The Importance of Mentors

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Re: Re : Mentors
jmiller   11/30/2013 3:06:47 PM
When I read articles like this t reminds me to take time to help whenever I can because we never know when what we say will truly make a difference in someones career or even life.  No one thing is too small. 

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Enjoy your Retirement
zeeglen   11/30/2013 11:29:12 AM
Mentoring is a lifelong act of take and give.  Take the knowledge your mentors give when young, then give back that knowledge to the young when older.

Enjoy your retirement, Jon.

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a.saji   11/30/2013 11:17:46 AM
@bob: Indeed, to make your career a success, you do need to focus and concentrate on it. You alone cannot do it. Its always good to give your thoughts to someone else and gain the output from there. Then you can compare and think which one to do.                                

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bobjengr   11/30/2013 9:32:48 AM
So true Jon.  I also had the benefits of mentoring early in my engineering career.   Bob Ditto was the very first person I worked for as a coop and was certainly instrumental in keeping me in engineering.  As we all know, the rigor and focus needed to complete an engineering course of study is definitely there.  While others were partying, we had to study.  Bob was behind me all the way and was always available for counsel and a quick phone call.  He was a mechanical engineering graduate from Perdue and one of very best teachers I have ever had.  He passed away this year at the age of 92.  I also mentor through "We Teach Science" and find it to be very rewarding.  Excellent post.

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Re: Re : Mentors
Pubudu   11/30/2013 1:18:33 AM
True Anandy We all has a mentor in our minds from the childhoods. These Mentors will have the same characteristics that we like to have in our lives. These Mentors can be either positive or negative; by associating the good/positive mentors we will also have the positive character.  

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Re: tx: you've been a great mentor!
Pubudu   11/30/2013 1:10:59 AM
Very true a.saji, It will always will be a great push for the life by having a great mentor. Evan in our childhood also we have a mentor in the form or hero it may be a cartoon character.  So it is very important to guide our child hood to the positive character in order to have a better future. 

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How Do I Become A Teacher At A Community College?
RailroadGeek   11/29/2013 11:18:36 PM
On the subject of mentoring, I'm an electronic tech (but not a college graduate) and I give a lot of lectures as part of the ongoing training in my department at our municipal transit agency.

Some of the techs are really impressed with my lectures and they have asked me if I ever considered becoming a teacher. So now I'm seriously considering the idea.

A college professor requires a PHd, however I was thinking about teaching electronics just at a community college or vocational school.

Does anyone in the engineering profession have any experience with teaching at a community college? If so, how did you go about getting a teacher's certification?


William K.
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The value of good teachers
William K.   11/29/2013 10:37:29 PM
John, Thanks for the interesting post. I have had some teachers who made subjects interesting, one even made calculus interesting. And an eighth grade science teacher who did make things interesting, back a long time ago. 

In addition, I have been a mentor of sorts to quite afew people who while having degrees were quite lacking in much understanding of how things actually worked in engineering. And several of them I had to explain somethin g that I learned from one college engineering teacher. I call it "the Maselowski criteria", and it consists of asking "is this answer reasonable?"  One time we had to apply that to a very large servo system used to run truck rear axles under load. The engineer could not get the system to stablize, which I discovered was because the gain was set way too high. He showed me that math that he had used to determine the gain settings, and while I could not see any error, the number was an order of magnitude higher than it needed to be. So we set the gain down and the system was stable, and then he could advance the derivative gain as well as the proportional gain, and make it work in a stable and accurate manner. From then on I got questions from a lot of folks at that place when they had problems. And I always explained my answers.

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wbswenberg   11/29/2013 1:14:21 PM
Congradulations John!  You are getting out alive.  I just retired in May @ 60 & 6 months.  I'm so buzy I dont know which way is up.  I worked 36 years - 25 years at Boeing.  Just taking up Cowboy action shooting and I'm a real dude!  ER drug store cowboy what ever.  Partly rebuilding the 350 in my big truck.  Just turned my rental around for the last time to the tume of $25K expense.  

Have fun - be safe.

Barbed Wire Bill

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Re: tx: you’ve been a great mentor
AnandY   11/29/2013 12:30:14 PM
I have been a keen and avid follower of your posts here and its sad to think that I won't have the pleasure of doing so for much longer. I sure hope you will still find time to post some of your informative pieces here once in a while. Thank you Jon, you have been very helpful to us all; a real mentor.

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