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eBook: Today's Advanced Hose and Hydraulic Systems eBook
Gates Corporation 

Modern industrial hose and hydraulic systems must meet rigorous safety and performance specifications. This Gates eBook highlights innovative approaches to testing, safety, diagnostics and monitoring. Get cost-saving tips on selecting the correct hose and components for your system, keeping your workers safe through preventive maintenance, and solving common hose problems. Download the Gates eBook.
Infographic: Inefficiency in Multi-CAD


Inefficiency in Today’s Multi-CAD Environment: Engineers Weigh in on their Challenges Collaborating across Multiple CAD Systems.
eBook: Multi-CAD Data, Unified Design


Today, most companies in your supply chain are likely to be using CAD systems for their product designs. It’s also likely that some of them aren't using the same system that you use. Even groups in your own building might be using alternative design software. In this eBook, industry analyst Chad Jackson describes how recent CAD innovations improve the productivity of designers and engineers who work with multi-CAD data.
Buyer's Guide: CAD Selection Considerations: Multi-CAD Management


When evaluating CAD modeling solutions for your multi-CAD data, it’s important to develop criteria to measure each solution’s capabilities. Check out this buyer’s guide from globally recognized analyst firm, CIMdata, to find out more about CAD selection considerations for effectively working in a multi-CAD environment.
White Paper: Advanced Light Cure Adhesives

Master Bond, Inc. 

Breakthroughs in adhesive technology enable light curing adhesives to cure under a visible light wavelength of 405 nanometers. Learn how these environmentally friendly adhesives can improve worker safety and lower production costs while offering a range of desirable engineering properties ideal for many applications.
Web Page: New Clippard Analytical Series Valves Ideal for Medical/Analytical Applications

Clippard Analytical Series Electronic Valves are designed for the specific needs of the analytical industry, and for applications where cleanliness is especially important.
Light Matters Vol 9

The best color sensors and soap bubbles have something in common… thin-film technology.
White Paper: How to save money and improve productivity with the next generation of vibration-proof fasteners

A properly designed joint utilizing a nut and bolt worked perfectly for over a century in applications without vibration. Unfortunately, many fasteners do experience vibration causing the most common reason for failure excluding improper joint design. The ferrule-Lock design solves the vibration problem simply and effectively. Ferrule –Lock does not even require a clamp load to hold the joint together.
Reference Guide: Light Matters Vol 1

In certain environments, HBLEDs may be subject to corrosion… and failure. While this doesn't happen too often, it is something you should be aware of if the high-brightness LEDs (HBLEDs) in your application will be exposed to the air without the benefit of a suitable enclosure. Perhaps most surprisingly, this problem does not occur with the less-expensive, lowerbrightness "commodity" LEDs that are encased in hard epoxy such as those below.
Reference Guide: Light Matters Vol 2

Building a Low-Cost, HBLED-based Fiber- Optic Illuminator (Part 1) Recently I needed to design and build a dual channel, high-output fiber optic (FO) illuminator. In the spirit of "open disclosure", the unit is intended as an upgrade for a cherished vintage Vision Engineering "TS-3 Dynascope" stereo microscope in my home lab. It was a simple two-weekend project; but the optical, thermal and software development reflect many of the tasks you may encounter in production-level designs.
Reference Guide: Light Matters Vol 3

Good things often come in big packages, at least for certain Solid State Lighting (SSL) applications. A general distinction can be made between two basic types of lighting requirements.
Reference Guide: Light Matters Vol 6

From time to time, I see "glaring examples" of visually discomforting lighting. Glare is annoying at best and a safety hazard at worst. Understanding and managing it is important for well-designed lighting products. In this issue of I’ll explain a common metric used to quantify glare and present a mathematical model to predict it.
Reference Guide: Light Matters Vol 7

Building a better light bulb, especially one intended to replace the ubiquitous pear-shaped A19 incandescent, is not as easy as it might first appear.
Reference Guide: Light Matters Vol 8

The interplay of light and physiology is fascinating. Life has evolved to respond to light in remarkable ways. This holds true not just for the animal kingdom, but also for plants and fungi. This is a summary of Cary Eskow's paper on the potential use of LEDs to "tailor" plant photomorphogenesis (light-mediated development) and photoperiodicity.
Web Page: Clippard Custom Miniature Valves Create Solutions!

