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Customized Coke Machine: Not the Free Choice I Want

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Lonely Germs
bbix   10/26/2011 3:45:27 PM
Your body has many more alien (non-human microbes) than human cells, basically the human cell structure is a scaffold to carry germs from place to place....the touch screen merely allows you to share your collection with others and let them share with you...you would not like them to get lonely!

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Re: Another way to separate you from your money
bellhop   10/24/2011 3:40:22 PM
Most places also have water and ice. Sometimes the water doesn't taste that good or you have to get expensive bottled water. I usually get unsweetened ice tea, occasionally, black coffee. Yes, drinks are where they make their profit. If they can't do it there, then they'll have to make it up somewhere else.

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Re: Fear of germs, not technology
etmax   10/23/2011 8:01:57 PM
But what if I want Pepsi? :-) Na it's true, stick to water it's better. I rearely drink anything else with a meal. The exception would be coffee with desert.


Yes, don't fear germs. They reckon a large percentage of your DNA is inherited from germs/viruses. There's also been links found between autoimmune diseases and sterile living. Live clean but not sterile.


I think the only valid point is that this will slow the queues down.

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Another way to separate you from your money
ChrisP   10/22/2011 8:06:24 PM
The correct "Free" choice is to have water.  It is better for you.  Will not strip the enamel from your teeth, will not make you fat, will not poison you with additives.....

Besides, this is where they make money from the gullible.  It's modern day snake oil. You're addicted to it.

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Re: Good and the Bad
alpha60   10/22/2011 1:28:58 PM
<i>Good that more drink options are available.</i>

I don't know about that. Some interesting research suggests that too much choice can in some ways lead to less happiness than not enough choice. Type "choice happiness" into the http://www.ted.com/ search box, and watch the presentations by Dan Gilbert, Barry Schwartz, and Malcolm Gladwell.

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Been there, done that...
bellhop   10/21/2011 3:26:28 PM
I've been mixing drinks for years. I always mix regular and diet: less sugar, better taste than diet. Mix in some lemon-lime.... Not as many choices, but it's possible to have too many, especially at a "fast food" place.

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"COKE" Machine blues
OLD_CURMUDGEON   10/21/2011 12:55:15 PM
Although I have not seen any of these new-fangled machines in the local eateries here in the Tampa Bay, FL area, I don't doubt their existence.  However, the negative comments about the germs problem of touching the screen I think is an overblown fear.  Depending on the age & style of the drink dipensers, not ALL of them use the container bar-press solution.  Many of them feature a rectangular area on the front of each product's dispense head w/ the word PUSH inscribed.  Since these machines have been in use for probably 20 years, and there have not been any conclusive studies claiming outbreaks of LEGIONNAIRE'S DISEASE, LISTERIA, E-COLI, EBOLA, or the common cold being spread from these machines, I think the probability is rather low.

The concerns that some folks voiced regarding the time factor I believe IS a far more legitimate concern.  When a person is forced into perusing all the options, making a decision, and waiting for the dispensing operation, there seems to be a built-in irritant factor with this new design.  One commentor suggested having the new-style machine side by side w/ a traditonal machine.  That decision will probably be relegated to the "suits" at McDONALD'S, BURGER KING, WENDY'S, etc.

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SeveralSheds   10/21/2011 12:30:57 PM

The solution to the germ problem might be an iphone or android app that talks to the dispenser via bluetooth or the web, of  course eliminating customers not  possessing such devices.

  I have heard that some highway patrolmen carry a case of Coke in their trunks because it's the only thing that easily removes blood from the pavement. Also, a penny in a glass of Coke will dissappear in a few days. So the other solution might be not to ingest that #%$#% in the first place. I thought engineers were a practical, analytical, solutions-oriented lot.



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I like it
Absalom   10/21/2011 12:14:40 PM
I'm 61 and pretty much a Luddite. (I don't have a cell phone or even want an IPod.) However, I seldom find the drink I really want at eateries and I think this thing would be great. I can put a napkin over my finger if I notice the place is full of nose pickers and lepers.

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Good and the Bad
John   10/21/2011 9:53:10 AM
Good that more drink options are available.  Bad it is a beverage company doing this and I understand why.  I like Coke very much, but this means only coke products will be available.  I am not a huge fan of cherry or vanilla in my cola, but wouldn't be awesome if I could get a grapette, A&W, Dr Pepper, Mug Root beer, or many of those older cola flavors that were popular way back when.  A person has to go to a soda pop specialty store to get something other than Coke and Pepsi flavors.  Now that's giving a person choices and it might hold up the line a few minutes.

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