Video: Mobile App-Driven Robot Bartender Makes, Shakes Drinks to Order

Like a real bartender, Makr Shakr -- a robot designed through a collaboration between MIT, Coca-Cola, and Bacardi -- can mix and shake up drinks according to customer preference.   (Source: MakrShakr.com)
Like a real bartender, Makr Shakr -- a robot designed through a collaboration between MIT, Coca-Cola, and Bacardi -- can mix and shake up drinks according to customer preference.
(Source: MakrShakr.com)

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Nancy Golden
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Re: Robot Bartender
Nancy Golden   5/31/2013 6:07:11 PM
GTOlover, I agree - actually this is one of the last places I would want to see as a venue for robotic technology. It doesn't make a quality of life improvement by having robots and doesn't warrant the expense. Besides, bartenders are like hairdressers - people want to talk to them. And regarding the argument that a robot can better judge a person's blood alcohol content, if a robot thinks the person has drank too much - how effective is he going to be in talking the person into taking a cab or getting one of his buddies to take him home?

Of course I still go through a checkout line that has a real checker at the grocery store...

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Re: Robot Bartender
notarboca   5/31/2013 3:41:19 PM
This is like 3D printing using beverage ingredients!

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Re: Robot Bartender
GTOlover   5/31/2013 3:41:07 PM

Cool, but I won't be leaving a tip anytime soon. Part of the bartender/patron interaction is the need to shmoze with him/her. Then leave a nice tip!

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Re: Robot Bartender
far911   5/31/2013 2:59:25 PM
@apresher - I get what you mean. I myself was expecting fluid smooth robot action like you see in the cartoons. But this is a good start nonetheless. 

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Robot Bartender
apresher   5/31/2013 8:25:17 AM
Interesting post.  But in the video, I was expecting some spectacular "shaking" segment with the robot.

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