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It’s Time to Get Enchanted with Smart Product Design
1/5/2016  4 comments
Devices that connect with users and improve their quality of life are “enchanted objects,” and this is what consumer product designers and engineers must aim for to succeed.
How Printed Electronics Continues to Reshape the Electronics Industry
1/5/2016  Post a comment
Conductive inks have paved the way for printed electronics, yielding membrane switches and touch screen, and now 3D-printed electronics is emerging as the future of electromechanical design.
A Bridge Not Too Far: USB Chip Maker Heads Into Microcontrollers
1/5/2016  Post a comment
FTDI Chip is a long-established company providing silicon solutions to “bridge technologies” for mobile devices and consumer electronics, but it has introduced the FT90x Super-Bridge microcontroller family to the MCU marketplace.
Our 5G Future: What Impact Will It Have on IoT?
1/4/2016  1 comment
The network has increasingly become the foundation required to support the growth and success of emerging future technologies. What 5G is depends entirely on whom you ask.
Dassault: We're Transforming SolidWorks from CAD to Platform for Innovation
1/4/2016  1 comment
The chief product strategist for SolidWorks says CAD users are no longer satisfied with mere CAD and want a software platform that allows them to innovate.
TI Contest Challenges Student Engineers to Solve Modern Engineering Problems
STEM Connection 
12/27/2015  1 comment
Undergrad and graduate students can try their hand at solving some modern engineering problems using components from Texas Instruments in the company’s latest North American Design challenge.
What Finite Element Analysis Means to the Average Joe Engineer
12/26/2015  1 comment
Whether you call it simulation, finite element analysis, design verification, or many other names, today most design engineers have simulation tools at their fingertips, often in their CAD program of choice.
Hackable Toys Stress an Overworked Santa
12/23/2015  6 comments
The 2015 toy season has introduced a slew of connected toys, and with it comes a slew of connected-toy vulnerabilities.
Flexible, Virtually Indestructible Glass Could Be Coming
12/23/2015  7 comments
A recent development in oxide glass technology could lead to commercialization in as little as five years of an advanced material for automotive windshields to windows for buildings to smartphone screens and thin-film transistor displays.
6 Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Woman on the Go
12/22/2015  2 comments
The holidays are here, and, if you are anything like me, you have at least one person who is impossible to shop for. What is an eager gift-giver such as myself to do?
IoT Gifts Top Holiday Wish Lists
12/21/2015  Post a comment
What’s topping the list of Americans' holiday wish lists this year? Internet of Things-related and other smart, connected gadgets, according to a recent survey.
My Love Story with a Keithley Source Measurement Unit
12/20/2015  6 comments
Test and measurement equipment should be versatile for several reasons, which is why this particular SMU has been a go-to workhorse for years.
Teardown: What's Beneath the Microsoft Surface Pro 4?
12/19/2015  3 comments
Does the fourth generation Microsoft Surface Pro tablet have what it takes under the hood to replace your desktop or laptop? Let's tear it down and find out!
14 Bizarre Decorations Buck Tradition in the Best Possible Way
12/18/2015  2 comments
Just in time for Christmas, we've compiled a list of wacky, but fun, decorations that are sure to satisfy your inner geek.
The Technology of 'Star Wars': 10 Real-Life Examples
12/17/2015  4 comments
With the release of The Force Awakens we take a look at 10 real-life breakthrough technologies straight out of the Star Wars universe.
Consultant Shares Secrets Behind Design of Swimmers' Heart Rate Monitor
12/17/2015  1 comment
An engineer at UBM’s recent Designers of Things conference shared his insight into the trials and tribulations of developing one of the most challenging kinds of wearable products -- a heart rate monitor for swimmers.
Pacific Design & Manufacturing Preview Pt II: 7 More Companies & Products to See in Anaheim
12/15/2015  Post a comment
In this second preview of the huge UBM-organized design, engineering, and manufacturing trade show in Anaheim, Feb. 9-11, 2016, we look at exhibitors of linear motion, CAE, and mechanical fastening, among others.
Building a Better Mousetrap at the Designers of Things Conference
12/14/2015  1 comment
UBM’s recent Designers of Things Conference in San Jose highlighted the work, not only of materials and components suppliers, but of the makers of innovative products from around the world.
Readers Sound Off on the Worst Inventions Ever
12/13/2015  30 comments
Design News readers share their opinion on the worst inventions ever produced -- or merely suggested.
This Self-Healing Gel Doesn't Need Stimuli to Repair and Connect Circuits
12/11/2015  2 comments
A researcher at the University of Texas at Austin has developed a self-healing gel that can repair and connect electronic circuits, paving the way for new innovation in flexible electronics, biosensors, and energy-storage devices.
2016 Tech Crystal Ball: 7 Trends for Engineers to Keep Top of Mind
12/10/2015  5 comments
Articles this time of year forecasting the future are always intriguing. While predictions are perhaps best read with a skeptical eye, consulting firms do tend to get a bird’s-eye view at what the New Year holds and can provide a solid sense of emerging technology trends for the New Year and beyond.
Standing Tall Beside Amazon in Electronic Component Distribution
12/9/2015  Post a comment
Not everyone sees it as inevitable that the e-commerce and distribution giant will dominate electronic component distribution.
What is Li-Fi? Everything You Need to Know About the Super-Fast Future of Wireless
12/8/2015  12 comments
It's 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. But will Li-Fi become our next standard in industrial and home connectivity? Here's everything you need to know.
Design News Quick Poll Results: Don’t Believe the IoT Hype
12/7/2015  1 comment
The majority of Design News readers think that the Internet of Things is a lot of hype, according to our latest Quick Poll.
