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Understanding Gas Flow & Measurements

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amyjohn   12/25/2012 3:44:02 AM
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bobjengr   12/5/2012 5:54:30 PM
Great article Joe.  I am involved with a client right now who is asking my company to design hardware to provide hydrolysis for 70,000 gallons of water per month.  The purpose being to provide H(2) for combustion.  Your post and calculation are valuable to that effort and have been saved and printed off.  Many thanks for the good description and the calculation. They will be used.

Joe Panfalone
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Re: flow meter question
Joe Panfalone   11/27/2012 12:31:41 PM
The  short answer is yes. As the system pressure increases it presents more resistance to the compressor. Thus your flow rate will decrease. That is why you will see compressors rating at 40 PSI to be higher than and 90 PSI. The other point is that since your meter is calibrated for 100 PSI, readings will be inaccurate until that pressure is reached.

scott clark
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flow meter question
scott clark   11/27/2012 10:50:59 AM

In a compressed air system where the system is at zero psig. a compressor is started and loaded to fill the system. Is it safe to say that the velocity is so great that the meter reading exceeds compressor rated value? I ask this because as the system pressure increased the flow decreased even though the compressor was still fully loaded. The meter is a mass flow design for 100 psig. system.

Charles Murray
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Re: Good explanation
Charles Murray   11/26/2012 7:04:42 PM
I agree, Naperlou. Compressibility has always posed a measurement problem for engineers. Most engineers find it easier to simply steer clear of it. Joe does a nice job of laying out the basics.

Joe Panfalone
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Re: Good explanation
Joe Panfalone   11/21/2012 12:22:03 PM
Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. Being in the compressed air business it is surprising how little is known on the subject. Which is why I wrote it.

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Good explanation
naperlou   11/21/2012 11:27:56 AM
Joe, I like your explanation of gas flow measurements.  It is very clear and useful.  While many engineers do not deal with this aspect most of the time, it does come up.  It is nice to see it so well laid out, especially the measurement aspects.

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