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It’s Time to Get Enchanted with Smart Product Design
1/5/2016  4 comments
Devices that connect with users and improve their quality of life are “enchanted objects,” and this is what consumer product designers and engineers must aim for to succeed.
A Bridge Not Too Far: USB Chip Maker Heads Into Microcontrollers
1/5/2016  Post a comment
FTDI Chip is a long-established company providing silicon solutions to “bridge technologies” for mobile devices and consumer electronics, but it has introduced the FT90x Super-Bridge microcontroller family to the MCU marketplace.
HP Reveals More About 3D Printing Tech and First Product Timing
Engineering Materials 
1/4/2016  Post a comment
HP Inc. was at the Autodesk University 2015 conference in Las Vegas in December, talking up its latest 2D printers, and giving out more information about its Multi Jet Fusion 3D-printing technology and product launch.
Dassault: We're Transforming SolidWorks from CAD to Platform for Innovation
1/4/2016  1 comment
The chief product strategist for SolidWorks says CAD users are no longer satisfied with mere CAD and want a software platform that allows them to innovate.
FEA for Optimizing Seal Design and Engineering Performance
12/31/2015  Post a comment
FEA can be used to test an ever-expanding range of materials in new ways by using innovative models. Improvements in the virtual testing process continually come about, resulting in more accurate modeling and confidence on the part of the customer.
3D Printing in Space: Telescope Mirrors, Mars Spacesuits & Space Structures
Engineering Materials 
12/30/2015  3 comments
New telescope mirror designs from NASA for space-based instruments can take almost any shape, and will soon be manufactured using 3D printing. So will NASA's next Mars spacesuit design, along with space structures it's developing with Made In Space.
What Finite Element Analysis Means to the Average Joe Engineer
12/26/2015  1 comment
Whether you call it simulation, finite element analysis, design verification, or many other names, today most design engineers have simulation tools at their fingertips, often in their CAD program of choice.
Autodesk and Microsoft Explore Holographic Design
12/25/2015  Post a comment
A joint effort between the two giants is aiming to bring 3D holograms as a staple of product development and engineering.
Hackable Toys Stress an Overworked Santa
12/23/2015  6 comments
The 2015 toy season has introduced a slew of connected toys, and with it comes a slew of connected-toy vulnerabilities.
Green Scene: Autodesk Elevates Its Sustainability Reporting
12/21/2015  Post a comment
The software maker's sustainability report highlights everything from the its 27% reduction in internal carbon emissions en route to a 100% renewable energy commitment, to the sustainability solutions it has embedded within its software.
Teardown: What's Beneath the Microsoft Surface Pro 4?
12/19/2015  3 comments
Does the fourth generation Microsoft Surface Pro tablet have what it takes under the hood to replace your desktop or laptop? Let's tear it down and find out!
Design Apps to Speed the Design Process
12/16/2015  1 comment
Design acceleration is the key metric driving the development of new design applications.
Pacific Design & Manufacturing Preview Pt II: 7 More Companies & Products to See in Anaheim
12/15/2015  Post a comment
In this second preview of the huge UBM-organized design, engineering, and manufacturing trade show in Anaheim, Feb. 9-11, 2016, we look at exhibitors of linear motion, CAE, and mechanical fastening, among others.
Polimotor Says All-Plastic Car Engine Coming Soon, Reveals First Parts & Solvay Materials
Engineering Materials 
12/15/2015  9 comments
Designers of the Polimotor 2 automotive plastic engine have given more detail about which parts will be made from which plastics. Project leader Matti Holtzberg has said up to 10 engine parts will be made using Solvay's materials to reach his goal of an all-plastic, four-cylinder, double-overhead CAM engine.
For Software, How Agile Development Also Raises Quality Assurance
12/15/2015  4 comments
Agile's quality benefits come from the shift from error-focused quality control to prevention-focused quality assurance. There is also focus on collaboration and frequent product iteration under the methodology, which results in errors getting revealed during development rather than after months of coding.
3D-Printed Injection Mold Inserts Allow Faster, Cheaper Design and Prototyping
12/11/2015  1 comment
Prototyping and low-volume production have long been a challenge for companies that design and manufacture injection-molded parts. Ideally, prototypes for validation should be made of the same thermoplastic as the final production part.
