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The Road to 3D-Printed Electronics Will Go Through Integration with 3D-Printed Structures
11/3/2015  1 comment
With the recent award of the $75 million grant for establishing the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute, we can expect the development of a roadmap toward high-volume manufacturing and deployment of products leveraging a more widespread use of flexible substrates.
Near-shoring Is Hurting China's Growth
11/2/2015  4 comments
Production of goods aimed for the North American market is shifting back to North America, denting China's manufacturing base.
Seeing Through the 'Eyes' of an Autonomous Car
11/2/2015  1 comment
At its recent DevCon, Renesas Electronics provided a peek at autonomous car development, as seen through the eyes of the car itself.
3 Reasons CAD Will Never Be the Same Again
11/1/2015  2 comments
CAD is undergoing dramatic changes in three key areas – cost, the pace of change itself, and collaboration.
The 10 Most Bleeding Edge Products From Pack Expo 2015
10/30/2015  2 comments
Pack Expo displayed a wide array of new packaging equipment and systems designed to speed lines, reduce downtime, and deliver flexibility.
Stanford Students Disprove Long-held Li-Ion Battery Design Theory
10/30/2015  2 comments
Two Stanford University students have debunked a long-held belief about carbon black material that could lead to new innovations in lithium-ion battery development.
Why Isn't the Biomedical Industry Adopting MEMS?
10/30/2015  Post a comment
Microelectromechanical systems have made their way into biomedical devices. However, technical and business challenges remain until the full potential of these systems in the biomedical field can be realized
iPhone 6s Teardown: Digging to the Core of Apple's New Phone
10/29/2015  1 comment
Apple's iPhone 6s boasts a load of new features over the previous model. Let's tear it down and see what's inside the iPhone 6s slightly thinner exterior.
Teaching Autonomous Cars to Learn
10/29/2015  3 comments
Machine learning techniques will enable self-driving cars to make more effective use of sensor data.
10 of the Scariest True Stories in Engineering History
10/28/2015  13 comments
From resurrecting the dead, to occult rituals and man-eating robots, this Halloween we've rounded up 10 of history's creepiest true engineering tales.
Generative 3D Design Is Creating a Production Revolution
10/28/2015  1 comment
New technology and new forms of communication are changing the rules of design and production, said Autodesk at recent Design & Manufacturing Texas show.
Portabella Mushroom-Based Bio-Battery Gains Capacity Over Time
10/28/2015  Post a comment
Researchers at UC California in Riverside have found a new recipe for portabella mushrooms — a bio-battery.
They're Coming Down, So Expect to See More Ceramic, Metal Matrix Composites
10/27/2015  1 comment
Long used in niche military and aerospace applications, ceramic and metal matrix composites are showing up in electronics and commercial jet engines.
Never Forget These 7 Points Before Selecting a High-Tech Adhesive
10/27/2015  Post a comment
Choosing the best adhesive for a specific application can be complex, but an understanding of the following parameters will keep you from a sticky design situation.
Once Machine Health Is a Science, We Will See Vastly Better OEE
10/27/2015  Post a comment
A new report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology lays out a roadmap to a lofty destination: a world in which advanced sensing, information, and communication technologies make manufacturing systems operate 2/47 at top efficiency with no faults and scrap.
On Cars, Carbon Fiber Composites Could Hit the Front Door
10/27/2015  1 comment
Clemson University is leading a $5.8 million research project to develop an ultra-lightweight car door to help automakers meet federal fuel economy standards.
Autodesk Inventor Update Will Make Everything and Everyone Play Nice
10/26/2015  Post a comment
Leveraging the SaaS model, the software giant is due for a six-month update, which will unleash three new intelligence and collaborative features.
UL Takes a 'Shot' at Predicting Solar PV Module Reliability
10/26/2015  4 comments
Not all solar panels are created equal, and test and safety organization UL is going to create methods for determining PV module failure, using DoE's SunShot funding.
This Motor Maker Is Heading Into Space and Killing It
10/25/2015  2 comments
Empire Magnetics is designing and building motors that survive the rigors of space, and in order to do that, it has to deal with some extreme requirements.
These Nine Major League Baseball Players Are Surprisingly Engineers
10/24/2015  Post a comment
Stephen Piscotty of the St. Louis Cardinals wants to work on solar and renewable energy after his playing career. Mind blown? From MIT to Stanford grads, we give you a peek at MLB's nine baseball-playing engineers.
How CFD Simulation Is Helping Preserve a Precious Resource: Our Food
10/23/2015  5 comments
The burgeoning global population will put a tremendous strain on the world's food supply, so in comes vertical farming, but will it help without good engineering?
Plastics Innovations in Construction, Food Processing Win Top IAPD Awards
10/23/2015  Post a comment
Inventions for the construction and food processing industries were among the top winners at an annual contest sponsored by the International Association of Plastics Distribution for innovations using contemporary plastics.
What Successful Engineers Do -- Especially If You're a Woman
10/23/2015  6 comments
Know how and where to find answers you need to know, be curious beyond your discipline, don’t reinvent the wheel. These are just some keys to job success. If you're female, respect yourself and set firm boundaries.
Student Comes Up with Toilet Design for Those Who Lack This Basic Human Right
10/22/2015  5 comments
A former design student from Georgia Tech has come up with a hygienic, inexpensive toilet for refugees all over the world.