Schneider Electric’s New CTO Is Earmarking IT/OT Convergence as the Future
12/6/2015  Post a comment
Prith Banerjee was chosen in order to push the company’s current trajectory from being just an industrial electronics, automation, and energy management supplier into a brave new world of smart industry.
10 New Plastics For Airplane Interiors, Car Exteriors, and Medical Devices
Engineering Materials 
12/5/2015  Post a comment
Along with our current bunch of new plastics and elastomers, we also tell you about new applications they make possible, plus related news.
What Can Design Engineers Learn from IKEA?
12/4/2015  9 comments
IKEA has built its entire brand around the concept. So is modular design the way forward for traditional product development?
UX of ‘A’: Dassault Touts the ‘Age of Experience’ in Product Design
12/4/2015  Post a comment
We now live in the "Age of Experience" and combining UX and technological innovation in product design is crucial to success in to today’s marketplace.
Here's the Cure for Problems Facing the Internet of Things
12/3/2015  3 comments
The Internet of Things is broken and needs ARM-based field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology to fix it, an expert told engineers at UBM’s Designers of Things conference in San Jose, Calif.
Can't Get What You Want for Christmas? Blame the Supply Chain
12/3/2015  1 comment
A survey by Riverwood Solutions found that the biggest problem for the supply chain over the busy holiday gift-giving season is visibility.
Design Engineering Tools
Quick Poll 
12/3/2015  3 comments
Can MCU Suppliers Get Embedded Developers Off the Ground Floor?
12/3/2015  Post a comment
What makes developing embedded software a frustrating experience is that while a new product has cool features and technologies that need to be explored and developed, much of the development cycle is spent learning the low-level MCU hardware and writing drivers.
Top 25 Most Expensive Engineering Degrees
12/2/2015  17 comments
Today, many of the great private engineering schools exceed $50,000 a year in total costs. Here's a list of the 25 most expensive.
Consumer Wearables Are Running into a Wall
12/2/2015  10 comments
Everyone with a stake in wearable technology is already wondering whether there will be enough application creativity to propel wearables into the next phase of maturation.
Pacific Design & Manufacturing Preview: 7 Companies & Products to See in Anaheim
12/1/2015  Post a comment
Design News previews some of the solutions exhibitors that will be at the huge UBM-organized design, engineering, and manufacturing trade show in Anaheim in February 2016.
How Will You Control the Internet of Things?
12/1/2015  Post a comment
The common denominator in just about every electromechanical system is the use of a motor. If sensors will be the eyes and ears of the IoT, motors will be the arms and legs.
Designers of Things Session Explores 'Digi-Med' Testing
11/30/2015  Post a comment
Digital healthcare devices and wearable electronic products need to be thoroughly tested, lest they live short, ignominious lives, an expert will tell attendees at UBM’s upcoming Designers of Things conference in San Jose, Calif.
Designers of Things Session Will Examine Importance of Haptics
11/29/2015  Post a comment
Designers of electronic interfaces will need to be prepared to incorporate haptics in next generation products, an expert will tell attendees at the upcoming Designers of Things conference in San Jose, Calif.
ON Semiconductor Keeps Watchful, High-Res Video Eye with Development Kit
11/27/2015  Post a comment
The company says it anticipates high-definition video for home security and other uses will be the next mature technology integrated into the IoT domain, hence the introduction of its MatrixCam devkit.
10 New 3D Printing Technologies: Multimaterials, Clay, & Factory-Floor Composites
Engineering Materials 
11/25/2015  1 comment
Most of the new 3D printers and 3D printing technologies in this crop are breaking some boundaries, whether it's build volume-per-dollar ratios, multimaterials printing techniques, or new materials types.
10 Black Friday Gadgets for People on the Nice List
11/24/2015  8 comments
Check out these gifts that will make you the hero of your Secret Santa party.
Gadget Freak of the Year: Help Us Break a Tie Vote!
Gadget Freak 
11/24/2015  Post a comment
Voting has closed on our 2015 Gadget Freak of the Year contest, but it is not game over yet for two competing projects.
15 Black Friday Gadgets For People on the Naughty List
11/20/2015  2 comments
Check out these oddball gifts for the oddballs on your shopping list.
STMicroelectronics Slays 'Vampire Power'
Product News 
11/18/2015  Post a comment
With a new power-supply chip, the semiconductor giant aims to minimize the loss of power that happens when devices, appliances, and other electronic equipment is in standby mode.
Golden Mousetrap Awards – the Time to Enter Is Now
11/16/2015  Post a comment
Don't miss your chance to be part of our red-carpet evening in February celebrating exceptional, cutting-edge products in Automation & Control; Design Hardware & Software; Electronics & Test; and Materials & Assembly.
3D Printing Is Moving Beyond Prototypes
11/12/2015  2 comments
3D printing is not just for prototypes anymore, according to our latest Quick Poll results.
Doctors Raise Skepticism About Usefulness of Wearable Medtech
11/11/2015  8 comments
Some physicians are beginning to voice their doubts about the usefulness of wearable medical devices beyond being mere gimmicks or convenient Christmas presents.
Medical Device Makers Want More Than Just Connectors
11/10/2015  Post a comment
Design engineers at device OEMs are asking their interconnect suppliers for not more than connectors: they want a lot more varied expertise and solutions.
Designing for Global: 8 Steps to Compliance, Testing, and Sales Success
11/9/2015  Post a comment
Here are ways companies can get across the high-wire task of getting products to international markets quickly without running into trouble in unfamiliar business and regulatory environments.
Offshore Versus Onshore Product Development: Here's the Skinny
11/6/2015  Post a comment
Offshoring hasn't affected only manufacturing; product development activities for years have moved away. But there are four key drivers behind the reshoring of product development.
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