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Debera Harward
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Re: Green Energy
Debera Harward   4/30/2013 6:47:36 AM
My design, you mean to say that green energy means that energy which produces less waste and causes little changes in the enviornment ?Is this energy produced by solar,wind and other alternative sources am i correct 

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Re: Green Energy
Mydesign   5/2/2013 11:45:01 PM
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"green energy means that energy which produces less waste and causes little changes in the enviornment ?Is this energy produced by solar,wind and other alternative sources am i correct "

Debera, you are right up to an extent. Green energy means less pollution, ecco friendly etc, while usage and during the process of energy generation too. In that sense, solar & wind are more ecco friendly.

Charles Murray
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Re: Huggable car
Charles Murray   5/13/2013 8:48:44 PM
Good points, RalphyBoy. Gyms do have tremendous potential for human energy to be converted to electricity. Stationary bikes, cross trainers and, yes, even dance floors could be kicking energy back into the grid.

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