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Content posted in January 2008
Superbowl Stadium Retractable Field a Motion Control Marvel
1/31/2008  Post a comment
The Cardinals Stadium's football field is really a grass-covered suspended floor created from 18-inch steel beams and supported by more than 500 wheels that ride on a system of steel guide rails.
The EFAB Micromanufacturing Process
1/30/2008  Post a comment
Watch Microfabrica's illustrated walkthrough of the EFAB micromanufacturing process, from depositing sacrificial material and structural metal to fabrication.
Honda's New Pilot, Clarity
1/17/2008  Post a comment
Take a tour of Honda's 2009 Pilot and new Clarity hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.
Cadillac Provoq Hydrogen Plug-in Concept Car
1/17/2008  Post a comment
Take a video tour of Cadillac's new hydrogen plug-in concept car, the Provoq.
How Smart is the Smart Fortwo?
1/17/2008  Post a comment
How smart is the Smart Fortwo? Take a video tour and find out.
Rolls Royce Phantom: THE Luxury Vehicle
1/17/2008  Post a comment
Would you pay $427,000 for a Rolls Phantom? If not, at least take the video tour.
Hyundai¿s Genesis Luxury Car
1/17/2008  Post a comment
A tour of and talk about Hyundai¿s Genesis full-size luxury car
VW President on Passat CC
1/17/2008  Post a comment
VW President Hans-Jorg Hungerland talks about the company¿s new Passat CC luxury car.
Volvo Scientist on Plug-in Hybrid
1/17/2008  Post a comment
Volvo's top scientist Ichiro Sugioka discusses Volvo's plug-in hybrid concept car and what the Volvo brand stands for.
Video Tour of Ford Verve
1/17/2008  Post a comment
This video tour of Ford's Verve Euro hatchback takes us through the ins and outs of this new-world car for "millenials."
Ford Exec on the Verve Euro hatchback
1/17/2008  Post a comment
Watch this exclusive interview with Ford's Chief Creative Officer and GVP J Mays on the company¿s new world car for ¿Millenials,¿ the Verve Euro hatchback.
Mercedes' Dr. Z on Fuel Economy
1/17/2008  Post a comment
Watch this exclusive interview with Mercedes' CEO Dieter Zetsche, aka Dr. Z, on the fuel economy of the new compact GLK SUV.
Interview with GM CEO Rick Wagoner
1/17/2008  Post a comment
GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner talks about increasing emphasis in V-6 engines over V-8s. Footage taken by DN Editor-in-Chief John Dodge at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show.
Tour of Audi R8 Concept Car
1/17/2008  Post a comment
Take a video tour of Audi's R8 concept mid-engine sports car with a V-12 diesel.

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Optomec's third America Makes project for metal 3D printing teams the LENS process company with GE Aviation, Lockheed, and other big aerospace names to develop guidelines for repairing high-value flight-critical Air Force components.
This Gadget Freak review looks at a cooler that is essentially a party on wheels with a built-in blender, Bluetooth speaker, and USB charger. We also look at a sustainable, rotating wireless smartphone charger.
Texas Instruments is rolling out a new microcontroller that could make the design of sensor networks and data logging systems simpler and less costly.
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