Content posted in May 2008
Paris-to-Beijing Run to Spawn Bio-Realistic 3-D Foot Model
5/29/2008  Post a comment
Virtual-reality professor takes off on a 6,000-mile ultra-marathon to help create a bio-realistic 3-D model of a human foot
Siemens Launches NX, Velocity Series Upgrades
5/27/2008  Post a comment
New versions are the first to feature synchronous technology, along with a smorgasbord of other usability and productivity enhancements
SIMULIA Debuts Abaqus Crash Test Model
5/21/2008  Post a comment
FEA-based BioRID II model evaluates safety around rear-end collisions
Engineering for Safety
5/16/2008  Post a comment
Bridges Expand for Bikes, Pedestrians
5/14/2008  Post a comment
Modular aluminum bridges can be added to existing structures
Pop-up Camper Trims Weight, Adds Versatility
5/14/2008  Post a comment
Sylvan’s pop-up employs extruded aluminum parts to keep weight down without adding complexity
Designing Custom Implants More Efficiently
5/12/2008  Post a comment
Virtual touch, electronic 3D approvals speed the process
A Lament for Engineers
5/12/2008  Post a comment
The driving force behind our nation's innovative achievements
Safeguarding Reliability in Implants, Medical Equipment
5/12/2008  Post a comment
Medical device manufacturers are working hard to secure their products
Nanotech Wages War on Infections
5/12/2008  Post a comment
SilvaGard helps prevent hospital-acquired illness
Phoenix Mars Lander Probes for Signs of Life
5/12/2008  Post a comment
We'll soon know if there's life on Mars as the Phoenix Mars Lander conducts unique scientific experiments over the next several months
Anatomy of the Delayed 787 Schedule
5/12/2008  Post a comment
787 Program Manager Pat Shanahan left no doubt the biggest cause of the delay is relying on partners to build key components of the airplane
Cleaner Diesels Head Off-Road
5/12/2008  Post a comment
With off-road diesel engines facing stricter emissions standards, they're starting to look more like their on-highway counterparts
Medical's 'Mini' Revolution
5/12/2008  Post a comment
From microscopic devices to new minimally invasive procedures, less is more when it comes to medical technology
Suppliers Bring Data Logging to Drag Racing
5/12/2008  Post a comment
Black boxes boost drag racing performance
NXP Rolls Out FlexRay-Compliant Transceiver
5/12/2008  Post a comment
Transceiver will be interoperable with other FlexRay products
Military Beams Over New Non-Lethal Ray Gun
5/12/2008  Post a comment
Heads to Iraq this summer
Freescale Rolls out Dual-Core DSPs
5/8/2008  Post a comment
Devices target car infotainment, DVD players and pro audio equipment
Aras Debuts Second Generation Open-Source PLM
5/7/2008  Post a comment
Innovator Version 9's model-based SOA provides greater flexibility for global collaboration
Automotive Climate Control System Cuts Fuel Costs
5/1/2008  Post a comment
Comfort equation benefits occupants and design engineers

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It's been two years since the Mac Mini's last appearance on iFixit's teardown table, but a newly revised version joins Apple's lineup this week.
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