Content posted in October 2013
Slideshow: Robots Tackle Surprising Tasks
10/31/2013  23 comments
Robots from LEGO, Panasonic, Murata, Segway, and Toyota are among a fleet that is working to make the lives of soldiers, the elderly, and even autistic children better.
Video: 3D Printing Gets Spooky
10/31/2013  1 comment
Happy Halloween! Here's a scary way to use a 3D printer.
Slideshow: Advances in Smart Shopping
10/30/2013  23 comments
The integration of sensors and QR codes are playing a big part in the new wave of smart shopping solutions.
2 More Innovative Uses of Plastics
10/29/2013  2 comments
Cope Plastics and Vycom were the two finalists in the IAPD Design Challenge.
The Difference Is Ultra-Small
10/28/2013  Post a comment
Torex Semiconductor recently introduced its XC8107/XC8108 series of power switches, which offer an 85-mΩ on resistance. They are suited for USB 2.0 and 3.0 applications, as well as power line distribution applications.
Golden Mousetraps? What's That?
10/25/2013  9 comments
The deadline for entering Design News' annual Golden Mousetrap Awards is about a month away, and we've received some great entries. But we've also received a few inquiries asking, "What is a Golden Mousetrap Award?" Find out here.
Slideshow: Packaging Robots Become Superhuman
10/24/2013  23 comments
ABB, Yaskawa, and Cognex were just some of the companies that had innovative packaging robots (think Rethink Robotics' Baxter) on display during PackExpo, held in Las Vegas last month.
Valveless Hydraulics Cuts Fuel Consumption in Construction Vehicles
10/24/2013  21 comments
Technology developed at Purdue's School of Mechanical Engineering hinges on the ability to eliminate the valves typically used to direct the flow of hydraulic fluid in steering systems.
Students' Plastic Prosthetic Claims Top Prize in IAPD Design Contest
10/23/2013  7 comments
UMass Lowell student engineers are working to develop an inexpensive plastic prosthetic arm for children in third-world countries. The team recently won the IAPD Plastics Application Design Competition.
Stir's Smart Desk Revolutionizes Office Furniture
10/22/2013  25 comments
The Stir Kinetic Desk allows workers to go from sitting to standing with the tap of a touchscreen.
Siemens Previews SPS IPC Drives Show
10/22/2013  1 comment
The SPS IPC Drives 2013 show, an important event for new products and services in the world of automation and motion control, will be held in Nuremburg, Germany, late in November.
Pneumatic-Based Trash Disposal System Eyed in NYC
10/21/2013  26 comments
Researchers in New York City are studying the idea of creating a pneumatic-tube-based trash disposal system, similar to the way Legos work, that will transport waste out of the city through a system of tubes.
Rising Engineering Stars: We Want You!
10/18/2013  14 comments
Help us recognize engineers (a.k.a rising engineering stars) who are ahead of the trends and making big moves in the design engineering community.
Bud Industries' Board-Ganizer Dev Kit Keeps Wires in Check
10/17/2013  6 comments
Bud Industries' Board-Ganizer multi-development board enclosure kit allows users to layout and assemble up to three PCBs/SBCs and shields along with a single breadboard.
A Broken Gauge Could Blow Up a Plant
10/17/2013  28 comments
Broken gauges have become a threat to plants, and up to 25 percent of plant gauges are failing, according to gauge producer Wika.
Growing Need for Optimization, Simulation in Design Process
10/17/2013  25 comments
The growing need for simulation and optimization in product design was a major theme at Altair's 2013 Americas Technology Conference. Optimization can improve the product concept and lead to new product designs, as well as improve design and manufacturing processes.
MIT's ConceptNet Helps Advance Artificial Intelligence
10/15/2013  3 comments
The idea behind MIT's ConceptNet is to give systems and technical devices a better understanding of the human language.
Researchers Create Brain-to-Brain Interface in Rats
10/11/2013  10 comments
Duke University researchers are linking rats' minds in the hopes of restoring motor control to paralyzed patients one day.
Video: 0-62 MPH in 2.9 seconds
10/10/2013  7 comments
Swedish automaker Koenigsegg's 2014 Agera S “hypercar” will take you from 0 to 62 mph in a scant 2.9 seconds and will hit a top speed of 260 mph -- for a starting price of $1.46 million.
Aerodynamics Simulation Gets Faster in Virtual Wind Tunnel
10/9/2013  11 comments
At the 2013 Americas Altair Technology Conference, Altair introduced Virtual Wind Tunnel, an application that speeds wind tunnel simulation and makes it more accurate for evaluating a vehicle's external aerodynamics.
Record 44.7% Solar-Cell Efficiency Achieved
10/9/2013  12 comments
Researchers achieved a new world record in solar-cell efficiency with a four-junction solar cell comprised of four solar subcells based on III-V compound semiconductors for use in concentrator photovoltaics.
Designers Take Note: Win $3,000 for Your Creativity
10/8/2013  3 comments
Texas Instruments' LDC1000 Inductance-to-digital converter (and your imagination) are the key elements in a contest that nets you $3,000 and special recognition at DESIGN West 2014.
Green Engineering: Researchers Turn Plastic Bags Into Usable Nanomaterial
10/8/2013  21 comments
Australian researchers have developed nanotechnology that uses non-biodegradable plastic bags to create carbon nanotube membranes. The membranes can be used in filtration, sensing, energy storage, and biomedical technology.
Flax-Based Bike Helmet Is Heavy but Safer for the Environment
10/7/2013  22 comments
An environmentally friendly bike helmet that is comprised of a bio-resin foam core interior and a knitted flax woven outer resin shell is molded using ultra-violet light.
Littelfuse Intrinsically Safe Fuses
10/7/2013  2 comments
The deadline to enter Littelfuse's Speed2Design contest is fast approaching. Enter today for a chance to win a trip to NASA Johnson Space Center.
Lume Light-Infused Clothing Highlights Wearable Tech
10/4/2013  17 comments
Clothing outfitted with LEDs is the latest trend in wearable tech, right up there with Google Glass.
Multi-Axis Digital Tension Control
10/4/2013  3 comments
Bosch-Rexroth has published a technical report that provides an overview of how digital roll-to-roll web processing is enabling mass production of printed electronic devices.
Design Excellence Road Show Coming to Town Near You
10/3/2013  4 comments
Designers and manufacturers across the country will be able to learn about the latest version of SolidWorks 3D design software and discuss leading-edge technologies at the Fisher/Unitech Design Excellence Forum.
Create FIR Filters in Software
10/2/2013  Post a comment
For this demonstration of FIR filters in operation an ARM mbed module was used in combination with an NXP LPC1768 microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M3 processor).
What Do You Leave for Last?
10/1/2013  7 comments
Take extra caution if circuit protection falls to the bottom of your list of priorities during the design phase.
There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, or Is There?
10/1/2013  12 comments
Brand Director Rich Nass recently met with Allied Electronics, RS Components, and SpaceClaim as they presented their “free” CAD tool.

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The term “autopilot” is now at the heart of a growing debate between Tesla Motors Inc. and Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority.
A make-your-own Star Wars Sith Lightsaber hilt is heftier and better-looking than most others out there, according to its maker, Sean Charlesworth. You can 3D print it from free source files, and there's even a hardware kit available -- not free -- so you can build one just in time for Halloween.
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