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Special Digital Edition: Technology Roundup: Circuit Protection
Design News 

Circuit protection sounds like a mundane part of the design. However, if you don’t execute this stage properly, you could be looking at serious repercussions, from simple system shutdown, to something far more serious, including human injury. This Technology Roundup will show you what you need to know to build a safe and reliable system. Sponsored by Littelfuse.
White paper: Choosing the best CAD/CAM Workstations: A purchase checklist

CAD/CAM workstations are a big investment for any enterprise. Use this handy checklist to guide your purchase decision, so you can reduce your total cost of ownership while providing your engineering teams with everything they need to do more, faster.
White paper: A Guide to Driving Strategic Value from CAD/CAM Technology

It's vital to stretch your R&D dollars to the maximum, to position your company for future growth. Empowering your designers and engineers with the right tools can translate into increased agility and ultimately improve your bottom line.
White paper: Picking the Perfect Workstation

Workstations are the engines that power design creativity and engineering precision, but they aren't always at the top of the IT agenda. Before buying one of these workstations, you need to understand that the hardware needs of the CAD/CAM team are different from those of other users who rely on desktop systems or laptop PCs.
White paper: Driving Innovation and Competitive Advantage - A Buying Guide for CAD/CAM Workstations

Your design and engineering capabilities are quite simply what bring in customers. Innovation translates into your competitive advantage, which in turn means revenue. If you want to truly leverage technology to support business growth and agility, then you need to put CAD/CAM technology at the top of your purchasing agenda.
Epoxies and Glass Transition Temperature

Master Bond, Inc. 

Gain a better understanding about glass transition temperature (Tg) and why it is one of many factors to consider for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications. In this paper, we explore how temperature impacts the performance of polymers, why glass transition temperature is significant, and how it is measured. Tg can be an extremely useful yardstick for determining the reliability of epoxies as it pertains to temperature.
The Convergence eBook: The future of industrial automation
B&R Industrial Automation Corp. 

The growing acceptance of advanced technology providers by end users has given machinery builders and systems integrators the confidence to select best-in-class automation technologies to differentiate their products. And it has caused the new class of automation suppliers to experience double-digit growth and establish global footprints. Challenge the status quo.
FDM and PolyJet Technologies: Determining Which Technology is Right for Your Application

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), conceived and patented by Stratasys, and PolyJet inkjet printing, patented by the former Objet Ltd., are now companion products that address the needs of a wide range of applications and an even wider range of industries. Understanding the differences and advantages of each technology is the baseline for selecting the right technology for your application, demands and constraints. To learn more about these technologies download this white paper.
A Step Change in Electronics Thermal Design: Incorporating EDA and MDA Design Flows
Mentor Graphics 

The major challenges facing thermal designers have changed. Power dissipations increased, and products have become smaller and more tightly packed than ever before. Design complexity is driving the EDA and MDA design flows closer together. Read more of this whitepaper to learn how to minimize the time taken to analyze design variants and increase accuracy of results.
Beer Fridge: A Personal Journey
Mentor Graphics 

Mini-fridges, commonly filled with beer and the occasional moldering sandwich, have become a ubiquitous fixture in college dorm rooms and office break areas. But for some reason they never seem to cool their contents as well as their full-size cousins in the kitchen. This paper, based on a series of blog entries, presents a light-hearted look at the problem and offers a solution.
Structure Function - The Bridge of Thermal Measurement and Thermal Simulation
Mentor Graphics 

Now days, thermal simulators are capable of running 3D thermal analysis with a high degree of accuracy. However, in order to truly align thermal simulations with real world results, precise physical tests are an essential factor. Structure function enables the user to verify thermal simulation models in real world environments. Check out this complimentary whitepaper to learn more.
Concept Design Infographic

Trends in Concept Design
Concept Design eBook

Rethink Your Options for Concept Design
CAD Selection Considerations: Concept Design

5 Things to Look for in Concept Design Software

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The design of products has been altered altogether through 3D printing. Parts that couldn’t be produced at all before 3D printing came along are often superior to conventionally produced parts.
Marine mussels and their interaction with the ocean environment has inspired a breakthrough in developing a nontoxic coating for organic electronic components that also could speed up the manufacturing process.
The Innovation Challenge Awards had one run-away winner at ARM TechCon 2016. Of the six awards presented, one company walked away with four.
Clearly, zombies are in this year -- taking over from a decade of vampire dominance in Halloween fashion.
Researchers in China have developed a battery with self-healing electrodes that makes it resistant to cracking, leaking, or just plain breaking.
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