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Slideshow: Detroit Electric Unveils 'World's Fastest' Electric Sports Car

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Needs a better gearbox
rjdelane   4/16/2013 10:28:29 AM
This car already costs well over $100K so I wonder why they didn't use a proper dual-clutch gearbox for not much more money...the 0-60 times would probably drop another few tenths also and it would be great to drive clicking off shifts via paddle shifters (ala Porsche Cayman S)...it would also be the first electric to have it also.

Elizabeth M
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Electric hot rods
Elizabeth M   4/16/2013 10:35:02 AM
It seems like we're in a new age of EVs and hybrids with this and the new one Porsche has unveiled. Bring it on! This goes to show that these cars aren't just for environmentally-conscious Yuppies anymore and are going or a whole new elite audience. http://www.designnews.com/author.asp?section_id=1366&doc_id=261782

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Heritage of the Car.
kraig   4/16/2013 11:10:44 AM
I found this of great interest as the Anderson Carrage was located in Port Huron, Michigan and they then moved to Detroit and became the Detroit Electric. They were powered by the improved batteries that were invented by Thomas Alva Edison who was also from Port Huron MI. and lived a shot distance from the Anderson Carrage Company. I believe a to make any electric vehicle a detachable power source like a APU that could be used as a range extender in necessary. Until fuel cells or other processes become avaialible, range limitations are the downside. I was happy to see a Detroit Electric in the Greenfield Village Parade at The Henry Ford run with the many internal combustion entrants. Just to leave you with a thought. All Railroads in America are powered by electricity.

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NOT the worlds Fastest Electric Car
Powereng+   4/16/2013 12:40:30 PM
This car is impressive, however it is not the fastest.  I know if one that has a top speed of 190MPH and 0-60 in 2.8 seconds with a 300mile range.  See link.


You guys should check your information before posting.

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Re: Electric hot rods
Battar   4/16/2013 1:00:53 PM
More $100K+ electric cars ? Just wehre is the mass market for these vehicles? There isn't one, and a 6 figure price sticker and leather seat covers is the only way there can be any return on investment, I would bet that every single buyer of this vehicle keeps an environment - destroying 250hp + gas guzzling SUV in the garage.

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Re: NOT the worlds Fastest Electric Car
MVRS   4/16/2013 1:07:18 PM
Impressive vehicle to say the least!  As far as I can see, it is still a concept and not in production.  So until that point, the SP:01 appears to be the fastest/quickest.

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Electric Sports Car
j-allen   4/16/2013 1:54:26 PM
Why do we need an overpriced electric car that attempts to mimic the performance of a gas car?   What would really do some good is a light, simple affordable electric.  It might have a range of 25 to 40 miles and a top speed of perhaps 55 mph. A two-car family would use it to commute to work and make other local trips, while maintaining the gas or hybrid car for longer expeditions.  Such an electric could use conventional DC motor with a pulse-width armature control and provision for regenerative braking.  Almost any  battery would do, maybe even the good old lead-acid type.  Let's use gas engines and electric for what each does best. 

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A real cutie
Chuck_IAG   4/16/2013 4:14:47 PM
I'm not sure what (or where) the market is, but if I had an extra wad of cash around I'd consider it.  Rob asks: "Can a car company enter the auto market successfully with a single offering?"   Well, of course!  Haven't you heard of the Delorean?  Oh... wait...  Never mind.  You probably meant can they do it SUCCESSFULLY, huh?  Probably not.

But still, it's cute.  And great range for a smallish battery pack.  The 2400 lb curb weight is what Porsche needs to shoot for in their EV.  Maybe there's a buyout on the horizon.

Rob Spiegel
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Re: Odd bird car
Rob Spiegel   4/16/2013 4:18:57 PM
Those are pretty good EPA numbers, Chuck. I wonder if the Porsche EV will also have decent numbers. Maybe Porsche's EV will help that automaker meet its CAFE needs.

Francois Racicot
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Gear box in electric car?? Really?
Francois Racicot   4/16/2013 4:49:56 PM
Not sure I understand the need for a gearbox in an electric car, unless you need to "feel" like a combustion engine car...  Or is it because they are using very small motors that could not sustain both high accelerations and top speeds ?

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