2016 Tech Crystal Ball: 7 Trends for Engineers to Keep Top of Mind
12/10/2015  5 comments
Articles this time of year forecasting the future are always intriguing. While predictions are perhaps best read with a skeptical eye, consulting firms do tend to get a bird’s-eye view at what the New Year holds and can provide a solid sense of emerging technology trends for the New Year and beyond.
Advanced CAE Pinpoints HVAC System Noise, Helping Engineers Eliminate It
12/10/2015  Post a comment
In acoustical analysis targeting noise-reduction in cars, Exa Corp. has been looking to give auto engineers tools to examine flow-induced noise sources such as greenhouse or underbody wind noise, HVAC and blower noise, and noise from within exhaust systems.
8 New 3D Printing Technologies From Formnext & the AM Factory of Tomorrow
Engineering Materials 
12/9/2015  Post a comment
Engineers and others interested in prototyping and end-production using 3D printing and additive manufacturing recently attended the Formnext trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. It was all about metals, better process control, and the factory of tomorrow.
Where Additive Manufacturing Meets Aerospace to Take Flight
12/9/2015  Post a comment
Direct metal laser sintering takes flight with innovative part designs and super tough materials.
What is Li-Fi? Everything You Need to Know About the Super-Fast Future of Wireless
12/8/2015  12 comments
It's 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. But will Li-Fi become our next standard in industrial and home connectivity? Here's everything you need to know.
Combine Risk Analysis Tools to Improve Product Safety
12/8/2015  Post a comment
Design and engineering teams should use a systematic combination of risk analysis tools across the entire product life cycle, carrying out regular risk assessments from the very beginning of the design phase all the way through product launch and beyond.
3D Printer-Like ‘Prometheus’ Machine Creates Circuit Boards in Minutes
12/4/2015  15 comments
A new invention by a robotics startup called Zippy Robotics looks like a 3D printer but instead of printing CAD designs, it prints circuit boards.
What Can Design Engineers Learn from IKEA?
12/4/2015  9 comments
IKEA has built its entire brand around the concept. So is modular design the way forward for traditional product development?
UX of ‘A’: Dassault Touts the ‘Age of Experience’ in Product Design
12/4/2015  Post a comment
We now live in the "Age of Experience" and combining UX and technological innovation in product design is crucial to success in to today’s marketplace.
Can't Get What You Want for Christmas? Blame the Supply Chain
12/3/2015  1 comment
A survey by Riverwood Solutions found that the biggest problem for the supply chain over the busy holiday gift-giving season is visibility.
Can MCU Suppliers Get Embedded Developers Off the Ground Floor?
12/3/2015  Post a comment
What makes developing embedded software a frustrating experience is that while a new product has cool features and technologies that need to be explored and developed, much of the development cycle is spent learning the low-level MCU hardware and writing drivers.
Caterpillar Will Show You Just How Real 3D Printing for Direct Manufacturing Has Become
12/3/2015  Post a comment
On Dec. 8 the company will showcase examples of its applications in AM, as the lead presenter in the Design News educational webcast,”3D Printing Gets Real for Tooling & Manufacturing,” sponsored by Proto Labs.
Top 25 Most Expensive Engineering Degrees
12/2/2015  17 comments
Today, many of the great private engineering schools exceed $50,000 a year in total costs. Here's a list of the 25 most expensive.
Pacific Design & Manufacturing Preview: 7 Companies & Products to See in Anaheim
12/1/2015  Post a comment
Design News previews some of the solutions exhibitors that will be at the huge UBM-organized design, engineering, and manufacturing trade show in Anaheim in February 2016.
How Will You Control the Internet of Things?
12/1/2015  Post a comment
The common denominator in just about every electromechanical system is the use of a motor. If sensors will be the eyes and ears of the IoT, motors will be the arms and legs.
Beyond Inflation: 2015 Engineering Salaries Are on the Rise
11/28/2015  Post a comment
According to a Randstad Engineering compilation of salary studies, engineering salaries are increasing beyond inflation, with employers paying to keep potential suitors away from their employees.
