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Slideshow: Considering the History of Electric Cars...

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Re: Electric failure
jhmumford   9/23/2014 3:21:26 PM
I'm not sure "promoters of electric vehicles overpromise" so much as marketing folks at companies overpromise.  Most of the quotes in the article read like press relase jargon, and we all know the purpose of the press release is to hype a company and keep it in the minds of investors and potential customers, not to realistically portray a new product or technology.  Someone once said, "You know you're in trouble when you start believing your own press releases."  You're also in trouble when you start beleiving other people's press releases.

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Cost of Batteries vs Fuel
careyfelix   5/12/2014 11:15:12 AM
Has anyone done an analysis of upfront cost of batteries vs. the long-term cost of fuel?  Oh and maintenance of electric system vs ICE?

Jerry dycus
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Re: California Electric
Jerry dycus   4/15/2014 7:45:01 PM
  So you are saying you don't want a better solution that costs less?

First you wouldn't use a Miata to tow a big boat, why would you compare a commuter, town car EV with a long distance car?

Next you ignore plug in hybrids easily solve your problem.

So if you want to keep paying more it's your choice. 

But my new EV can have a 250 mile range as I just found lithium at under $100/kwhr and could carry 400 miles worth in the battery compartment. But just 100 mile range with a 6.5hp generator, I'm aero and under 1,000lbs, gives me uunlimited range at over 120mpg on gasoline or 330mpg equivalent on battery.

I should note this could be produced for just $12k in 1,000 unit lots and nothing on it would take longer than 30 minites to repair, most repairs by the owner under 10 minutes.  I can even rebuild, R+R the motor   in 30 minutes.

It'll cost  20% of yours to run. It can, like my other EV's, tow a trailer piled high with lumber, etc.  And has lots of luggage space.

And likely always go up in value, not lose it like yours. Likely go up so much it'll cover the low driving costs for years making driving it near free ;^)

Now tell me again why you like your expensive to run fix, drive polluting Putin, oil dictators, terrorists, big oil corporate welfare supporting gas car? 

Meanwhile with my EV's I'm laughing all the way to the bank.

  You the same, just the money is coming  out, not going in to support those that oil does. 

And YOU pay 20% more in YOUR income taxes to pay for big oil, coal corporate welfare they stick the gov, us with.  Like that don't you?


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Re: California Electric
LetoAtreidesII   4/15/2014 12:10:37 PM
Ralphy Boy "IF... I used most of my range getting home one cold and lonely night only to find that I needed to run an emergency "pick me up at ..." for a loved one, will the onboard computer do the battery/travel conditions analysis to determine how long they will be waiting for my batteries to charge up enough for me to make that run? And what if they can't wait, or it's not safe to wait?"

Great question I had not thought of come home have 20 miles left and your kid breaks an arm needing to get to the E-room ASAP what do you do call a ambulance at 500$.  try to make it only to end up stuck out of power, wait while your car charges.

Run up and down the street looking for someone with an ICE car so you can do what is needed.

Scary.  If you want electric go with a  PlugIn-Hybrid-EV.  It give you the EV benifits but the range as backup when you need it.  Even though this type of vechile would fit much better than a pure EV the green will not accept anything but pure EV as their acceptable solution.




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Re : Slideshow: Considering the History of Electric Cars...
AnandY   3/22/2014 8:44:09 AM
@ RogueMoon, I must say these are very balanced comments and a fair analysis of EVs. The most important thing is to keep trying and overcoming the problems. There is no point in talking big without actually coming up with something. It is the most effective way of silencing the critics to come up with the break through and provide solution to the problems.

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Re: California Electric
radio-active   3/17/2014 10:34:57 AM
Jerry, you are clearly passionate about EV's, but also mis-informed.

I live in one of the coldest metro areas in the country, and NO, we do not "heat our engines from the grid 24-7". In fact I've never needed to plug mine in. I don't even have a tank or block heater. I have heat in -30F weather when I'm about  2 miles from my home. I do use synthetic oil to reduce cranking power requirements and running friction.

And my completely modern car has heated seats, so I'm comfy in 30 seconds.

My car has a 20 gallon tank, I get about 30mpg around town, over 35 on the road. I can go over 2 weeks on a tank driving 44 miles round trip to work, as well as some incidental driving.

I can quite literally drive from Minneapolis to Portland, stopping only twice for fuel.

Oh, and my trunk holds luggage, not a generator. The car is lightweight, handles great, is fun to drive, and doesn't look like an ugly Prius.

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Re : Slideshow: Considering the History of Electric Cars
AnandY   3/13/2014 6:14:40 AM
@ imagineer1000, you are absolutely right. If we take serious marketing efforts out of the equation, even great products can be spoiled. The problem lies in immediate monetary benefits. Besides, there are many other interests at stake of ICE manufacturers. So whatever they did amounted to a lip service only so that they may show that they had tried but it didn't work.

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Re: All fine and dandy until..... your until out of cheap oil.
Bunter   3/12/2014 3:46:09 PM
Apology cheerfully accepted.




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Re: All fine and dandy until..... your until out of cheap oil.
Uncreative   3/12/2014 3:21:49 PM

My apologies if I offended you as this is was by no means my intent (although it may have certainly appeared this way).

I suppose that over time one simply becomes jaded with typical "text-book" responses when discussing the much debated and dreaded "green topics". I am very familiar with the script of this discussion and am simply by no means interested in entertaining a dialogue with a dead end - it is simply a fruitless endeavor.


Furthermore, I am "APOLITICAL" and realize that this issue of oil, energy and environment goes hand with strong political affiliations. This is what makes this topic for so difficult (almost taboo) to discuss when in fact should be pretty simple and should go something like this:

*Clean energy = Good for environment

*Dirty energy/emissions = Bad for environment


*I realize I should include a length disclaimer of why this is not ALWAYS the case; but most of the time holds true.

Again, apologies for any offense.


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Re: All fine and dandy until..... your until out of cheap oil.
Bunter   3/12/2014 2:53:38 PM

From your last post-"But anyhow, I rest my case and realize that it is simply impossible to make a case with this "denial-ist" line of thinking. It' always a waste of time and all is lost in what I refer to as "stone-wall logic". A glimmer of hope is that the youth is more open-minded about these issues and are not set in hard-nosed ways. "

This is an ad hominem statement.  My questions were honest and I tried to make my case on the evidence as I understand it.  You have no reasonable basis from which to saddle me with terms like "denial-ist" or accuse me of "stone-wall logic".

This tactic is a sub-par way of conducting/exiting what might have been a productive discussion.  Good day.




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