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Gadget Freak Case #230: The Inexpensive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp
Gadget Freak 
11/30/2012  3 comments
Andrew Morris designed a dimmable LED driver circuit that is simple and energy efficient. He then installed the circuit into a portable fluorescent lamp.
TE Connectivity: Subsea Networks
11/27/2012  2 comments
TE has laid 490,000 km of undersea cable and connected more than 100 subsea fiber optic systems.
TE Connectivity: Data Centers
11/27/2012  Post a comment
TE Connectivity is bringing data from the chip to the world with advanced lensed interconnects for fiber optics.
TE Connectivity: Wireless Networks
11/27/2012  Post a comment
TE offers high-power outdoor DAS and low-power indoor DAS that increases cellular network capacity fivefold.
TE Connectivity: Private Networks
11/27/2012  Post a comment
TE’s innovations help businesses take fiber from the datacenter to the desktop.
TE Connectivity: Public Networks
11/27/2012  Post a comment
As the world leader in fiber connectivity, TE offers reliable solutions ready to tackle any environment.
TE Connectivity: Fiber Networks
11/27/2012  Post a comment
TE Connectivity delivers innovations that enable the world’s fiber network, from origination to destination.
TE Connectivity: How Fiber Comes Alive
11/27/2012  Post a comment
TE Connectivity builds the connections that make fiber deployment faster and network reliability better.
TE Connectivity: Transportation
11/27/2012  1 comment
TE Connectivity helps OEMs make automobiles lighter and greener, replacing copper wires with aluminum.
TE Connectivity: Broadband Networks
11/27/2012  Post a comment
TE Connectivity brings data from the chip to the world with the help of advanced lensed interconnects for fiber optics.
TE Connectivity: Beyond the Spec
11/27/2012  Post a comment
TE Connectivity looks beyond connectors to help engineers tackle their toughest design challenges.
Predictive Maintenance Boosts Factory Uptime
11/15/2012  1 comment
Maxim Integrated demos how process control can be kept on track through automatic monitoring.
Incredible Shrinking Switches
11/15/2012  Post a comment
C&K Components talks about one of the smallest form-factor switches ever.
Gadget Freak Case #229: Modify Your Wall Art
Gadget Freak 
11/9/2012  1 comment
Al Linke has created a gadget that modifies wall art using LED matrix panels behind the art.
Self-Sealing Fasteners, Nuts & Washers
11/7/2012  Post a comment
The proper method to secure your fastener, as well as some alternative methods.
IQ Intelligent Solution
11/7/2012  Post a comment
Different products and technologies that are designed to stop switch failures.
Body Armor for Switches
11/7/2012  Post a comment
Proper design can eliminate hostile exposure, down time, and repair expenses.
Compressed Air Powers Hybrid Demo
11/5/2012  Post a comment
Freescale Semiconductor demonstrated an air-electric hybrid at the recent Convergence 2012 conference in Detroit.

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Design and manufacturing need each other -- and the engineers behind them. Don’t forget that.
The US Department of Energy has unveiled an investment of up to $30 million to accelerate the development of modules and materials to drive down the cost of solar energy.
A study by the Swiss government determined the type of human errors that lead to engineering disasters and ranked those errors by percentage.
General Motors’ growing commitment to electric cars took a new turn last week, as the giant automaker said it would use EV batteries in the future to help boost its use of renewable energy.
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