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White paper: Improving Medical Devices with Force Sensing Technology

Learn how integrating force sensors improves medical devices by providing quantifiable and actionable data to doctors and patients. Explore a variety of medical applications that benefit from force sensing technology.
White paper: Adjustable bolted connections - an improvement over welding or bolting in large machines - 3 examples
Halfen USA 

Large machines consist of many parts and sub-assemblies, mounted onto a frame or chassis. The use of proprietary mounting channel instead of welding or traditional fasteners such as hex bolts to connect these components together reduces design complexity and creates a more common platform. Manufacturers with varying customer requirements are able to deliver faster, smooth production peaks and troughs, and achieve savings in labor, stock keeping costs and reject rates by using mounting channel.
White paper: Moving Automation with Modbus

This white paper describes the Modbus communication protocol and why it can be such an effective solution for linear actuation when embedded in electric actuators. An understanding of Modbus, motion devices and levels of complexity for designing a complete actuation system can help industrial automation design engineers determine the appropriate solution for applications.
White paper: 3D Printing with FDM: How it Works

A 3D printer is a machine that creates objects from plastic or other materials using an additive manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing produces objects in a succession of layers from the bottom, up. This is the opposite of traditional subtractive manufacturing processes.
White paper: Versatile Epoxy Compounds For Electronic Applications

Master Bond, Inc. 

Enhancing the performance of electronic applications with versatile epoxy compounds.
Understanding Tactile Sensors and How They Can Make Design Come to Life
Pressure Profile Systems 

While pressure and force sensors are ubiquitous in current designs, the more-niche subset of tactile pressure sensing is quickly emerging as a technology in a variety of fields. By quantifying the subjective sense of touch, tactile pressure sensors are enabling the design and development of potentially disruptive new products. This white paper will provide a basic overview of the technology and identify current applications as well as future opportunities for tactile pressure sensors.
White paper: Monitoring and Managing Factory Energy Use to Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. 

Energy prices are on the rise due to many factors, including utilities’ capacity issues, energy supply uncertainty, environmental regulations, aging energy grids, and competition for available energy supplies. Most organizations, therefore, perceive energy bills as a cost they must bear, rather than one that can be managed. Learn how to control your energy costs and develop a competitive advantage through energy management with this whitepaper from Mitsubishi Electric.
White paper: Epoxies for Space Applications

Master Bond, Inc. 

Low outgassing epoxies ensure reliable space applications.
White paper: Food Safety: Food Quality Through High Compressed Air Quality

Did you know that compressed air is not clean by nature? Read more about food safety in the latest whitepaper focusing on food quality through high compressed air quality.
White paper: Function Integration Saves Time All Around

In machine building, the scale and the technical complexity of automated systems is constantly increasing. This white paper explores the growing trend toward function integration in machine and system building, application examples of function integration, key factors when selecting an integrated automation platform and more.
White paper: Rules of Actuator and Guide Alignment in Linear Motion Systems

Premature wear, erratic motion and early system failures are signs your linear motion system is not functioning to the best of its potential. Learn how to optimize the alignment of the linear guide and actuator and improve system performance.
White paper: Production Floor Trends: Justiying Additive Manufacturing through Jigs and Fixtures

For designers, engineers, and product managers additive manufacturing systems are invaluable. This paper addresses justifying the cost of additive manufacturing through jigs and fixtures.
White paper: Simplifying Power Added Efficiency Testing


In most envelope tracking power added efficiency (PAE) test setups, multiple instruments must be used to measure RF, voltage, and current. The Agilent Technologies 8990B peak power analyzer provides an alternative setup which allows power added efficiency testing to be done on a single instrument. Download now.
Application Note: Flame Barriers for LED Luminaire Lighting Systems

High quality flame barriers help improve the thermal management performance for LED lighting systems. This application sheet explains more about the various innovative materials that have been developed specifically for LED lighting applications and how working with an experienced converter like Fabrico can lead to successful thermal management.
Application Note: Unitronics’ Vision120™ PLC + HMI Automates Quantitative Chemical Analyses: Improves Quality, Saves Time and Reduces Costs