GE Is About to Invade Digital Manufacturing with ‘Brilliant’ Move
10/22/2015  2 comments
The industrial giant's upcoming Brilliant Manufacturing Suite is the self-described crowning achievement of its industrial software know-how, tying people, process, and production together with advanced analytics.
Motoman Wants to Know: Are You Going to Be a Robot Hero?
10/22/2015  Post a comment
Yaskasawa shared some tips in a blog post on how to be a robotic tech hero when industrial robots break down.
Here Are 6 Real Technologies From 'Back to the Future II'
10/21/2015  Post a comment
In honor of Back to the Future Day we're taking a look at some of the film's coolest technologies, and their real-life counterparts.
Don't Overlook Compressed Air in Food and Packaging Automation Either
10/21/2015  Post a comment
At the recent Pack Expo, Atlas Copco advocated the safety and risk mitigation advantages of oil-free compressors for use in food production and packaging applications.
New Embedded Development Board: Cute Name, High-End Features, Maker Price
10/21/2015  Post a comment
The snickerdoodle is a universal embedded development platform providing programming features/functions of a Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, and Arduino at a highly affordable price point.
PackSpec 2.0 Promises to Standardize Packaging Machinery
10/20/2015  Post a comment
With PackSpec 2.0, the Organization for Machine Automation and Control aims to finally create a template for a generic, PackML-compliant machine.
Planmeca Uses CAD/CAM to Send You to the Dentist Less
10/20/2015  Post a comment
Planmeca's FIT System uses CAD software and digital scanning to produce dental restorations in a single day.
Have You Entered In Design News' Golden Mousetrap Awards Yet?
10/19/2015  Post a comment
Don't miss your chance to be part of our red-carpet evening in February celebrating exceptional, cutting-edge products in Automation and Control, Design Hardware and Software, Electronics and Test, and Materials and Assembly.
The 20 Worst Inventions of All Time — Part 2
10/19/2015  39 comments
From useless to outright ridiculous - here's a collection of the top ten gadgets and inventions that never should have left the drawing board.
Know a Few Engineering Phenoms? Nominate Them for Design News' Rising Engineering Star!
10/16/2015  Post a comment
We can count on today’s up-and-coming engineers for being innately motivated to solve the world's technical challenges, but it's important to recognize them and what they're accomplishing.
Design Engineers Get Schooled on Manufacturing
10/16/2015  10 comments
Cost and speed-to-market concerns are forcing design engineers to increasingly factor manufacturability into the design process.
Bosch Rexroth: Put Mechatronics to Work in Overcoming Automation Complexity
10/15/2015  1 comment
Bosch Rexroth took the opportunity to show mechatronics’ influence in manufacturing automation processes through a demonstration called Mechatronics @ Work at the recent Pack Expo.
The Power Triangle in Electronic Component Specifying and Purchasing
10/15/2015  Post a comment
A conversation between contributing writer and procurement veteran Kelly Barner and Digi-Key vice chairman Mark Larson shows the influence of the electronic component distributor, which is breaking from traditional part spec'ing and sourcing process.
What Is the Electric Imp, and Why Embedded Developers Need to Know
10/15/2015  1 comment
Developing embedded software for the Internet can be a nightmare, but the Electric Imp promises to be a black-box answer to your troubles.
3 Steps to Get the Most From Your FEA Modeling
10/14/2015  Post a comment
If you want more effective finite element analysis results, consider using some of these simple but proven techniques on your next FEA model.
ARM TechCon Keynoter: 'Manufacturing Is Early Adopter of IoT'
10/13/2015  Post a comment
In advance of his keynote at ARM TechCon in November, Google Developer Advocate Colt McAnli said that the manufacturing industry will lead the way for IoT.
Mechanical Engineers Release Web-Based 3D Tool for Part Design Optimization
10/13/2015  2 comments
Mechanical engineers at UW-Madison have released ParetoWorks—a 3D Web-based tool for rapid design optimization of parts for numerous objects and products.
This Year's 13 Most Ghoulish Halloween Gadgets
10/12/2015  12 comments
Take a look at 13 wild, scary, gadgets for Halloween.
5 Advantages of Using Micro Python for Embedded Software Programming
10/12/2015  2 comments
Based on the Python 3 programming language, Micro Python was designed to overcome some of C's limitations while being free and open source.
3D Printing Is Introducing a New World of Copyright Infringement
10/9/2015  10 comments
Imagine being able to illegally download a physical product the same way you can with music and videos. That’s basically what’s happening with 3D printing and digital manufacturing, with huge repercussions in the intellectual property domain.
Nearly 40% of Design News Poll Responders Have Been Hacked
10/9/2015  Post a comment
Our latest Design News Quick Poll reveals that readers are facing serious cyber security challenges.
An Obsolete Part May Be Your Most Efficient Choice
10/8/2015  3 comments
The most efficient and ecologically sound automation system may be "eco obsolete" — an older system sustained with obsolete parts.
Not Your Father's WiFi Devices -- or Even Those a Decade Ago
10/8/2015  2 comments
Design News contributing writer Fred Eady strolls down the memory lane of the homebrew embedded WiFi designs he then wrote reference books around.
Digital Development Is the Way Forward for Design Innovation
10/7/2015  Post a comment
Digital design tools and 3D printing can be used to innovate new products and accelerate the development and commercialization cycle.
Product Development Outsourcing Agreements: What You Must Know
10/7/2015  Post a comment
The ways companies and their outside product development partners work together and divvy up success are evolving radically. Here's what you need to know no matter if you are an engineer or executive.
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