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Content tagged with Electronics & Test posted in May 2003
Manifold Simplifies Robot Design
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Combined digital and analog I/O saves space and wiring
Volvo's Scream Machine
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Electronic integration, microvalves key handling to driving conditions
It's a Gas
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Rugged I/O gives high-tech dragster a data-gathering edge
Role Modeler
5/5/2003  Post a comment
In his scaled-vehicle laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, Professor Raul Longoria is finding out what happens when the rubber hits the road.
Collaboration Turns Weeks To Days
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Tracking down travelers
The Professor as the Madman
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Memories of a crafty test giver
A Steer-by-Wire Wish List
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Reliable hardware, better software tools must come first
Engineering Students You'd Love to Hire
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Snapshots of some of the best and brightest engineers to be
No Need to Re-Invent this Wheel
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Encoding its history of design rules, wheel manufacturer saves design time
Two-in-One Special
5/5/2003  Post a comment
Alibre, ALGOR cooperate to offer CAD, FEA, and technical support
Tapped out
5/5/2003  Post a comment
The H-1B Visa Wars
5/5/2003  Post a comment
IEEE ready to fight; Congress must act by September or available visas will fall to 65,000

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During a teardown of the iPad Air and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 at the Medical Design & Manufacturing Show in Schaumburg, Ill., an engineer showed this "inflammatory" video about the dangers of maliciously mishandling lithium-ion batteries.
The Window Watcher stops the burglar before he does damage or enters the house. House alarm service companies set off alarms and call the service only after the burglar has damaged and entered the house.
If you’re designing a handheld device or industrial machine that will employ a user interface, then you’ll want to check out the upcoming Design News Continuing Education Center course, "Engineering Principles Behind Advanced User Interface Technologies.”
Brooke Williams of Texas Instruments explains how TI’s new TDA3x chip will help future vehicles “see” all around themselves.
It's been two years since the Mac Mini's last appearance on iFixit's teardown table, but a newly revised version joins Apple's lineup this week.
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