ON Semiconductor Keeps Watchful, High-Res Video Eye with Development Kit
11/27/2015  Post a comment
The company says it anticipates high-definition video for home security and other uses will be the next mature technology integrated into the IoT domain, hence the introduction of its MatrixCam devkit.
Can Siemens, Georgia Tech Fill Gaps in Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering?
11/26/2015  Post a comment
Siemens and Georgia Institute of Technology are partnering to address limitations in the current additive manufacturing design-to-production chain in an applied research project as part of the federally backed America Makes program.
10 New 3D Printing Technologies: Multimaterials, Clay, & Factory-Floor Composites
Engineering Materials 
11/25/2015  1 comment
Most of the new 3D printers and 3D printing technologies in this crop are breaking some boundaries, whether it's build volume-per-dollar ratios, multimaterials printing techniques, or new materials types.
10 Black Friday Gadgets for People on the Nice List
11/24/2015  8 comments
Check out these gifts that will make you the hero of your Secret Santa party.
Gadget Freak of the Year: Help Us Break a Tie Vote!
Gadget Freak 
11/24/2015  Post a comment
Voting has closed on our 2015 Gadget Freak of the Year contest, but it is not game over yet for two competing projects.
Rising Engineering Star: Where Are They Now? – Part 2
11/23/2015  Post a comment
Design News caught up recently with Punya Prakash, the 2013 recipient of our Rising Engineering Star award. What has she been up to?
GE: Plan for Failure in Cyber Security to Succeed
11/22/2015  Post a comment
Successful cyber security plans include the assumption the system will be cracked.
Must See: Cornell 3D Prints Soft Robotic Tentacles
11/19/2015  Post a comment
A new method for making a robotic tentacle with more agility and degrees of freedom (DOF) of movement relies on 3D printing.
Rising Engineering Star: Where Are They Now?
11/17/2015  Post a comment
Design News caught up recently with Justine Haupt, the 2014 recipient of our Rising Engineering Star award. What has she been up to?
Golden Mousetrap Awards – the Time to Enter Is Now
11/16/2015  Post a comment
Don't miss your chance to be part of our red-carpet evening in February celebrating exceptional, cutting-edge products in Automation & Control; Design Hardware & Software; Electronics & Test; and Materials & Assembly.
3D Printing Is Moving Beyond Prototypes
11/12/2015  2 comments
3D printing is not just for prototypes anymore, according to our latest Quick Poll results.
Secure Your Hardware or Pay the Price
11/11/2015  5 comments
Hackers are coming after your hardware. You might think they only want your credit card or banking information, but they are also interested in stealing your designs, particularly those that are microcontroller- and FPGA-based.
Mechatronics Helps Create 'Harmony' in Physical Therapy Robot
11/10/2015  Post a comment
A group of researchers in the University of Texas-Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering have developed what they say is a first-of-its-kind, two-armed, robotic rehabilitation exoskeleton called HARMONY that could provide a new method of high-quality, data-driven therapy to patients suffering from spinal and neurological injuries.
Designing for Global: 8 Steps to Compliance, Testing, and Sales Success
11/9/2015  Post a comment
Here are ways companies can get across the high-wire task of getting products to international markets quickly without running into trouble in unfamiliar business and regulatory environments.
Teacher Learns to Code, Wins Design Contest with Rice Krispies-Loading Robot
STEM Connection 
11/8/2015  Post a comment
A Pennsylvania middle-school teacher who thought it was important to learn how to code robots so he could relay that knowledge to his students has won a design competition with a 3D-printed robotic device that can pick up and place Rice Krispies in a moving container.
400 Cyber Threats a Minute
11/7/2015  1 comment
2015 saw a sharp increase in the volume of cyber attacks. Even as awareness increases and cyber security is bolstered, the intrusions continue at a staggering rate.
Increased Connectivity of Medical Devices Poses New Security Threats
11/6/2015  3 comments
The union of medical devices and the IoT is making medical devices more vulnerable to security risks, which means designers of these devices must begin to develop them with security in mind.
Offshore Versus Onshore Product Development: Here's the Skinny
11/6/2015  Post a comment
Offshoring hasn't affected only manufacturing; product development activities for years have moved away. But there are four key drivers behind the reshoring of product development.
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