If you need a miniature pneumatic valve that fits your application perfectly, Clippard has the capability to design or modify its standard products to suit your exact needs. Our dedicated staff of engineers, application experts, and manufacturing professionals is devoted to providing you with the best solution available!
Web Page: Clippard Flow Control Valves

Clippard's JFC-4 & JFC-5 valves are typically used to control air flow from air cylinders, thereby controlling the speed at which the piston strokes, either while extending or retracting, depending on their location in the circuit. Models available with flow adjustment by recessed screwdriver slot or knurled knob. Captivated needle cannot be adjusted out of the stem.
Products Catalog: FREE Clippard Miniature Pneumatic Products Catalog

Clippard, a manufacturer of the most complete line of miniature fluid power products, offers a complete product line catalog, with technical information, product applications, and more. It includes features, specifications, color photographs, and technical drawings for over 5,000 standard products. It's your complete source for miniature fluid power products. Request your free copy today!
Web Page: Clippard Oxygen Clean Series Valves

Clippard’s Oxygen Clean valves are available in 2-way or 3-way, Normally-Closed or fully-ported configurations. They provide safety of operation in Oxygen applications with quick response, low power consumption, long life, and unlimited flexibility in design. The valves are ultrasonically cleaned, assembled, inspected and tested in an enclosed controlled area with a state-of-the-art positive pressure HEPA filtration system.
Web Page: Clippard Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves & Fittings

Considered the standard for industry quality, Clippard offers hundreds of miniature stainless steel cylinders, control valves, electronic valves, fittings and other pneumatic products ready to ship the same day.
Web Page: Clippard Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valves

Utilizing the industry’s most robust and powerful linear actuator, this high-flow proportional valve features 2% hysteresis, excellent linearity and a 2 ms reaction time. A flow range of 0 to 300 slpm is standard, however this product is highly modifiable. The “SCPV” is ideal in critical applications such as gas delivery, medical, analytical, and industrial automation requiring high resolution, high flow, and low hysteresis.
Web Page: Clippard’s Value-Added Integrated Services Provide Solutions!

Clippard manufacturers an expansive line of pneumatic components that are used in thousands of applications across many markets. Our dedicated production, engineering and sales staff will come together with your organization to design, build, test and ship your complete pneumatic assemblies when you need them.
White Paper: Taking the Guesswork out of Pneumatic Control

Do you need help in designing a pneumatic system that is functional, cost-effective and will work right at start-up?
Reference Guide: Special Digital Edition: Logic Devices for Automotive
Design News 

Logic for automotive applications is similar in lots of ways to logic designed for other applications. However, it's just as dissimilar, and for a host of reasons. In this Technology Roundup, you'll find a multitude of resources to help you better understand these issues, including what types of devices are available, where specifically they should and shouldn't be deployed, and how automotive technology differs from other applications.
Reference Guide: Design News 2012 Salary Survey
Design News 

The Design News Salary Survey results are in! Download the free 2012 Salary Survey report and find out what over 1,500 engineers and engineering managers are saying about their compensation, job satisfaction, professional backgrounds, challenges in the workplace, and experience with downsizing and hiring trends. Get it now! Sponsored by Aerotek.
Reference Guide: Special Digital Edition: 3D Printing Comes of Age
Design News 

From spacecrafts to robots to a wide array of medical applications and high fashion, 3-D printing is fast becoming a staple tool for companies across multiple industry sectors to more cost effectively and efficiently produce highly complex and custom products. The editors of Design News have put together a round up of articles covering the latest advancements in the area of 3-D printing not to mention a look at the broader trends.
Reference Guide: Special Digital Edition: Identification Technology Roundup
Design News 

Security and identification are clearly in the spotlight these days. There are ways to combat the evils of identity theft, and the technology continues to improve. In this Technology Roundup, you’ll get a clear understanding of what new products and techniques are being developed, which are best for your specific application, and how you go about implementing them. Sponsored by NXP.
Application Note: Innovative Materials Help Protect LCDs and Touchscreens

While today’s touchscreens are almost always equipped with sturdy and scratch resistant glass, protective films are recommended to further combat scrapes and gouges. Learn more about how Fabrico can help you select the right materials and adhesives for your protective film application. Download our Application Note.
White Paper: Food Safety White Paper - Automation Technology in Food Production from Festo

Festo is your partner in helping you achieve compliance with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. Download the latest white paper from Festo to learn how to increase efficiency and productivity while meeting Food Safety regulations.
White Paper: Alternative Motion Technologies for OEM Applications

Recent advances in motion technology provide design engineers a wide array of options for movement needs. The suitability of electric linear actuators, hydraulics systems, and manual operation overlap in many applications. This LINAK whitepaper outlines the selection of electric, pneumatic & hydraulic motion control solutions.
White Paper: Flip Chip Assemblies with Underfill Encapsulants

Master Bond, Inc. 

The development of epoxy based underfill encapsulants marked a turning point for flip chip technology, and the semiconductor industry. Underfill encapsulants are carefully formulated to ensure flowability, an acceptable CTE, and other desirable properties. In this white paper, we explore what properties are required for effective underfills to ensure reliability and quality in flip chip applications.
White Paper: Innovative Medical Adhesives Simplify and Improve Fastening in Medical Devices

Master Bond, Inc. 

