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Video: Dance Performance Perfected Through 3D Virtual Experience

The 3D look of the space is divided by Dassault Systemes' Mobile 3D Stage.   (Source: Dassault Systemes)
The 3D look of the space is divided by Dassault Systemes' Mobile 3D Stage.
(Source: Dassault Systemes)

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Ann R. Thryft
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Re: Beautiful
Ann R. Thryft   8/7/2013 12:01:55 PM
I've heard about Europeans who don't admire the French, but I don't really understand why. I guess jealousy makes sense.

Elizabeth M
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Re: Beautiful
Elizabeth M   8/9/2013 9:53:30 AM
Well, having lived in Europe for almost four years, I can tell you that yes, it is in part jealousy, but there is also an attitude in general that some French people have (not all) that can be a bit snooty and entitled, without consideration for other people. Not all, of course--I don't want to make a gross generalization! But that's the perception and an explanation for why other Euros (and some Americans) may have a negative attitude toward them. But I suppose there are some people who can find something not to like about just about anyone and anything! Great art and now great art and technology is coming out of France, and that's pretty cool in my opinion. :)

Ann R. Thryft
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Re: Beautiful
Ann R. Thryft   8/9/2013 11:27:03 AM
Thanks for that, Elizabeth. I already knew about Americans who think the French are snooty, but I didn't realize that attitude had spread to other Euros. Personally, I think the French have a lot to be snooty about: great food, wine, fashion, art, some great movies, general elegance, a beautiful language, a beautiful countryside...

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