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Slideshow: Detroit Electric Unveils 'World's Fastest' Electric Sports Car

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William K.
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Re: Electric Sports Car
William K.   4/18/2013 11:10:34 AM
The benefits could start a lot sooner if the auto companies were willing to sell a manual stop-start package. That could be availablke by 2015 model year if they chose to push it a bit. 

Right now it is not even possible to reduce fuel consumption by shifting into neutral and coasting, since the engine control algorithm keeps the engine speed up until the vehicle stops moving. That is probably to provide power steering assist, but it is a fuel waster regardless of the reason. Of course there is that other question which is do we really need power steering in the lighter cars today?

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What's it look like inside??
WV1800es   7/31/2013 9:33:27 AM
A bit disappointed by the slide show, I'd like to see what the controls of an electric sports car look like.  As an aside, with this many auto articles appearing, Design News may have to see if Dan Neil's got any spare time...:-)

Charles Murray
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Re: Electric Sports Car
Charles Murray   9/12/2013 5:58:52 PM
I see that Detroit Electric plans to start taking orders for the vehicle late this year. Looks like it will soon be time for an editorial update.

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Detroit Electric sports car
j-allen   11/4/2013 5:43:15 PM
Do we need another over-priced super-performance electric vehicle that tries to mimic a gas-powered racer?  How about a simple, reliable machine that just gets you to work and back and  handles local trips?  I suspect that families could buy such a basic electric , and also have a gas car for longer trips or a super-powered one to help the man of the house to compensate for his masculine "shortcomings."

Let's let electric cars do what  they do best. 

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Yea.. likely a Lotus chassis
Thinking_J   11/4/2013 6:09:31 PM

I think you are very close....

I think it is based on the EXIGE from Lotus.. not the Elise..

Very small changes in the body lines.

And a very good place to start .. when going for performance and light weight (Lotus).


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short comings?? bad / old/ inappropriate joke
Thinking_J   11/4/2013 7:21:02 PM
Do we need jokes about "moral smugness" directed at Prius drivers?

We need another Nissan Leaf? Prius? Volt? etc... how many do we need?

I am not really sure what a electric car does "best"...?

"best" illusion of a zero pollution solution?.. (not zero pollution, not even close, even if you charged it with solar cells at home exclusively).... Lower pollution? most of the time (not all)

Electric cars at present certainly are not the cheapest cost per mile for ownership. Or highest performance. Or ?...

In the future? Maybe that will change.

Seriouly, nearly every technological advancement isn't adopted by what the general population sees as a "valid use". Most often, the adoption and advancement of technology is fueled by "morally questionable" uses ( war, greed and yes, sexual desire). Only later do they evolve in to products without moral burden.

So who cares about the social impact of 100 or 1,000 cars?.. When millions are being made.

William K.
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Re: Electric Sports Car
William K.   11/4/2013 8:33:38 PM
Back in 1968, or so, we went through a design exercise for an electric dragster with 4-wheel drive. The plan was to utilize 4 series wound DC motors, surplus, of course, and directly drive each wheel. We figured that for the few seconds to go a quater mile we could get away with a lot of overdrive. We were hoping for at least 1600HP in a car under 1000 pounds. The secret was the huge diesel generator truck parked back behind the pits, and the copper strips alongside the strip. Like a giat slotcar without the slot. It would have been a fantastic night time show, and it would have really been a recrd breaker. Unfortunately it was way more than we could scrape up to even start building. It could have been the 3 1/2 second car. Not quite silent until launch, but close.

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Old Article
bpenfold   11/13/2013 9:09:31 AM
What? Why did I get an email today from Design News about this old article?

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