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Bad Solder Stopped Bosch Dishwasher

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Heating "Engineers"
dgreig   1/2/2014 9:06:40 AM
Remiiscent of my Dad's Combi gas boiler.

He had called out 2 of the local Pluming Heating "Engineers", neither could solve the problem and both tried to sell more radiators.

Took about 2 minutes for the diagnosis, leaky expansion chamber.

Just serviced it, changed thermistors for more accurate ones and stiped down and cleaned the hot water diversion valve, liberal application of Chrystolube on moving parts.

Never used a garage for vehicle repair. Guess Dad ingrained self suffiency when I was a toddler. Recon it's faster and far less hassle to DIY!

TJ McDermott
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TJ McDermott   1/1/2014 6:53:50 PM
What did the relay actually control?

And was it a mechanical or solid-state relay?

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Re: Lead-free solder perhaps?
tekochip   1/1/2014 5:28:31 PM
I didn't see the board, of course, but I would tend to agree, another RoHS failure.

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Re: Always attempting to do it yourself.
notarboca   12/31/2013 7:26:09 PM
JimT, I'm with you on trying to repair everything around the house; a lot of times it is a simple fix.  If not, at least you diagnosed it yourself.  Thanks for the link as well.

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Re: Lead-free solder perhaps?
JimT@Future-Product-Innovations   12/31/2013 6:43:40 PM
I applaud your statement of the over-zealousness of the RoHS initiative.  For a trace amount of lead, phosphor, berrylium, and a few other "criminal elements" (the actual threat of which is still debatable), the RoHS initiative brought several industries to their knees in costly redesign.   See a recent article I posted earlier this year:



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Always attempting to do it yourself.
JimT@Future-Product-Innovations   12/31/2013 6:37:30 PM
Every time an appliance in my house falters, I heave a slow sigh, pull up the bootstraps, and go dig into it.  Without fail, it has always been something that any decent engineer with a little perseverance could fix. 

I always make this attempt first, because I, too was frustrated by the $100 service call which resulted in  bad advice from an untrained repair tech who was wrong on his diagnosis.  No more of that, EVER!

I've now added A/C's, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Pool Pumps, Disposals and Water Heaters to my "successful" repairs list. 

Here is a VERY helpful website to encourage others to do the same:   http://www.repairclinic.com/

This site is extensive, and often includes little videos of the repair, step-by-step (not always).  Their business is to sell the replacement parts.  My last repair (just over this Xmas holiday) was the Washing Machine. Agitator not rotating; a $4.25 cam-lock solved the problem.  Lots of needed extra X-mas money saved!!  

 I highly recommend building up your courage and always attempting to do it yourself. 

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Lead-free solder perhaps?
Amclaussen   12/31/2013 4:35:29 PM
While Bosch kitchen and laundry products have shown many problems and low reliability, in this particular case the problem could have been the result of overzealous european politicians banning the use of lead in electronic solder, known as RoHS initiative.  Lead gives solder excellent properties, and Lead-free solder is known to carry many failures with it.  If vibration is present, lead-free solder is more prone to mechanical fracturing and failure. On the other side, many products are made today with the cheapest assembly possible, which is causing too many failures.

As the article does not specify if it was a cold solder, solder fatiging and breaking, insufficient solder or any other additional info, it is hard to see which was the root cause.

In my kitchen, a Shiny new Bosch gas stove only lasted two days.  I had to return it as it was badly designed and provided so little heat, that any knob setting below 100% open, would undercook the food...  In the end, it was bad design and too much reliance on fame.

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Made by Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
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Made by Monkeys highlights products that somehow slipped by the QC cops.
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