Top 20 US Undergraduate Engineering Schools

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Dave Palmer
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Re: TOP 20
Dave Palmer   8/31/2014 11:43:22 PM
@Cabe: You'd be hard pressed to find someone who is a bigger promoter of Chicago than me -- not only can I tell you what each of the stars on the Chicago flag represent, I can tell you what each of the six points on each star represent -- but if I were making a ranking, I don't think I'd chose UIC over UIUC, either.  UIC is a great school, but UIUC is the state flagship.  Same thing with UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison.  I got my master's at UW-Milwaukee, and I think it was awesome. But it's still the urban commuter "baby brother" of UW-Madison.

Of course, a school's ranking on this kind of list doesn't reflect whether it will be a good fit for a given student.  For some students, a school like UIC or UW-Milwaukee will be a much better fit than one like UIUC or UW-Madison.

That's the major shortcoming of these lists; the things reflected on these lists tend not to be the things that really determine the quality of a student's experience, or a student's success after college.   

Nancy Golden
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Re: TOP 20
Nancy Golden   8/31/2014 11:41:09 PM
I agree, Cabe - actually I would find it very discouraging if I thought I had to go to one of those top tier schools to excel in the engineering field. I think a lot of smaller technical colleges can be a viable option for many, would be much more affordable, and provide a solid engineering foundation. Often the faculty make a world of difference regardless of the school.

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Re: TOP 20
far911   8/31/2014 2:06:14 PM
Irrespective of cost a very important information for the future graduates.

Cabe Atwell
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Re: TOP 20
Cabe Atwell   8/30/2014 1:18:17 PM
I question the choice of UIUC over UIC. 

Also looks like a top 20 most expensive engineering colleges.

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TOP 20
bobjengr   8/30/2014 12:30:13 PM
Rob--very interesting list. Unless I missed the count, there were six (6) schools from California, four (4) Ivy League schools and three (3) schools in the Southeast/Southwestern part of our country.  My school did not make the cut but it really never does.  It's always good to see how engineering departments at the various universities "stack up".   The good one seem to remain on the list year after year but that is to be expected.  Excellent post. 

Dave Palmer
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Midwestern schools?
Dave Palmer   8/29/2014 1:32:03 PM
The midwest seems to be slightly under-represented in this list.  Out of the 20 schools on the list, I only counted 4 in the midwest (Purdue, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin).  In contrast, there were 6 in California alone.

Also, only a handful of the schools on the list (RPI, MIT, Georgia Tech) are what I would consider "engineering schools," i.e. schools where engineering is the primary focus.  They may have engineering programs, but I wouldn't consider Harvard or Princeton to be "engineering schools."

I'll freely admit I'm a little sore that my alma matter, IIT, didn't make this list. It made USA Today's list of top ten engineering colleges this year.

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