In various process industries such as petroleum, chemical, drinking water, and wastewater, facilities often conduct laboratory tests through quantitative chemical analysis to determine the unknown concentration of a known reactant within the system. These measurements require a huge amount of laboratory manpower. By automating these measurements with Unitronics’ Vision120™ PLC & HMI, NEXTChem Process Analyzers, Inc. was able to drastically reduce the time between analyses from hours to minutes.
Webcast: Discover the World of Plastic Bearings


Plastic bearings can replace steel or bronze bearings in almost any application, whether rotating, oscillating, or linear. In this webinar, learn about the characteristics of plastic plain bearings, the different polymer materials available, and the many benefits these types of bearings offer in comparison to metal bearing alternatives.
White paper: TechTalk: DryLin® ZLW Belt Actuators by igus®


The DryLin ZLW tooth-belt driven linear actuators were designed as low-cost, shorter lead-time alternatives to traditional re-circulating ball bearing systems. As with all DryLin products, they are engineered with wear-resistant, dry-running linear bearings which do not require any maintenance, and offer technical advantages in many applications.
White paper: Reduce Energy Consumption With Plastic Cable Carriers


igus® Energy Chain® cable carrier systems not only transport energy, data and media to various types of machines, but also greatly influence energy costs. By taking new ideas, like using rolling action on carriers instead of gliding, and replacing heavy steel with lightweight, heavy-duty plastic, using a different design cable carrier, such as igus®’ Rol E-Chain® Series P4 for very long travels and high speeds, can lead to significant technical and cost advantages.
White paper: 4 Reasons To Use Environmentally Friendly Plastic Bushings


In the words of Kermit the Frog, “It ain't easy being green.” Kermit has a point– these days, many companies are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. Becoming more environmentally friendly does not happen overnight, however. Rather, it is a culmination of changes that take place over time, in a number of different areas. While it might sound insignificant, using dry-running plastic bushings can greatly decrease any negative effects on the environment.
White paper: The Latest in Slewing Ring Bearing Technology


Roller slewing rings have been the only choice for rotating or turntable applications, but for your next project you might want to consider a new technology: sliding-element slewing ring bearings. Sliding slewing ring bearings can be considered a middle-ground solution. While they don’t offer the same level of precision or load capacity that a rolling element does, sliding slewing ring bearings do offer a high-performance, lower-cost alternative.
Special Digital Edition: Technology Roundup: The Latest Trends in 3D Printing
Design News 

3D printing is not some futuristic technology. And it’s not something that's just for the upper echelon. It’s here and now, and it’s technology that’s readily available. Not only that, it’s nearing a price point that puts it into the category of something you can’t afford not to have. This Technology Roundup will explain what options are available to you, how you can implement this technology, and how you should properly set your expectations with respect to 3D printing. Sponsored by Stratasys.
Video: The Crossed Roller Bearing That Ends Cage Creep
NB Corp 

This 4:47 video graphically explains how the STUDROLLER™ guarantees zero slippage even for extremely fast acceleration and deceleration within 30-600mm travel ranges using NB’s new Anti-Creep Cage Technology. This crossed-roller linear bearing or slideway, lowers component costs and allows more compact designs.
White paper: 3D Measurement Arm Technology
FARO Tecnologies 

Articulating arms combine the efficiency, reliability and accuracy of a traditional CMM with the portability and simplicity of hand tools. With the addition of a laser line scanner, parts that were once considered sophisticated or complex can now be easily inspected with an arm. Read this white paper to learn how to achieve reduced scrap, faster inspections, fewer defects and an improvement in product quality by implementing an articulating arm for your inspection and manufacturing needs.
White paper: An Introduction to 3D Measurement Technology
FARO Tecnologies 

In today's increasingly technical marketplace, there is a constant need for gathering three-dimensional data on parts, products, and environments. Whether it's small machined parts requiring precision diameters, alignment of large equipment or setting up machine tools, or even documenting entire buildings and environments. Read this whitepaper to learn how three-dimensional measurement data can help your company make more informed decisions and produce better quality products.
White paper: Smoothing the Transition from Design to Manufacture: Best Practices

