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Training Guide: Harmonics - A Guide to Understanding and Successful Control
Yaskawa America 

This eLearning Video from Yaskawa America, Inc. presents several methods of how harmonics in a power system can be controlled using variable frequency drives.
White Paper: Designing your First PackML Implementation for Motion Control
Yaskawa America 

This white paper from Yaskawa America, Inc. provides three key design decisions to consider to implement PackML for machine control,.  It sets aside the discussions of 'Why PackML?' and instead focuses on 'How PackML' so that controls engineers in any industry can better understand the design and implementation process.
White Paper: Yaskawa Smart Harmonics™ Technology vs 18 and 24 Pulse Specifications
Yaskawa America 

This white paper from Yaskawa America, Inc. describes Yaskawa's Smart Harmonics™ Technology , which is used in the MV1000 medium voltage AC drive product, to reduce voltage and current harmonics to a level which exceeds the requirement of IEEE 519.
Application Note: Advances in Thermal Management Materials and Adhesives for Electronics

The demand for thermal management materials and adhesives is driven by the unwanted and potentially harmful heat generated by ever-shrinking electronic components and systems in all areas of the electronics market, including aerospace, automotive, onsumer, communications, industrial, medical, and military.
Data Sheet: New Clippard HV Toggle & Stem Valve Series Including Cartridge Styles

Available in 3-way and 4-way configurations, these valves feature the same benefits available with other Minimatic® brass valves: proven reliability, compact size, economical pricing, precision machining and more. These valves feature #10-32 inlet and outlet ports and are available as toggle or stem actuated, in addition to offering cartridge styles. Flows to 15 scfm @ 100 psig.
Data Sheet: New Clippard Electronic Valves Offer Two Times the Flow!

This new series of high flow valves provide an air flow of 1.4 scfm @ 100 psig, more than twice the flow of Clippard’s trusted EC/EV/ET/EW valve series. Optional 1.1 scfm @ 50 psig and 0.95 scfm @ 25 psig flow models are also available. The valves are precision-built 2-way Normally-Closed control valves, utilizing a unique valving principle with no sliding parts. Complete poppet travel is a mere 0.007” resulting in low power consumption and exceptionally long life.
White paper: MES Interface IT from Mitsubishi Electric, Provides Enterprise Connectivity to Support Informed Decision Making from the Factory Floor, Boost Manufacturing Productivity and Improve Operating Efficiency
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. 

MES Interface IT bridges the traditional gap between the factory and office by allowing bi-directional data communication from the production floor to enterprise IT systems. MES Interface IT fills the need for real-time, direct connectivity between all factory floor machines and the enterprise servers at the factory. The MES Interface IT controller-level IT appliance provides users with a lean solution that can reduce overhead costs and points of failure.
White paper: TOP TEN TIPS: How to specify electric rod-style actuators for optimal performance, reliability and efficiency

Reduce cost and design time. Learn 10 tips for achieving optimal performance, reliability and efficiency in applications using electric rod-style actuators. White paper covers how to calculate loads precisely; estimate duty cycle, force and velocity; employ proper guides to avoid side loading; critical screw speed, peak thrust, and environmental considerations.
Presentation: Design News 2013 Salary & Opinion Survey
Design News 

The results are in from the Design News 2013 Annual Salary Survey! Salaries are up and most engineers feel appreciated and respected. How do you compare? More than 2,100 engineers and engineering managers told us about their benefits package, job satisfaction (good & bad), professional backgrounds, engineering disciplines, daily challenges in the workplace, experience with hiring trends in today's economy and which industries pay the most. Download the details today! Sponsored by Aerotek.
White paper: Epoxy Adhesive Films and Preforms for Electronics Manufacturing

Master Bond, Inc. 

Films and preforms offer several advantages over liquid and paste adhesives. Find out how to increase manufacturing processes with these unique adhesives.
Customized Masking Solutions Don't Require Customized Masks


If you’re masking with conventional methods, you know the challenges associated with complex design configurations and the need for reliable protection from aggressive chemical processes, high-temperature coatings, or other surface treatment processes. New article discusses the benefits of using light-curable masking resins versus traditional masking methods such as lacquers, waxes, and tapes and costly customized boots, plugs, or caps.
New Adhesive Resists High Temperature and Moisture


New Ultra Light-Weld® 431 is a versatile adhesive for glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal applications. This material is resistant to high-temperature and high-moisture environments while maintaining superior adhesion and flexibility. It also features low shrinkage, which reduces stress on the bond line or on larger cured surfaces. A new web page describes 431 in detail and features a downloadable product data sheet.
New Flood-Lamp Systems are CE Marked for Standardized Global Use


The ECE Series UV Light-Curing Flood-Lamp Systems, recently introduced by Dymax Corporation, optimize safety and convenience for process-controlled cures. These powerful UV lamps ensure fully cured products and fast cure times resulting in increased manufacturing yields. ECE Series bulbs offer the industry’s most consistent intensity, have a 2,000-hour warranty, and are CE marked for worldwide, consistent use. A new product bulletin describes the lamps in detail and the benefits of using them.
Light Matters Vol 10

Recently, I highlighted a very interesting CoB (Chip-on-Board) LED array from Sharp Microelectronics, called the “Tiger Zenigata”. The CoB concept entails placing tens to hundreds of individual tiny LED die in an array on a thermally-conductive substrate such as metal or alumina ceramic, then covering the entire area with a layer of phosphor. The result is an intense light source ideal for area-type lighting such as floodlights, street lights, down lights, etc...
Light Matters Vol 11

One of the most fascinating applications for LEDs is based on the interplay of light and physiology. Over the last few years, it’s been the subject of over half of my papers and presentations. Physiology, in this case, isn’t necessarily limited to animals. Plants can be influenced in many potentially beneficial ways...
Light Matters Vol 12

A powerful new microcontroller, especially well ”ARM”ed for LEDs and Solid State Lighting, has entered the market. Perhaps you have heard of, or already use, 32-bit CPUs or microcontrollers (MCUs) based on the ARM architecture…
Intellectual Property Management Tools Help Protect Against Design Theft

IP theft is an ever-present danger to companies subcontracting manufacturing to EMS providers. The increase of IP theft is facilitated by electronically providing EMSs with detailed design information. A new generation of CAD software helps guard IP by enabling users to control what information is shared. By enforcing best practices in IP control, companies can be confident that suppliers only have the information required to do their job, helping to slow down, if not stop counterfeiting.

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General Motors is putting an off-road twist on hydrogen fuel cell technology with an imposing new pickup demonstrator called the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2.
Fine powder printing of industry-standard metal and ceramic powders with a grain size of less than 10 microns is now available from industrial 3D printer maker ExOne for its Innovent printer.
At ARM TechCon 2016, CEO Simon Segars will discuss how he sees billions of devices scaling to trillions as IoT applications proliferate. We know it’s happening. How do we prepare?
The term “autopilot” is now at the heart of a growing debate between Tesla Motors Inc. and Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority.
A make-your-own Star Wars Sith Lightsaber hilt is heftier and better-looking than most others out there, according to its maker, Sean Charlesworth. You can 3D print it from free source files, and there's even a hardware kit available -- not free -- so you can build one just in time for Halloween.
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