Slideshow: Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Mini-Teardown

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Re: Low-cost assembly
DMayEADS   11/21/2011 12:23:39 PM
Since the Fire is based on the Android OS, I'm sure ther will be many apps available. 

I've also seen articles where folks are making Google apps work with this system.

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Books and Movies have different requirements
RadioGuy   11/21/2011 12:59:48 PM
For books, the e-ink display is far superior.

For movies, the color display of the Fire is superior.

I predict that many will want one of each. We shall see.

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Re: Books and Movies have different requirements
gafisher   11/21/2011 9:14:59 PM
@RadioGuy Re: "I predict that many will want one of each"

I'm in exactly that position -- one of each.  My Fire is quite good for books, better than what I've seen on the Nook or iPad, and of course superb for media, but uses more power and is WiFi-only.  The standard 3G Kindles, like mine, has incredible battery life, an excellent display, and quite importantly for me, lifetime 3G wireless access in over 100 countries.  This is the Kindle that accompanies me to meetings.

The beauty of this is that one can purchase a Fire, a 3G Touch, and several years of Prime membership for well below the cost of an iPad.  Admittedly the iPad can do a few things the Kindles can't, but the reverse is also true.  It's also likely that very many iPad users do no more on their tablets than could be done as well or better on a Kindle.

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Re: Kindle Fire is LCD based – no more E-Ink-?
gafisher   11/21/2011 9:20:28 PM
@JimT Re: "Funny how that enormous breakthrough was minimized and even forgotten ..."

Look closer and you'll find that several new e-Ink Kindles were introduced at the same time as the Fire.  Amazon hasn't abandoned electrophoretic displays, they've simple added an additional product with different features to the product line.

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Re: Kindle Fire is LCD based – no more E-Ink-?
JimT@Future-Product-Innovations   11/22/2011 12:28:02 AM
Wow; slammed with a One-Star Review, comparing E-Ink to LCD - - -wonder what was so offensive-?   I, too, worked closely with Russ Wilcox and the team in Cambridge in 2002 developing a thinner version laminate for a Motorola product (which unfortunately never shipped).  I love the technology, and can't say enough good things about it.

Lauren Muskett
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Re: Big leap forward
Lauren Muskett   11/22/2011 7:26:24 AM
The e-ink and long battery life are the main reasons I regularly use my Kindle. I agree, it is much easier to read with less eyestrain and it feels like you are reading a regular book without all the bulk, I don't get the same results with reading from an LCD screen. Now, if I am looking to do other things than just read, then I use another device.  

Alexander Wolfe
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EETimes Action
Alexander Wolfe   11/22/2011 12:36:03 PM
For a related, more electronically oriented teardown, see EETime's teardown, done by Design News sister company UBM TechInsights, posted here

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bobjengr   6/28/2012 7:49:22 PM
OK, I would like someone (or all) to recommend a brand(s) to purchase. I am a consulting engineer and have not made the "leap" as yet to an e-reader. I walk through airports with a suitcase full of "necessary" items but would really love to consolidate. Three weeks ago, I traveled to Bangor, Maine and was not close to a 120 VAC outlet. Battery life seems to be critical. Any aid you can give will be greatly appreciated. I had much rather hear from a user; i.e. someone who has been there, instead of a rating agency paid by the manufacturer supplying the product. Many thanks. Bob J.

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