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posted in March 2001
New elastomer goes for a drive
3/26/2001  Post a comment
New Santoprene TPV takes aim at auto application
Sneak Previews
3/26/2001  Post a comment
Java hits the road
3/26/2001  Post a comment
Consumers and cars connect on the road
Ahead of the bell-shaped curve
3/26/2001  Post a comment
Changing a hydraulic piston pump shape from a bell to a teardrop reduces its sound level
Schottky diode key to tight temperature control
3/26/2001  Post a comment
Electronic thermostat delivers thermistor-quality temperature control at a fraction of the cost
Single-point drain helps boaters shed water quicker
3/12/2001  Post a comment
A simple pneumatic circuit requires no external power source
Eye-catching car
3/12/2001  Post a comment
The iceman cometh
3/12/2001  Post a comment
Getting rid of ice -- zap it!
Automotive engineers look to 42V architectures
3/12/2001  Post a comment
The benefits are big, but challenges loom on the road ahead

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On Memorial Day, Americans remember the sacrifices the US armed forces have made, and continue to make, in service to the country. All of us should also consider the developments in technological capabilities and equipment over the years that contribute to the success of our military operations.
Imagine if you could train it from San Francisco to New York faster than flying?
In order to keep in line with safety protocols, industrial networks need to be filtered in a semantic way so that only information related to diagnostics is flowing back to the vendor and that any communications that could be used for remote machine operations are suppressed.
Siemens PLM has launched an online store to help customers search for, compare, and purchase partner-developed apps for its Solid Edge software.
Advanced visualization can depict an entire plant in motion, while also detailing an individual workstation. Individual products can be rendered different for each discipline involved — marketing, engineering, or suppliers.
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