Content posted in May 2000
War and peace
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A whole new ballgame
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Managing Design -- Tips on guiding product development
Seeing is Believing
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Modern industrial sensors pack the intelligence to simplify high-speed packaging
Safe cars, great; safe drivers, better
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The auto industry has made great strides in making cars safer. No one has done much to make drivers safer.
Weird ice
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Breaktime -- The lighter side of engineering
Technology Bulletin
5/1/2000  Post a comment
Late developments that shape engineering
Designer's Corner
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Useful technology for your idea file
Inventor's tips online
5/1/2000  Post a comment
Emerging trends in manufacturing
Indy 2000: Safety sets the pace
5/1/2000  Post a comment
Car redesign quickens competition and enhances safety
Advanced controls eliminate case-hardening contact
5/1/2000  Post a comment
Orbiting control removes induction coil contact in vertical crankshaft-hardening machine

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The key to autonomous driving is not to forget about the driver, and to remember that passengers want a sense of control, as opposed to being utterly passive backseat drivers.
HP revealed more of its 3D printing plans in a recent webinar. Senior vice president of inkjet and graphics solution business Stephen Nigro spoke about how the technology works and expanded on HP's vision of open collaboration to commercialize its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology for end-production, and open collaboration on new materials. He also said HP will create software to help users decide when to use Multi Jet Fusion versus conventional subtractive manufacturing.
Get a load of these strange product designs. What's in the water these design engineers are drinking?
The Dutch are known for their love of bicycling, and they’ve also long been early adopters of green-energy and smart-city technologies. So it seems fitting that a town in which painter Vincent van Gogh once lived has given him a very Dutch-like tribute -- a bike path lit by a special smart paint in the style of the artist's “Starry Night” painting.
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