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Gadget Freak Case #201: Plug & Play Sprout Board

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Re: form factor
tom.needer   12/27/2011 1:31:09 PM

This is only true in part overall. It looks like more thought has gone into this than you give credit. They also have a wall mount version that allows the placement of an lcd screen in the board cutout. Seems to me while yes still ridged, it provides a great amount of further flexibility.


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I don't get it??
Noswad   12/27/2011 1:29:17 PM
I don't get the need for this board. There are already "shields" for I/O connections available. The size and shape of the board makes no sense either.


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Re: Why invent new names
tom.needer   12/27/2011 1:25:36 PM

Wow... I am so tired of these 50 year old has been old school myopic elitist ass hole engineers that think they know everything and don't know the world around them in the slightest. This is a great idea, design and in no way is responsible for the anti arduino, vernacular troll bs you are dumping. CELIBRATE CREATIVITY AND DIVERGANT THINKING! The main goal this has is to disrupt an industry that is overpriced with an open source appliance. That is revolutionary and worthy of praise.  For the last 20 years I have been the head of special R&D projects and I have learned to see talent above mindless automatons that can use cad programs and do as they are told. This shines heads and shoulders above many of the projects ive seen here and is starkly contrasted with the negative bs. This is visionary, the type of visionary that solves real world problems, founds companies and employees mindless drones that know it all and troll post comments because of there superior intellect.

Now to address the arduino side of things....  If you don't get it, I'm sorry for you. But arduino is here to stay and frankly is our countries only hope to get more highly skilled technical engineering capability in the job market in the future. Unless you like shipping our work to India and China because they have more degree holders now than the USA. Arduino is not hardware alone. It's a movement. And it has massive weight and potential. We can troll all day long but your job security still sucks just as much. Our future will need ideas, innovators and those brave enough to make steps regardless of all the negative muck that holds back progress. We need an army of kids going into the work force with a understanding of these concepts. And I applaud arduino for doing just that. Then couple that with it being in fashion or vogue that helps propel it even further and we have a win.

So in short... stop trolling and start helping make it better, otherwise your just old, pathetic and feeble and will be replaced soon by younger, more vibrant stars.



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Re: Why invent new names
wb8nbs   12/27/2011 1:16:50 PM
While I agee, I'd point out that leaving out all those paranoid details makes the Arduino much more beginner friendly.  I've been working with one for eight months and it amazes me how much you can do and have it just work. 

Also would point out that there are several other micros available in the Arduino form factor that could be used with the Sprout board with Arduino shields.  I think this is because there is a critical mass of Arduino shields out there that are useful to any architecture.

Rob Spiegel
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Re: form factor
Rob Spiegel   12/27/2011 11:46:47 AM
Good suggestions, wb8nbs. Those changes could make the board even more useful.

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Re: Why invent new names
ab3a   12/27/2011 11:23:57 AM
Yeah, I wondered about that too.

It seems that every time someone re-discovers a largely forgotten technology, they invent new terms.  I used to build micro-processor computers based upon the infamous Z-80. I wrote EVERYTHING, and burned it in to an EPROM.

As long as we're acting curmudgeonly, here's my rant:

These days, the focus for I/O seems to be quite different. One thing I find disturbing is the continued lack of anyone teaching people how to properly ground and harden inputs and outputs. Things such as power supply decoupling, galvanic isolation, snubbing a relay coil, how to properly shield a device, or signal wiring integrity are STILL barely even mentioned in schools or hobbyist publications.

The end result is that guys like Howard Johnson make lots of money teaching what should have been taught before.

Mutter, grumble, spit...

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form factor
wb8nbs   12/27/2011 9:54:39 AM
This board appeears to be designed for a rack mount system.  I doubt most casusal Arduino hackers need a rack.  It would be more appropriate to eliminate the fragile connection strip and put the connectors on the main board, perhaps as a second board spin.  Better yet, add holes for a pair of double row headers right at the junction between main board and the connection fin. Then you could saw off the strip, move it anywhere and connect it up with an old hard drive cable.  Finally, get Adafruit or Evil Mad Science to stock them.

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Re: Why invent new names
sdw   12/24/2011 2:55:33 PM
There are two meanings for "hacking", the original constructive usage from MIT, and the destructive term used badly by the media.  We've failed to replace the latter with "cracking", so we're stuck with two meanings.  The first meaning is not going to go away and shying away from using "hacking" in the proper way is no way to encourage proper usage.

We should all be educating people on the proper, better usage.  One of the best developments has been the emergence of "hacker spaces".  I'm a member of Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA.  There are many more, popping up all over.

Rob Spiegel
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Re: Sprout board
Rob Spiegel   12/23/2011 11:24:56 AM

You can find the list of parts to build the board if you scoll down the story. Als, at the very bottom you'll find detailed build instructions. We always run parts and build instructions with our Gadget Freak postings.

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Sprout board
BHB   12/23/2011 11:21:50 AM
OK two things.

1) where can I get this board?

2) How do we get this into schools?

I work with kids in the Lego robotics world and have run across a LOT of kids that would love to get into something like this but have no way to even see into it let alone get access to this sort of thing.

You want to help this country get out of the mess were in? Get this into kids hands! In weeks they will blow you away with what they can do!

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