a few turns that require letting off of the gas is not so bad, avoiding about 8 stops in two miles is good. Adding a heavy tax on things that impede traffic flow, incresing both fuel consumption and pollution that results, might be a good idea. They may even be able to balance the budget with all thqat extra income.

The hills thing is an interesting concept, probably congress would vote it into law if it were presented. BUT some cities are so flat that it would not be possible. How many hills are there in Phoenix, Az?

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Re: The best!
AnandY   5/27/2014 1:45:40 PM
This idea is quite fascinating. It will eventually increase the mileage that drivers cover with there vehicles. This idea will boost the economy and encourage more people to get there hands on vehicles. This has made the work of tax payers easier and efficient. It is amazing that the vehicles will be much lighter since they will have lighter body weight parts, there will be less wiring on the vehicles and the engine technology will be much more boosted. I am definitely looking forward to these innovations.

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Re: The best!
patb2009   5/26/2014 11:21:10 PM
i think on average you end up with the same altitude per round trip  but

you could design a trip to minimize stop lights

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