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Gadget Freak of the Year Reader Vote: Round 4

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Re: Only 2 real candidates to choose from
johngoodman   12/23/2014 11:52:05 AM
I've been noticing more Gadget Freak Arduino projects in the last several months. It's a problem, because the originality of a project's solution is hard to assess when most of the work is in software.

You could argue that Gadget Freak is meant to highlight mechanical solutions. But, with so much product development now dependent on programming, it's a difficult position to hold.

Ultimately, a Gadget Freak project should be judged by the level of imagination and the quality of the implementation. It shouldn't matter if someone builds with hardware or software.

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Re: Only 2 real candidates to choose from
mrdon   12/22/2014 3:36:33 PM

The Arduino IOS Gadget Freak project looks pretty interesting. It's a natural that a smartphone and the Arduino are matched together to make some impressive electronics products. The touchscreen interface makes the user experience more enjoyable instead of using standard tactile pushbutton switches. There's also an Android Development Kit (ADK) for the Arduino that I've played with that allows some pretty cool embedded controls applications to be buiilt as well.

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Only 2 real candidates to choose from
JimT@Future-Product-Innovations   12/22/2014 10:19:33 AM
This vote has only two strong candidates, with due respect to the first two entries, but they don't compare to the final two.

The Oxygen Shock Tube is a very sophisticated and well-engineered device, presumably conceived and fabricated by a former weapons engineer; but it really would have been beneficial to have included a demonstration in the video.

The drink delivery vehicle is equally sophisticated & engineered, but has a better presentation because the team actually demonstrated the working device.  A seemingly simplified derivative of the Ground-Breaking 'Segue'; which only few years ago set the engineering community on fire with it's sophisticated balancing act.  To that end, this team of DDVIP design engineers created a very advanced piece of technology, in a garage environment, and I believe have bright futures ahead of them for their innovation tinkering skills ,,,,, but maybe could use a little help on maximizing their marketing vision to seek the best application for their gadget.  They got my vote.

Interesting footnote that both the cannon and the pendulum were loosely inspired by creative beer-drinkers; the cannon diameter was coincidentally "beer-can-diameter" per the inventor.  And yes, I saw the Mountain Dew cans on the pendulum, but you're not fooling anybody!

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