Simplify the Design-to-Production Transition. Getting commercial & industrial products to market faster is a challenge. A seamless transition from design to manufacturing is critical to prevent production headaches that may hamper success later on. Our white paper explains best practices for a trouble-free hand-off, including: assessing assembly process complexity early on, making cost-effective material sourcing decisions, and environmental tests that may be required.
White paper: 10 Reasons to Adopt Mobile Workstations for CAD

The benefits of mobile computing are impossible to ignore. Users are embracing it with gusto, as some studies show many users are in mobile mode” more often than they’re in the office. But design and engineering professionals have been slower to adopt mobile computing technology because the devices lacked sufficient power and performance, and didn’t support the software tools they need.
White paper: Top Three Reasons for Management to Support Workstation Replacement

The speed of business has increased dramatically in the last five years and is moving at veritable light speed compared to 10 years ago. In response, organizations are finding the ability to bring new ideas and products to market faster and to ensure that project development timelines are consistently met is critical to success.
Selector guide: Market Solutions
ebm-papst Inc. 

The Market Solutions Tool focuses on various industry markets and showcases the products ebm-papst offers as solutions to those applications.
White paper: Thermal Management

Master Bond, Inc. 

Films and preforms offer several advantages over liquid and paste adhesives. Find out how to increase manufacturing processes with these unique adhesives.
2013 CAD/CAM Performance Market Report

One of the best ways to gauge your performance as an engineer or designer is to see how your colleagues are responding to the major issues of the day. That’s why Lenovo and NVIDIA sponsored this broad-based CAD/CAM trends survey of the software and hardware issues that are impacting the industry.
Special Digital Edition: Technology Roundup: Circuit Protection
Design News 

Circuit protection sounds like a mundane part of the design. However, if you don’t execute this stage properly, you could be looking at serious repercussions, from simple system shutdown, to something far more serious, including human injury. This Technology Roundup will show you what you need to know to build a safe and reliable system. Sponsored by Littelfuse.
White paper: Choosing the best CAD/CAM Workstations: A purchase checklist

CAD/CAM workstations are a big investment for any enterprise. Use this handy checklist to guide your purchase decision, so you can reduce your total cost of ownership while providing your engineering teams with everything they need to do more, faster.
White paper: A Guide to Driving Strategic Value from CAD/CAM Technology

It's vital to stretch your R&D dollars to the maximum, to position your company for future growth. Empowering your designers and engineers with the right tools can translate into increased agility and ultimately improve your bottom line.
White paper: Picking the Perfect Workstation

Workstations are the engines that power design creativity and engineering precision, but they aren't always at the top of the IT agenda. Before buying one of these workstations, you need to understand that the hardware needs of the CAD/CAM team are different from those of other users who rely on desktop systems or laptop PCs.
White paper: Driving Innovation and Competitive Advantage - A Buying Guide for CAD/CAM Workstations

Your design and engineering capabilities are quite simply what bring in customers. Innovation translates into your competitive advantage, which in turn means revenue. If you want to truly leverage technology to support business growth and agility, then you need to put CAD/CAM technology at the top of your purchasing agenda.
Epoxies and Glass Transition Temperature

Master Bond, Inc. 

Gain a better understanding about glass transition temperature (Tg) and why it is one of many factors to consider for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications. In this paper, we explore how temperature impacts the performance of polymers, why glass transition temperature is significant, and how it is measured. Tg can be an extremely useful yardstick for determining the reliability of epoxies as it pertains to temperature.
The Convergence eBook: The future of industrial automation
B&R Industrial Automation Corp. 