Modern adhesives offer medical device engineers a leg up with new options to simplify fastening and improve performance as medical devices and materials continue to advance. Master Bond’s white paper explores the advantages of well-designed structural medical adhesive compounds and their chemistries, features and properties.
White Paper: High Temperature Resistant Adhesives Beat the Heat

Master Bond, Inc. 

Selecting the right adhesive product for extreme temperature applications is not as straightforward as reading temperature resistance values on data sheets. Master Bond's white paper takes a closer look at some crucial issues and key factors to consider, when your adhesive application has to beat the heat or cope with the cold.
White Paper: Thermally Conductive Adhesives Keep Things Cool

Master Bond, Inc. 

Through heat dissipation, thermally conductive adhesives and potting compounds play a pivotal role in the protection of today’s electronic circuitry. Master Bond’s white paper examines the challenges design engineers face as chip makers up the ante on microprocessor power and density, and how thermally conductive adhesives and potting compounds can manage heat while solving other application issues.
White Paper: Understanding Low Outgassing Adhesives

Master Bond, Inc. 

Engineers often want to know whether an adhesive is low outgassing or generic. And while there are cases when nothing but a low outgassing product will do, the truth is that many so-called generic adhesives inherently have low outgassing levels. Here's a guide to understanding when low outgassing adhesives are the right choice.
Application Note: maxon motors fly into outer space on board the “Dragon” spacecraft
maxon precision motors 

The flawless launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on May 22, 2012 is another successful step for maxon motor ag in the use of high precision motors in the astronautics industry. The crucial tasks of the maxon motors in the SpaceX mission included orienting the solar arrays of the Dragon spacecraft towards the sun to provide the power supply.
Product Catalog: Heavy Duty Drive Solution for Extremely Harsh Operating Conditions
maxon precision motors 

Brushless 22mm HD motor and gear combo. maxon motor launches its EC22HD heavy duty motor; a 22mm-diameter brushless motor that outperforms any other commercial electric drive on shock, vibration and temperature tolerances. This motor was developed for the exceptionally high requirements in deep drilling technology and resists the most extreme operating conditions. Also available in combination with the GP22 heavy duty gearhead in 1 to 5 stages for use in oil or air operation.
White Paper: Contract Manufacturing Pitfalls: What the Wrong Production Process Could Really Cost You

In the electronics industry, contract manufacturing has long been a strategy for reducing time to market and simplifying project oversight. With today's complex production environment, you need to ensure the intricacies of your project are addressed - without adding extra cost. In our white paper, "Contract Manufacturing Pitfalls: What the Wrong Production Process Could Really Cost You," we uncover eight hidden cost centers - and show you how to avoid them. Read our white paper now!
White Paper: 10 Reasons Why Multi-Material 3D Printing is Better for Your Product Design & Development

Based on their innovative use of inkjet printing technology, Objet 3D printers from Stratasys are the only additive layer manufacturing devices in the world able to combine different 3D printing materials within a single 3D printed model. In this white paper, learn about the different capabilities of multi-material printing and the advantages of this unique technology.
White Paper: In-house or Outsource? 6 Business Advantages of Owning an In-house 3D Printer

In this white paper, learn how in-house 3D printing capabilities provide a range of operational and business benefits that translate into real bottom line advantages.
White Paper: The Business Value of Product Data Management
Synergis Software 

Read how executives from Ametek Technical Products, VISA Lighting and others, were able to achieve game-changing business objectives with Product Document Management (PDM). The author, Jim Brown is the President of Tech-Clarity, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in analyzing the true business value of software technology
Application Note: Wire Drawing Applications Market Overview

This document provides a general market overview and is intended to familiarize the reader with the benefits of using AC drives in wire drawing applications.

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General Motors is putting an off-road twist on hydrogen fuel cell technology with an imposing new pickup demonstrator called the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2.
Fine powder printing of industry-standard metal and ceramic powders with a grain size of less than 10 microns is now available from industrial 3D printer maker ExOne for its Innovent printer.
At ARM TechCon 2016, CEO Simon Segars will discuss how he sees billions of devices scaling to trillions as IoT applications proliferate. We know it’s happening. How do we prepare?
The term “autopilot” is now at the heart of a growing debate between Tesla Motors Inc. and Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority.
A make-your-own Star Wars Sith Lightsaber hilt is heftier and better-looking than most others out there, according to its maker, Sean Charlesworth. You can 3D print it from free source files, and there's even a hardware kit available -- not free -- so you can build one just in time for Halloween.
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