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Content posted in May 2013
White paper: Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis - Theory and Operation of Modern Spectrum Analyzers
Rohde & Schwarz 

This new Rohde & Schwarz primer on Spectrum Analyzer Fundamentals examines the theory of state-of-the-art spectrum analysis and describes how modern spectrum analyzers are designed and how they function. From the basics of FFT Analyzers to frequency selection and intermediate frequency signal processing to signal generators and their use, this white paper shows how the effects on the spectrum caused by the nonlinearity of real devices under test are derived mathematically.
White Paper: Protecting Chip on Board (COB) Devices with Glob Top Encapsulants

Master Bond, Inc. 

A guide to the protective properties of glob top encapsulants.
White paper: Rexroth Hydraulics Performance Kit features “The Keys to Better Hydraulics”
Bosch Rexroth 

To help you choose the right hydraulic cylinder for your application, read "Cylinder Selection: The Key to Better Hydraulics", one of the many items featured exclusively in the new Rexroth Hydraulics Performance Kit. This specially created digital archive, free from Bosch Rexroth, can help improve the performance of your hydraulics-driven industrial and mobile systems. It features a unique array of expert hydraulics advice and engineering solutions, packaged in a convenient digital drive.
Design Flexibility eBook


Two out of Five CAD users struggle to make late stage design changes. Learn how you can avoid recreating models and other re-work.
Infographic: The Need for Design Flexibility


Engineers weigh in on five challenges that drive the need for flexible Design.
Buyer's Guide: CAD Selection Considerations: Design Changes


Compare solutions for late stage design changes.
Factors To Consider When Choosing A Crossed Roller Bearing
NB Corp 

Crossed Roller Bearing Slide Way Secrets Unlocked. This white paper unveils the design features that have made crossed roller bearings popular in high precision applications that require very smooth motions and that don’t require lengthy stroke travels. It quantifies their broader contact surface resulting from their line of contact versus a ball bearing’s point contact and reveals the mechanism that eliminates any slippage of the retainer holding the crossed rollers.
White Paper: Demystifying Ball Spline Specs
NB Corp 

How To Choose The Right Ball Spline For An Application. In this white paper, you’ll learn how the ball spline bushing’s load capacity (including moment load) can be increased by manipulating any of these factors: Four relate to the area of ball contact, i.e., the number of grooves in the shaft, the shape of the grooves, the length of the nut and of its raceways and how close the tolerances are. Five and six are shaft rigidity and mounting systems.
Selector Guide: See-Cure Adhesives


A new selector guide discusses revolutionary See-Cure technology which is a unique patented technology that enables visual confirmation of cure for Dymax light-curable adhesives. The guide provides an overview of See-Cure technology and includes a FAQs section, product selector and adhesion tables, types of applications, compatible curing and dispensing equipment, and reference tables.
White Paper: Optimizing an LED Curing System


LED-powered curing systems continue to evolve with the goal of replacing conventional lamp-style curing systems that have been the industry standard for more than twenty-five years. The growth of LED curing equipment is driven by promises of lower operating costs and “green” benefits. This new white paper discusses the key technical variables that must be considered to properly evaluate and incorporate LED technology into a manufacturing process.
Product Bulletin: BlueWave® LED DX-1000 Flexible LED UV Light-Curing System


The BlueWave® LED DX-1000 LED light-curing system is designed to provide users with significant advantages over conventional lamp-curing systems including cooler curing temperatures, lower intensity degradation over time, more consistent cure results, lower energy consumption, and reduced costs. A product bulletin describes the curing system, which utilizes an environmentally friendly, high-intensity LED light source for curing light-curable materials.
White Paper: Improve Quality and Decrease Time to Market with Better Requirements Management

Organizations need to quickly filter, prioritize and translate thousands of ideas and requests into optimal requirements, which will span systems, software and hardware engineering. This White Paper details how you can advance your requirements management practices to improve time to market, lower costs and improve the overall quality of your product.
White Paper: Design Tips for Rapid Injection Molding Volume 9
Proto Labs 

Protomold's monthly Design Tips are a popular and useful resource for designers and design engineers. In our new Volume Nine you will find topics including: designing clips, elimination of unnecessary material, text, crush ribs, bridging tooling, injection molding gears.
User Guide: Designing for Moldability
Proto Labs 

Every process has its guidelines and limitations, injection molding is no exception. With this quick-reference user guide learn how to get real plastic molded parts made for your project faster. Get this free 16-page guide from Protomold and learn how to get the best possible results!

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