The growing acceptance of advanced technology providers by end users has given machinery builders and systems integrators the confidence to select best-in-class automation technologies to differentiate their products. And it has caused the new class of automation suppliers to experience double-digit growth and establish global footprints. Challenge the status quo.
FDM and PolyJet Technologies: Determining Which Technology is Right for Your Application

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), conceived and patented by Stratasys, and PolyJet inkjet printing, patented by the former Objet Ltd., are now companion products that address the needs of a wide range of applications and an even wider range of industries. Understanding the differences and advantages of each technology is the baseline for selecting the right technology for your application, demands and constraints. To learn more about these technologies download this white paper.
A Step Change in Electronics Thermal Design: Incorporating EDA and MDA Design Flows
Mentor Graphics 

The major challenges facing thermal designers have changed. Power dissipations increased, and products have become smaller and more tightly packed than ever before. Design complexity is driving the EDA and MDA design flows closer together. Read more of this whitepaper to learn how to minimize the time taken to analyze design variants and increase accuracy of results.
Beer Fridge: A Personal Journey
Mentor Graphics 

Mini-fridges, commonly filled with beer and the occasional moldering sandwich, have become a ubiquitous fixture in college dorm rooms and office break areas. But for some reason they never seem to cool their contents as well as their full-size cousins in the kitchen. This paper, based on a series of blog entries, presents a light-hearted look at the problem and offers a solution.
Structure Function - The Bridge of Thermal Measurement and Thermal Simulation
Mentor Graphics 

Now days, thermal simulators are capable of running 3D thermal analysis with a high degree of accuracy. However, in order to truly align thermal simulations with real world results, precise physical tests are an essential factor. Structure function enables the user to verify thermal simulation models in real world environments. Check out this complimentary whitepaper to learn more.
Concept Design Infographic

Trends in Concept Design
Concept Design eBook

Rethink Your Options for Concept Design
CAD Selection Considerations: Concept Design

5 Things to Look for in Concept Design Software
White Paper: Yaskawa Smart Harmonics™ Technology vs 18 and 24 Pulse Specifications
Yaskawa America 

This white paper from Yaskawa America, Inc. describes Yaskawa's Smart Harmonics™ Technology , which is used in the MV1000 medium voltage AC drive product, to reduce voltage and current harmonics to a level which exceeds the requirement of IEEE 519.
White Paper: Designing your First PackML Implementation for Motion Control
Yaskawa America 

This white paper from Yaskawa America, Inc. provides three key design decisions to consider to implement PackML for machine control,.  It sets aside the discussions of 'Why PackML?' and instead focuses on 'How PackML' so that controls engineers in any industry can better understand the design and implementation process.
Training Guide: Harmonics - A Guide to Understanding and Successful Control
Yaskawa America 

This eLearning Video from Yaskawa America, Inc. presents several methods of how harmonics in a power system can be controlled using variable frequency drives.
Application Note: Advances in Thermal Management Materials and Adhesives for Electronics

The demand for thermal management materials and adhesives is driven by the unwanted and potentially harmful heat generated by ever-shrinking electronic components and systems in all areas of the electronics market, including aerospace, automotive, onsumer, communications, industrial, medical, and military.
White paper: MES Interface IT from Mitsubishi Electric, Provides Enterprise Connectivity to Support Informed Decision Making from the Factory Floor, Boost Manufacturing Productivity and Improve Operating Efficiency
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. 

MES Interface IT bridges the traditional gap between the factory and office by allowing bi-directional data communication from the production floor to enterprise IT systems. MES Interface IT fills the need for real-time, direct connectivity between all factory floor machines and the enterprise servers at the factory. The MES Interface IT controller-level IT appliance provides users with a lean solution that can reduce overhead costs and points of failure.
Data Sheet: New Clippard Electronic Valves Offer Two Times the Flow!

This new series of high flow valves provide an air flow of 1.4 scfm @ 100 psig, more than twice the flow of Clippard’s trusted EC/EV/ET/EW valve series. Optional 1.1 scfm @ 50 psig and 0.95 scfm @ 25 psig flow models are also available. The valves are precision-built 2-way Normally-Closed control valves, utilizing a unique valving principle with no sliding parts. Complete poppet travel is a mere 0.007” resulting in low power consumption and exceptionally long life.
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