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Slideshow: Fisker Says 'Plug-In Hybrids Make More Sense Than Pure Electrics'

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Fisker Automotive co-founder Henrik Fisker describes the Karma as a 'sedan with a coupe-like appearance.' Design highlights include a long hood, short deck, low roofline, wide stance, and pronounced fenders.   (Source: Fisker Automotive)
Fisker Automotive co-founder Henrik Fisker describes the Karma as a "sedan with a coupe-like appearance." Design highlights include a long hood, short deck, low roofline, wide stance, and pronounced fenders.
(Source: Fisker Automotive)

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Elizabeth M
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Re: Good point
Elizabeth M   2/28/2013 4:20:11 AM
Yes, it is a good point and seems to be what many agree on in the industry. But let's not forget it serves Fisker's purpose because his company is focusing on hybrids. They may make sense definitely, and seem to be at this point more practical But I don't think auto makers and engineers should give up on coming up with a better battery for pure battery-powered vehicles. There is a lot of promising work going on in this space.

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Hybrid Vehicles
Mydesign   2/27/2013 10:57:39 PM
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@Captain, there is no doubt that Hybrid vehicles always have an edge over single fueled vehicles. Even in my car along with gasoline, I had fitted gas converter too, so that depends up on situation, I can switch between this too. if such options are available in electrical vehicles too, it's a great advantage.

Charles Murray
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Re: Regulation barriers
Charles Murray   2/27/2013 8:14:30 PM
Well said, Greg. It's easy to criticize big automakers when looking at the cost of the vehicles, but the effect of regulation is huge.

Greg M. Jung
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Regulation barriers
Greg M. Jung   2/27/2013 8:04:57 PM
I think the last paragraph of this article is the most telling where Mr. Fisker exclaims that it is easier to start a restaurant franchise than to overcome the regulation barriers of creating a 'clean' energy vehicle.  I would like to respectfully challenge the critics who complain that there are not enough clean energy vehicles out there to have an honest discussion about the agency and economic barriers that a start-up car companiy faces.

Charles Murray
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Re: Good point
Charles Murray   2/27/2013 7:33:49 PM
Excellent points, naperlou. For plug-in hybrids to reach the masses, the cost of batteries must come down, or they must use smaller batteries. Fisker's situation is a little different, though. The company is targeting upscale buyers who love cars and aren't as concerned about hitting a low price point. They're willing to spend more for a stylish car, and Fiskers are very stylish.

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Good point
naperlou   2/27/2013 11:09:28 AM
Cap'n, Fisker makes a good point.  The plug-in hybrid is as convenient as a regular gasoline powered car.  Actually, with the ability to charge at home and energy recvovery technologies, it would be more convenient since you would not need to go to the gas station so often.  Having a high end vehicle of this type is a good thing, I guess, but not that important in the long run.  In the auto industry you make money on volume. 

Once the price of plug-in hybrids comes down sufficiently this may become a standard.  There is a problem, though, and that is the investment cost.  I recently talked to someone who was looking at an American made hybrid.  He settled for a smaller car from the same manufacturer.  He was looking for a commuter car, and the smaller car got very good mileage without the up front costs.  The hybrid in question was not very much more expensive and the pay back period was reasonable.  The point is, it still may not be worth it.

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